What laptops should I get my daughters for college?

Episode 1000 (57:02)

Tricia from La Jolla, CA
Acer Aspire S7

Tricia has twins and they're off to college. She bought her son an Acer laptop for gaming and school work, but her daughter wants a device that will just watch Netflix. She wants to find something that won't get too hot. Leo says that Acer is good for that as well.

Should she wait for Windows 8.1? Leo says no, it'll be a free update in September. A touch screen will make a huge difference with Windows 8 though, so she should look for that. An i5 processor will be a good option for her price range, and 4GB of RAM should be fine. She will want to pay more for the higher resolution 1080p screen, though. She should look for a business grade laptop as opposed to a consumer grade, if she can afford it. It will last her longer.