Recover Deleted Files in Windows 10

We're all pretty familiar with the Recycling Bin in Windows. When you delete a file, it will go there before being deleted permanently. If you already have emptied the Recyle Bin, however, there are a couple of ways you can still get those files back. Here's a couple of ways to recover those deleted files in Windows 10:

A free program called Recuva from Piriform will scan through the Recycling Bin and show you a list of files. Those files won't have the same filename, but through process of elimination, you can figure out what file got deleted. You can also use Recuva to scan your entire computer if needed.

If you happen to delete a folder with larger files, you may get prompted with a window asking you to delete the file immediately, skipping the Recycle Bin entirely. In that situation, you can create a new folder and rename to the name of the deleted folder. Then right-click the folder, go into Properties > Previous Versions, and do a restore. Windows will restore that folder to how it was, with all of your files intact.

- Watch Bryan Burnett's demonstration from The New Screen Savers 59 (YouTube)