What's the best small and lightweight PC?

Episode 1003 (20:00)

Arizona Lou from Hutchinson, KS

Lou has a netbook and it's really slow. He likes the size because it's compact and doesn't take up a lot of room, but he's ready for something with more performance and quality. Size is still a factor, though. He does edit video for his website, so it has to handle that, and he's always been a Windows user.

Leo recommends the ultrabooks like the Acer S7. Lou wants a spinning drive for more capacity, but Leo says he can get an external drive to handle all the storage.

What about hybrid drives? Leo says they're the worst of both worlds. He should get a dual drive laptop. Leo says the Lenovo Yoga is a good option as well. He should make sure to spring for the i7 processor.

Check out Lou's website on living the active retired life at Arizonaloukiteboarder.com.