Understanding Permissions and Terms of Service

When using an application, services, or a device, you'll be asked to accept the permissions or ToS (terms of service) in order to use said application or device. 

It's important now and days to understand what these permissions and terms of service do with your rights and data, and how third parties are using that information. So how does one understand what these permissions & terms of service do?

For permissions, they're relatively straight forward on what they are looking to do when you boot up an application on your device. Most of the time, you'll need to allow those permissions, or you won't be able to use the app. But there are some permissions you can disallow and be able to use the application still to an extent. You should be able to go into the applications' settings and enable/disable some permissions at your will.

In regards to services and those who don't read through them thoroughly, there's a great online resource called Terms of Service Didn't Read, which gives a more condensed rundown of a plethora of websites'  Terms of Service.