Johnny Jet

Episode 1003 (1:23:59)

Johnny Jet

Leo is going to Venice and wants to know about private tours by locals. He's seen this new website called and he wants to do a photographic tour of Venice. Johnny hasn't done it, but he's heard about it. Johnny says that $400 a day is expensive. He can do better. Talk to the Gondola operators. They can hook him up for far less. There's also a site called Viator.

Johnny went to San Diego this week. He stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel and it was like Vegas. Then he stayed at the US Grant, a Starwoods resort, and the W Westwood. What he found this week is that 80% of airlines money is made on 20% - the business travelers. It's the reason why airline tickets are so expensive during the week, Leo says. Johnny says that airlines have changed that because people have caught on.

Johnny says Boeing has a cool new website for the 787 where you can track where the 787 is flying -

Johnny also got the Nokia 1020 and he's replaced his camera with it because of the camera's 41MP. The front camera is terrible and very pixelated, though. It makes the iPhone look outdated and old.