What free antivirus should I use on my Android phone?

Episode 1000 (14:49)

Ray from Los Angeles, CA

Ray uses AVG on his Windows computer, and is wondering if he should get AVG on his Android phone as well. Leo uses Lookout, which offers extra features such as the ability to remote wipe the phone, or to track the phone's location. Since AVG has this also, they probably are pretty similar in what the programs offer.

The question is really, is an app like this needed? There are malware programs on Android, but smartphones in general are less susceptible to attack. This is especially true on iPhone.

There are a couple of security settings that Ray should select that are built right into Android. First, he should select "Verify Apps" in his settings. This will block or warn before installing apps that may cause harm. There's another checkbox above that one called "Unknown Sources", which he should uncheck. This would prevent him from installing apps from anywhere but the Google Play store. Leo does still recommend using Lookout because it's free and in his experience hasn't affected battery life or speed of the phone.