Make Text on Your Computer Easier to Read

If you've noticed that it's been getting harder to read websites lately, you aren't alone. The trend in modern website design has gone in the direction of smaller font sizes and reduced contrast between the text color and the background. Web Designer Kevin Marks even wrote an article on called "How the Web Became Unreadable." While you can't change the design of the website, there are plenty of things you can do to make it easier to read online, and on your computer in general:

  • Enlarge the text in your browser. Pressing "Control" and "+" in most browsers will simply just make the text larger. Alternatively, pressing "Control" and "-" will make the text smaller, and "Control" and "0" will reset it to normal. You should also see this control in the "View" menu of the browser.
  • Change the browser's minimum font size. Check your browser's settings for the option to select a larger minimum text size.
  • Change the default style sheet. This is an advanced tip, but you can change the style sheet to show larger text. You can also use this to get rid of low contrast.
  • Check the Accessibility Settings of your operating system. If you're on Windows, go to the Control Panel, and on Mac, go to the System Preferences. These changes will affect your whole system. You can choose to enable high contrast, larger font sizes, and more.
  • Change your display resolution. This will make everything on your computer appear larger. As screens have gotten larger, the resolution has gone up as well. This results in sharper displays, but smaller text and icons. In Windows 10, there's a slider that will make fonts and icons larger. You'll be able to find the screen resolution settings in Display Settings.