Manage Your Apple ID Online

On Sunday's Tech Guy show, Jason Snell of was filling in for Leo Laporte and shared a tip about managing your Apple ID. Not many people are aware that Apple has a page for doing this at You can change the email addresses and phone numbers associated with your account, add/change your trusted phone number for two factor authentication, change your Apple ID password, change payment and shipping info, and more.

This Apple ID site also can show you every single device that's logged in with your Apple ID. When you click on one of your devices, you can find out what version of the OS it's running, the Serial number, Apple Pay info, and more. If you see a device that's older or isn't yours, you can click "Remove," which sign that device out of your Apple ID account until you sign in from that device again. will let you manage the emails you get sent from Apple as well. You can subscribe or unsubscribe to announcements, Apple Music and app recommendations, and other news updates here.