Save YouTube Videos to Your Computer

Since YouTube doesn't allow for downloading videos, you'll have to look to third party sites and apps to accomplish this. There are websites, apps, and browser extensions available to do this. It should be noted that downloading YouTube videos violates YouTube's terms of service. That being said, here are some ways to save YouTube videos to your computer:

  • (Free)
  • This is a site that gives you several download options for videos. Just paste the YouTube link into the field, and click on the download link.

  • TubeSock ($19.99)
  • TubeSock is an app for Mac and Windows. It will download videos from websites, including but not limited to YouTube, and will save them in whatever format you'd like. It will also copy that video into iTunes automatically for use with iPad, iPhone, or iPod. It will convert the video appropriately for the device you're playing it on.

  • VideoGet ($29.95)
  • This is an app for Mac and Windows. It will download videos from several different sites, including YouTube.

  • (Free)
  • This is a Firefox extension that will download and convert video from several sites.

  • Free Video Downloader (Free)
  • This is an app for Windows for downloading video from several sites.

  • Any Video Converter (Free)
  • This is an app for Windows and Mac that will convert videos of any format, and will download videos from several sites.

  • Media Human (Free)
  • Media Human offers several apps for Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu. There are several conversion apps in addition to a YouTube downloader.

  • ClipGrab (Free)
  • This is an app for Mac for downloading videos from several sites.

  • YouTube to MP3 Converter (Free)
  • This is great for saving music from YouTube. It downloads an audio mp3 from the YouTube video.

For more on downloading YouTube videos, check out this segment from episode 970 and this segment from episode 1096 of The Tech Guy show.