Leo Free of NDA, Talks About New Google Moto X Phone

Episode 1001 (02:34)

Leo is finally out from under his non-disclosure agreement that he signed with Google over the Motorola Moto X. He said it was a good test because it made him realize he'll never do one again. They're far too restrictive and Leo loves to talk about the technology he finds. He thinks that NDAs allow companies to control journalists.

The notion of Google paying over $12 Billion for Motorola makes us pay close attention. The Moto X is the first phone designed from the ground up by Google to provide the ideal Google Experience. While a lot of tech journalists are saying they're disappointed with the specs of the phone, Leo says it's been plenty fast and responsive. A full charge that gets you through the day, it has a stunning screen, and most significant is a new "always on" feature. Google Now listens to everything and when you say "OK Google Now," it becomes active. Essentially it's eavesdropping on you all day, and privacy advocates are a bit concerned with it. However, Leo says he doesn't think that Google Now sends back any data to Google until you tell it to.

Google Now could become Google's most important service, beyond search, as it does provides you with information before you even know you need it.