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Watch Louis from Hollywood, CA Comments

Louis wants to know why Leo is in favor of streaming media over physical media. Leo says he isn't. He just says that the trend shows that physical media is dying as people are adopting streaming options. Louis says that the downside of streaming media is the lack of special features. Leo says that special features were only to prevent users from pirating the movie by giving users added value. Now streaming is far more efficient. Leo does think we're in a transitional period, though, and he suspects that special features may return, or as much as the studios are willing to offer them.

Louis doesn't think that physical media will ever go away. He also says that 4K streaming will never take off because it's way too much data. Leo says we've seen that argument before. 1080p streaming was thought to never happen. eBooks were thought to be a dud as well, but both have taken off.

Scott Wilkinson chimes in on the issue. Scott says that for the very first time this month, an internet content provider called OdeMax downloaded an Ultra HD short film at 3GB. It was compressed using RED's new compression codec and the RED Ray Player. According to Scott, they believe they can get a feature length 4k down to 6GB. Leo says eventually, the ISPs will follow suit and relax their bandwidth caps.

Additionally, Sony and Panasonic have agreed to develop a 300GB optical disc. Leo says that'll be ideal for archiving and people who want the absolute best possible resolution and don't mind paying the price of it. Leo says that at best, these will be specialty offerings, or niche markets. The trend is definitely going away from physical media.

Watch Todd from Riverside, CA Comments

Todd bought a Pioneer Plasma TV ten years ago and it's still going strong. He's also picked up a Panasonic plasma recently and installed speakers into the ceiling of his basement, but it's impacting the bedroom above it. So he's thinking of picking up the Toshiba 4250 SoundBar to replace them.

Leo says that by adding a subwoofer, a sound bar will come close to simulating an accurate surround sound experience. Scott says that the Toshiba sound bar also has the Sonic Emotion Absolute 3D Audio that they saw at CES a few years back. Todd says people should consider it.

Scott says another good one is the Pioneer SP-SB23W sound bar, designed by Andrew Jones. It will be available at the end of the month.

Watch Doug from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Doug moved into a different building in his apartment complex. Now he can't use DSL Extreme because they don't have the wires installed. He's angry that DSL Extreme charged him a cancellation fee. Leo says to be fair, it wasn't DSL Extreme's fault. It's the apartment complex. If he's nice and talk to either tech support or a manager and explain the issue, they may take help him. It's important to understand that this isn't their fault, though.

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Watch Gammy from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Gammy's father in law is from Iran and he has to make a personal appearance in Iran, or use Yahoo Messenger Webcam in order to collect his retirement. Leo says that although they're using an outdated Yahoo messenger, it's impressive that Iran will allow that. Gammy should assume that any web connection over the internet isn't private. At the very least, it'll be noticed by the NSA.

Gammy is also concerned that someone will get ahold of their password. Leo says that's not a worry if he makes sure not to use a public hotspot. The NSA may get it, but they won't use it. They'll just pay close attention to why his dad is video conferencing to the Iranian government.

Watch Steve from Morgan Hill, CA Comments

Steve is a swim coach and analyzes video of swimmers for training purposes. He then uses a telestrator to show them. He uses Kinovea, which is a free, open source product. Leo says that's really cool and is a great tool for coaching.

Steve would like to record his screen along with audio, but he's been having mixed results at best. Leo says to get the best results, he should record himself and then use video editing software to do picture-in-picture after the fact. ScreenFlow for the Mac is the best option. On PC, Leo says Camtasia. It's not cheap, but Adobe Connect will do it. They offer a 30 day free trial. FRAPS is also a possibility, but he says this was choppy.

The chatroom says XSplit is a good option.

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Watch Joe from San Diego, CA Comments

Joe's wife got a free Motorola flip phone on contract, and 6 months later she wanted to have a smartphone. Now she's stuck with the flip phone for 2 years, though. Leo says he doesn't understand because that free phone is going to cost a lot more with monthly fees. Joe's wondering what he can do for her.

Leo says that an iPod will work, or a decommissioned smartphone. Another option is the Nexus 7 Tablet, which costs just $229. It has a very high resolution screen and it's $100 cheaper. Joe could turn his phone into a hotspot and she could use it that way.

Watch Robert from York, SC Comments

Robert had an HTC Incredible, which someone rooted for him and installed Cyanogen 10. Leo says that's a great way to keep an old phone alive. Now Robert wants to do the same thing with his DroidX, but the person that did the other one isn't there to help him.

Leo says to go to Google Play Store and get Clockwork Mod's ROM Manager. Then he can see what ROMs he can install. If he wants to learn how to root it, he should head over to XDA Developers Forums and he can learn how for just about any Android phone out there.

Watch Austin from Baltimore, MD Comments

Austin has an unlimited data plan with Verizon. He's moving to a new job and wants to take over the plan so he doesn't lose it. Leo says Austin will have to talk to Verizon, but they don't want him on an unlimited plan and will seize any opportunity to get him out of it. He'll have to do some sweet talking and the retention experts is Austin's best bet. It may be that it's regulatory that they transfer the account. They will want to keep him as a customer, they just need a good enough reason. If he tells them he's leaving as a customer, he might have a chance.

Watch Steve from Tennessee Comments

Steve says that the caller who was looking for an alternative to her flip phone says he's had great luck buying used phones from Craigslist. Leo says that's a good idea, but she'd have to be careful who she gets them from. eBay is a better, safer option. That's where Gazelle sells all those phones they buy.

Watch Daryl from Henderson, NV Comments

Daryl's kid is going to college and needs a laptop. Which operating system should he buy? Leo says that previous experience is important. Daryl won't be going Apple. So, that leaves Windows. Leo says that Lenovo's Business line is awesome and he can choose either Windows 7 or Windows 8. If he goes with Windows 8, he should get the touchscreen. Leo likes the Yoga.