Map Any Location with Just Three Words

A company called what3words has set out to map the world in a new way, and it's coming to Mercedes Benz owners next year. Traditional addresses can be problematic — there are repetitive street names, homes and businesses are sometimes located far from the center of their postcode, and many locations don't have a formal address at all. what3words aims to solve these issues by giving every place in the world a 3-word address that's precise, simple and unique. Since it uses words and not numbers, it tends to be easier to remember and share with others. Each 3-word combination refers to a 3m x 3m square, and it will never change. It also can be used in a wide range of languages, with more added all the time. No words are shared between language versions, either, so there won't be any confusion. what3words uses a mathematical algorithm to figure out which words are assigned to each location, and because it's just an algorithm, it can operate offline on a modern smartphone.

- Find your 3-word address at
- Watch Leo Laporte's explanation of what3words on episode 1456 of The Tech Guy (YouTube)