Johnny Jet

Episode 1001 (1:29:24)

Johnny Jet has a Potpourri of things to talk about today including:

Johnny trained hopped from Jamaica Station at JFK to Connecticut. Leo says that JFK is frustrating because there's no real way to get into the city. Johnny says that's true of a lot of big airports.

Johnny took Porter Airlines, one of the largest airlines in Canada and nobody has heard of them. What he likes about them is you can get really good deals if you plan early enough and that their lounges are available for everyone.

Leo also wants to know if there's an aggregator that will give results from all airlines. Johnny says no, although his booking tool is pretty comprehensive. Airlines like Southwest are very active in keeping their reservations only on their site.

Johnny flew American Airlines and he likes to bring chocolates to the gate agents. They love it and they treat him like royalty. You just have to be nice to them.

A passenger this week offered another passenger $100 to change seats. Is this the new trend?

Johnny just got the Nokia Lumia 1020 phone with the 41MP camera. He says it's amazing so far. Leo says that many TWiT hosts have it and they love it. Leo says the only problem is, it's a Windows phone! If they put Android on it, he'd buy it in a heart beat. But Johnny is probably going to stop using his Nikon as a result.

Delta Airlines has announced LA-SF shuttle, every hour starting at 7am effective Sept 3rd. Leo says they're going after Southwest's territory. They're also going to offer free beer and wine, and newspapers.