Get Free College Courses Online

The internet has always been an incredible resource for information, but if you're motivated enough, you can take that a step further and get a free or inexpensive college education. MOOCs, or "Massive Open Online Courses," are real classes that have been made available online from schools and universities. Many of these courses are free, but if you decide to pay, you can actually get a certificate of completion or a MicroMasters from it. Here are some of the places you can find these MOOCs:

If you're already in school, whether it be high school or college, another useful tool is YouTube. Students can look up material there and get help with complicated subjects.

If you're specifically looking to learn more about programming, there are some specific resources to check out. The book How to Design Programs, or HTDP is entirely online, and is a great way to start. It teaches in a language designed for beginners called Beginning Student Language (BSL). There's also a program you can download for that as well called Dr Racket available for Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Another course to consider is one taught by Gregor Kiczales at the University of British Columbia called How to Code: Simple Data. This is part of a larger series if you decide to pay for it.