What is a briefcase in Windows 7?

Episode 1000 (2:16:27)

Mike from Glendale, CA

Mike is using Windows 7 on his computer and there's an option to create a "briefcase." He created one and put some files in it. A few hours later he came back to it, and it says it's on another computer and can't let him access it! Leo says that Briefcase is one of those awful ideas of Microsoft that doesn't really work and never did. It was originally meant to synchronize files across multiple computers. It was a hold over from Windows XP and practically before the Internet.

Mike says that if he goes into a folder and right-clicks on it he can't create a new folder. Leo says that's a different problem entirely. Something is wrong that Mike can't create anything. That's an issue that occurs outside of Briefcase because Mike can't make a folder anywhere. He should try going to the file menu and selecting new folder from there. If that doesn't work, there may be a serious Windows error, and it may need to be reinstalled.