Is physical media really dying?

Episode 1001 (21:16)

Louis from Hollywood, CA

Louis wants to know why Leo is in favor of streaming media over physical media. Leo says he isn't. He just says that the trend shows that physical media is dying as people are adopting streaming options. Louis says that the downside of streaming media is the lack of special features. Leo says that special features were only to prevent users from pirating the movie by giving users added value. Now streaming is far more efficient. Leo does think we're in a transitional period, though, and he suspects that special features may return, or as much as the studios are willing to offer them.

Louis doesn't think that physical media will ever go away. He also says that 4K streaming will never take off because it's way too much data. Leo says we've seen that argument before. 1080p streaming was thought to never happen. eBooks were thought to be a dud as well, but both have taken off.

Scott Wilkinson chimes in on the issue. Scott says that for the very first time this month, an internet content provider called OdeMax downloaded an Ultra HD short film at 3GB. It was compressed using RED's new compression codec and the RED Ray Player. According to Scott, they believe they can get a feature length 4k down to 6GB. Leo says eventually, the ISPs will follow suit and relax their bandwidth caps.

Additionally, Sony and Panasonic have agreed to develop a 300GB optical disc. Leo says that'll be ideal for archiving and people who want the absolute best possible resolution and don't mind paying the price of it. Leo says that at best, these will be specialty offerings, or niche markets. The trend is definitely going away from physical media.