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Watch Tricia from San Diego, CA Comments

Tricia has an iPhone 4S and she wants to keep her unlimited data plan with Verizon. She wants to upgrade to the iPhone 5S, but can she still keep her data plan? Leo says that according to Verizon, she may need to pay full price on the phone in order to keep the unlimited data plan. However if she's really nice and asks them politely, then they may waive the requirement.

She's also wondering about getting a phone used or from a third party source. Leo says that Verizon may change her plan anyway. So call first and get them to guarantee that she won't lose it no matter what phone she gets.

Web9378 in the chatroom says that she will be able to keep it if she gets the phone off contract or used, but Leo says to still make sure.

Watch Arizona Lou from Hutchinson, KS Comments

Lou has a netbook and it's really slow. He likes the size because it's compact and doesn't take up a lot of room, but he's ready for something with more performance and quality. Size is still a factor, though. He does edit video for his website, so it has to handle that, and he's always been a Windows user.

Leo recommends the ultrabooks like the Acer S7. Lou wants a spinning drive for more capacity, but Leo says he can get an external drive to handle all the storage.

What about hybrid drives? Leo says they're the worst of both worlds. He should get a dual drive laptop. Leo says the Lenovo Yoga is a good option as well. He should make sure to spring for the i7 processor.

Check out Lou's website on living the active retired life at

Watch Mark from Norfolk, VA Comments

Mark is complaining that his Sprint 3G service is slow. A lot slower his AT&T iPad. Leo says it's likely that in Mark's area, there are more Sprint users than AT&T users and as such, the 3G data stream is much slower for Sprint than AT&T. Leo recommends making the switch to AT&T when his Sprint contract is up.

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Watch Rick from New Jersey Comments

Rick has a Panasonic camcorder and would like to use it as a high quality webcam. Leo says that it depends on the camera. Most new ones are able to do it via HDMI. Some have live HDMI.

Rick needs is a live component or composite. It has to be able to pass the video stream out of the camera and into the PC. HDMI makes it easy. If it doesn't have that, then Leo says a capture card is likely needed. Also, camcorders will time out after a set time, so he'll have to turn that off in the settings or "pop" the cassette to keep it going. Firewire will work as it is always live.

Watch Nick from Chicago, IL Comments

Leo says that if he prefers Mac and the university wants him to use Windows, he can actually run Windows on his Mac. He can do this either by running Windows virtually, or by using BootCamp in OS X to create a dual boot setup. Leo also recommends checking with the school store to see if they offer a deal on Macs if he buys it there.

Watch Cody from Irvine, CA Comments

Cody needs a laptop for school, but also wants it fast enough to play Minecraft. Leo says that the good news is that any laptop will run Minecraft. Leo says that if his parents don't mind, the MacBook Air for $999 is a good option. It's great that Cody has been working over the summer to earn the money to pay for it, too.

Leo also recommends a desktop in a public space for kids. That's the safest place for it. Also, put a block on the network so they can't accidentally stumble upon bad things. OpenDNS is great for filtering out the bad things.

Watch Pat from Tampa, FL Comments

Pat wants to replace her Verizon HTC Thunderbolt and is thinking about the Galaxy S4 or the new Motorola Moto X. Leo says that while the Galaxy S4 is the best selling smartphone by far, Leo's not much of a fan of the Galaxy S4. It's really junked up with a lot of Samsung stuff she'll never use like watching where her eyes are looking.

The Moto-X is going to be "the" phone. It fits better in the hand, and Google Now is great. The camera is also very fast. Verizon won't get it for a few weeks, though.

Watch Paula from Laguna Hills, CA Comments

Paul has a Samsung Galaxy S3 and wants to enjoy all the apps her friends have, but is concerned about privacy. Leo says that while apps have access to things on her phone, it doesn't mean that it does anything with her personal details. Apps need access to certain parts of her phone to simply work. Unfortunately, it's not set up to be "granular" or specific with what things an app can or cannot have access to.

Should she feel safe that apps on Google Play have been "vetted?" Leo says yes. Apple probably is more strict, but Google does vet them and if there is one that's malicious, Google has a kill switch to take it off her phone. She should understand that the smartphone is the world's best spy device, though. The key is to make an informed choice, know what privacy she's giving up, and when. Most of the data that apps would be collecting from her are for advertising purposes, though.

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Watch Nicole from Santa Clarita, CA Comments

Nicole has a cellphone and was running Google Voice. She wasn't too thrilled with it so she cancelled her Google Voice account, but it's still active and friends can't leave a voicemail now. Leo says that a setting in the carrier's voicemail settings will fix that. She should install the Google Voice app on her phone and then turn it off.

According to the chatroom - dialing *73 or *730 will turn off call forwarding. If that doesn't work, she can call her carrier and ask them to restore her regular voicemail.

Watch Chuck from Tennessee Comments

Chuck had to reformat his computer's hard drive, but when he tried to restore the image, he had a bad disk. It took him two weeks to fix that, but now he wants to create a restoration or image disc for his desktop. Leo says that making a bootable disc image is pretty easy and here's a list of image software he can try:

Watch Grant from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Grant is 10 and he likes using Linux on his computer. He's thinking of also adding Windows and wants to know if it's worth it to pay $100 for the OS. He wants to play games. Leo says that for Grant, it may be the best reason to buy Windows. Then he can download and play games on Steam.

Although, Steam will be putting out a new SteamBox which will likely be run on Linux, and that means developers will want to make games that run on Linux.

Watch Dennis from Glendale, CA Comments

Dennis wants to change his Google ID into a nickname. Leo says it's not possible to do it natively. There are some "name shorteners" that will let him do it, but it's far easier to just use a URL shortener like Bit.Ly. He should get his Google Plus link, copy it, and then go to Bit.Ly. He can input the link, give it his nickname, and that's it. Then he can give people that link.

There is another URL shortener designed to be used more with Google+:

Watch Barry from Ulysses, KY Comments

Barry is the IT at his church and needs to improve the audio capability so they can improve their mp3s online. Leo says that hardware probably isn't the issue if people in the church aren't complaining about the quality of the audio. So that means it's likely the interface, and it sounds like the settings are overdriving, forcing the record to "clip." He should try a line input instead of mic input, and maybe install a preamp to go in between the sound system and the computer itself.

Watch Bill from Chino, CA Comments

Bill wants to sign up for Vonage, and he's using WiMax and a Clearpoint router. Leo says that if he can get a consistent 512MB/s up, then he can use Vonage for voice over IP calls. WiMax is probably not that consistent though.

Obihai may be a better option, but he wouldn't get any 911 service with it. It's free with a purchase of the VOIP hardware itself, and uses Google Voice.