Improve Your In-Home Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is great when it works, but all too often there are problems that cause disconnects or slowdowns. If you have a large house, or there are too many walls that make it hard for signal to travel through, you may need more than just one wireless router.

One option for improving your reception is to set up a secondary Wi-Fi access point to extend your current Wi-Fi router. You'll want to buy an extender from the same company that made the router you already own. Set up the extender in "bridge mode" and it will rebroadcast the signal and extend its range.

The other option is to buy a new system called a Mesh network. This gives you two or more hotspots that communicate with one another using software to optimize network traffic to cover a larger area. There are several options that recently hit the market for a mesh network:

- Eero (Disclaimer: Eero is a sponsor)
- Google Wifi
- Plume
- NetGear Orbi
- Ubiquity AmpliFi HD

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