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Watch Ray from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Ray uses AVG on his Windows computer, and is wondering if he should get AVG on his Android phone as well. Leo uses Lookout, which offers extra features such as the ability to remote wipe the phone, or to track the phone's location. Since AVG has this also, they probably are pretty similar in what the programs offer.

The question is really, is an app like this needed? There are malware programs on Android, but smartphones in general are less susceptible to attack. This is especially true on iPhone.

There are a couple of security settings that Ray should select that are built right into Android. First, he should select "Verify Apps" in his settings. This will block or warn before installing apps that may cause harm. There's another checkbox above that one called "Unknown Sources", which he should uncheck. This would prevent him from installing apps from anywhere but the Google Play store. Leo does still recommend using Lookout because it's free and in his experience hasn't affected battery life or speed of the phone.

Watch John from San Diego, CA Comments

John wants to transfer his photos and music from his Mac to a tablet. He was thinking of getting an iPad because he already has a Mac desktop, and is concerned that it'd be more complicated to transfer his data to Android. Leo says it isn't really any more difficult to move data to a Nexus 7, and the easiest way to do it with either tablet is through Dropbox.

Leo says that the new Google Nexus 7 has a wonderful color gamut for photography. Also, Google+ will automatically upload and categorize photos taken with the tablet. Music he would buy on the Google Play store would be able to play on anything as well.

Leo expects the next iPad to come out in the fall, with an August/September announcement. Hopefully then, the iPad mini will have a retina screen. But at the moment, Leo says for the price, the Nexus 7 is head and shoulders above the iPad mini.

John also will be in the market for a smartphone, and is wondering whether to go Android with that too. Leo says there will be a new phone, the Moto X, announced August 1st. Leo thinks when that comes out, it will be the best smartphone on the market.

Watch Serge from Corona, CA Comments

Serge is frustrated because his Samsung Galaxy S3 is getting hot and only getting about an hour and a half of battery life.

Leo says that's likely a runaway process that's eating it away. Facebook is notorious for this. Leo recommends turning off automatic updates on Facebook. He should also install G-Sam Battery monitor, which will show him what programs are running and killing battery life. Android 4.3 is going to offer a fix that will group all apps that need updating and then wake the phone to update.

Watch Frasier from Glendale, CA Comments

Frasier agrees with Leo that the Microsoft Surface RT tablet was a disaster. He's a certified Microsoft Technician and he agrees that the RT isn't a true Windows experience like the Surface Pro, and that Microsoft made a real mistake trying to market it as such. Leo says that they're feeling it with a nearly $1 Billion loss and they should just dump it and stick with the Surface Pro.

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Watch Tricia from La Jolla, CA Comments

Tricia has twins and they're off to college. She bought her son an Acer laptop for gaming and school work, but her daughter wants a device that will just watch Netflix. She wants to find something that won't get too hot. Leo says that Acer is good for that as well.

Should she wait for Windows 8.1? Leo says no, it'll be a free update in September. A touch screen will make a huge difference with Windows 8 though, so she should look for that. An i5 processor will be a good option for her price range, and 4GB of RAM should be fine. She will want to pay more for the higher resolution 1080p screen, though. She should look for a business grade laptop as opposed to a consumer grade, if she can afford it. It will last her longer.

Watch Taylor from California Comments

Taylor is excited that Netflix received 14 Emmy nominations this year for their two original series, "House of Cards" and "Arrested Development." Leo says that is amazing and points to the fact that while Netflix isn't really known for high grade programming to the masses, they're putting out some fantastic quality products. Netflix has benefitted by hundreds of thousands of new memberships just for streaming those shows. So it's a great financial move as well.

Watch Mike from Medford, NY Comments

Mike wants to "cut the cord" because he just found out that Aereo is available to him. Leo says that's all he needs, as Aereo offers high quality HD broadcast quality thanks to millions of tiny antennas. It offers DVR capability as well.

Aereo is only half the equation, though. Mike can also get most of the cable programming streaming via Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu. To watch Aereo on the Roku, he'll need a Roku, but he would want to get one for Netflix anyway.

On the Roku, are there fees for the channels? Leo says some have a subscription fee, like Netflix and Hulu, but there's free and hidden channels as well. Check out Another option is an Apple TV, but only if he's in the iTunes ecosystem.

Watch Jason from Cooper, TX Comments

Jason has an old HTC EVO 3D phone and would like to mod it with Cyanogen Mod CM. Leo says that's a good idea as HTC doens't update it's phones very often and it'll breathe new life into it.

Go to the forums. He can search for his device and find not only the right Mod, but also tips and tricks on how to root the phone and install it. He can also find 'how to' videos on YouTube. He should make sure he's followed the instructions precisely. Leo also likes to use Clockwork to give him choices of different ROMs and recover when he needs to. It's also a good idea to backup the existing ROM and Clockwork can do that as well.

Watch Penny from Sacramento, CA Comments

Penny is building a backyard home theater to watch movies drive-in style. Leo says that's great! She'll need three things - a screen, speakers and a projector.

They make inflatable screens, but they're a hassle to use and expensive. Getting a hard screen is just as good. Penny will need a powerful projector that can handle the "throw" of a 16'x9' screen. Epson makes some good ones both home and pro. It depends on how bright she wants it.

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Watch Sam from Edmonton, Canada Comments

Sam repartitioned his hard drive and now he's having problems with it. Leo says that partitioning is no longer necessary with today's modern hard drives. Sam has an issue that his partition isn't large enough now, though.

Leo advises repartitioning the drive to a single partition, then restoring Windows from the hidden recovery partition. Sam can do both from the install option. The key is to not delete the hidden partition. A third party option for this is EaseUS.

Watch Juan from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Juan uses a screen reader because he's been legally blind since he was 14. He knows that Jaws is very popular, but it's also expensive. He's found a new free, open source option called NVDA. Leo says another option is great! There's also ORCA.

Watch Alexander from Ontario, CA Comments

Alexander is a photographer at age 11 and has a bunch of photos. He's finding that Photostream is great, but he'd like a third party backup option for his pictures.

Leo says that Alexander can do a traditional backup via an external hard drive, or he can use other options like Facebook, Google+, and a paid service called SmugMug ($12 a month). Flickr is great because it now offers 1TB backup space fore free, and then he can share with friends and family. He can't upload them all at once because they have a monthly upload limit, though.

Time Machine by Apple is a good option for doing a traditional backup, but he shouldn't just rely on that. He should keep in mind that once he backs up a photo, he shouldn't delete the original, or it isn't a backup!

Watch Mike from Glendale, CA Comments

Mike is using Windows 7 on his computer and there's an option to create a "briefcase." He created one and put some files in it. A few hours later he came back to it, and it says it's on another computer and can't let him access it! Leo says that Briefcase is one of those awful ideas of Microsoft that doesn't really work and never did. It was originally meant to synchronize files across multiple computers. It was a hold over from Windows XP and practically before the Internet.

Mike says that if he goes into a folder and right-clicks on it he can't create a new folder. Leo says that's a different problem entirely. Something is wrong that Mike can't create anything. That's an issue that occurs outside of Briefcase because Mike can't make a folder anywhere. He should try going to the file menu and selecting new folder from there. If that doesn't work, there may be a serious Windows error, and it may need to be reinstalled.

Watch David from Rancho Cuca Monga, CA Comments

David has been doing talks on using social media and other computer issues to retired people and he needs a way to access their computers remotely when he gets a call from them asking questions. Leo says that Windows Remote Access is built in and that'll work.

There are other free programs, such as TeamViewer, which is free for certain things. LogMeIn also has a free option. Google+ Hangouts will allow him to share screens with them.

For something more professional, he could go with GoToAssist, but this has a monthly fee.

(Disclaimer: GoToAssist is a sponsor).

Watch David from Rancho Cucamonga, CA Comments

David is also thinking about getting a Windows Surface Pro tablet. Leo says that there's better options out there, like the Lenovo Yoga.

Watch Dana from Rancho Cuca Monga, CA Comments

Dana got an ElGato EyeTV and wants to know if he can use it with his television. Leo says no, that's actually a TV tuner for a computer. It's a great device, but if he wants to stream video on the internet, then a Roku box is a better option.

Dana wants to record TV programs and play them back on his TV. Leo says the computer is the right choice to record, since it has a hard drive and the ElGato EyeTV tuner. He'll have to connect his antenna or cable to the ElGato. Then he can use the software that comes with the ElGato to record.

To play back on the TV, there are a few options. He could put the recorded program on a USB stick and plug that into the TV. He could also get a Displayport to HDMI dongle from Apple. If he's running Mountain Lion, he can get an Apple TV and AirPlay from the Mac to the TV. The easiest way to do this, however, is to just get an actual DVR from his television provider.

Watch Andre from Burbank, CA Comments

Andre wants to be sure that when he gets a new computer, he can get all his music on it via iTunes. First, he should make sure he puts all the music into one main folder and then moves that folder onto a USB Key. Then put that into the new computer and use the "Add to Library" feature to import from that folder to the new iTunes library.

Can he do it from the iPod? Sure. It's a bit harder, but Leo recommends Senuti to do that.