How can I keep my unlimted data plan?

Episode 1003 (15:02)

Tricia from San Diego, CA

Tricia has an iPhone 4S and she wants to keep her unlimited data plan with Verizon. She wants to upgrade to the iPhone 5S, but can she still keep her data plan? Leo says that according to Verizon, she may need to pay full price on the phone in order to keep the unlimited data plan. However if she's really nice and asks them politely, then they may waive the requirement.

She's also wondering about getting a phone used or from a third party source. Leo says that Verizon may change her plan anyway. So call first and get them to guarantee that she won't lose it no matter what phone she gets.

Web9378 in the chatroom says that she will be able to keep it if she gets the phone off contract or used, but Leo says to still make sure.