Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1001 (25:56)

Home Theater Geeks

Scott says that for the very first time this month, an internet content provider called OdeMax downloaded an Ultra HD short film at 3GB. The short is called "The Ballad of Danko Jones," and is a 23-minute short starring Elijah Wood, Jena Malone, and Ralph Macchio and directed by the Diamond Brothers. It was compressed using REDs new compression codec and the RED Ray Player. You can read more from Scott's post at AVS Forum. According to Scott, they believe they can get a feature length 4k down to 6GB. Leo says eventually the ISPs will follow suit and relax their bandwidth caps.

Sony and Panasonic have also agreed to develop a 300GB optical disc. Leo says that'll be ideal for archiving and people who want the absolute best possible resolution and don't mind paying the price of it. At best, these will be specialty, niche markets. The trend is definitely going away from physical media, though.