Repairing vs Replacing


When a part on a device dies, you have the option of getting that part repaired to get the device back up and running, or completely replacing the device with a new one. But often, which way is the correct way?

There's a lot of factors to consider when it comes down to choosing whether to repair or replace. Often most of the time, the main factor is cost. If cost is an issue, then repairing is a viable option as long as it's not too expensive and can be worth it if you've had the device for under a year. However, repair costs on the device can be more depending on how old the device is, which part you're trying to repair, or the difficulty of trying to repair the device. Also if you've had the device for so long, the cost of repairing the older device may not be worth it.  So you can easily get a new device, often a new model of that device, that has more features and may cost the same or even less.