Take Screenshots in Windows and Mac

Taking screenshots used to be something that would require a third party program. This was especially true if you wanted more sophisticated capabilities, like the ability to annotate screenshots. While there are still third party programs for doing this, many of these features have been integrated right into the Windows and Mac operating system. Here's how to make use of the screenshot features in Windows and Mac.

One of the older ways of taking a screenshot on Windows is to simply press the Print Screen key on the keyboard. This saves the screenshot in the clipboard. You'll need to open Microsoft Paint or another image editing program and use the "Paste" option. Then you can edit the image and save it as a file. If you want to save it as a file right away, just press the Windows Key and Print Screen. This will automatically save it to a Screenshots folder in your Pictures folder. To take a screenshot of only one window, click the window you want and press Alt and Print Screen. Once again, this will just save it to the clipboard.

Windows also has a Snipping Tool that allows you to take screenshots as well. This will allow you to annotate your screenshots, save them, and share them. Learn more about using the Snipping Tool at support.microsoft.com.

With the release of the Windows 10 Creator's Update, Microsoft added a way of getting a screenshot of just part of the screen. Press Windows Key, Shift, and S to use the mouse to select a portion of the screen. Then you'll need to paste the screenshot into an image editor.

Windows 10 has yet another way of grabbing screenshots with Game DVR. You can turn on the ability to take screenshots with Game DVR inside the Xbox app settings. Then you can assign keyboard shortcuts for screenshots.

For more on how to take screenshots in Windows, check out this article at How To Geek.

On the Mac, there are a couple of ways to take screenshots. Pressing Shift, Command, and 3 will take a screenshot of the entire screen and save it to the desktop. If you press Shift, Command, and 4, you can use the mouse to select a portion of the screen for a screenshot. To get a screenshot of just one window, press Shift, Command, and 4. Then hover the mouse over the window you'd like to capture, and press space bar.

If you're still looking for more capabilities, you can check out these third party apps:

- ShareX
- FastStone Capture
- Snagit
- TinyTake
- Bandicam
- PicPick