What should I get for my first smartphone?

Episode 1004 (15:24)

Jennifer from Laguna Nigel, CA

Jennifer doesn't have a smartphone, yet she's paying $80 a month! Leo suggests going to Verizon and getting a cheaper plan. Jennifer is due for a new phone though, so she's considering upgrading to a smartphone. She's never been an Apple user, having only used Windows on her computer. She's wondering if Android would be better for her, but there are so many options. There always seems to be something new. She's a professor at a community college and she doesn't want to look too "uncool." So she needs to get up to speed.

Leo says that Windows Phone 8 may be a better option for Jennifer since she's never used a smartphone before. It's clean, fast, and easy to use. Most students probably have iPhones, so that's also a good choice. It really comes down to what Jennifer is going to use it for. Verizon has a few nice Windows phones like the Lumia 928. It's reliable and deals with Outlook nicely. Outlook is something that Android and iPhone aren't as good with.

Leo recommends waiting a month to see what the iPhone 5S will be like. By then, the Moto X will be out as well. Both will be very nice first smartphones along with the Lumia 928.