Find Out How Much Your Favorite YouTube Stars Are Making

No one really knows how much money the biggest stars are making on YouTube, but uses lots of stats to estimate the amount. It ranks users based on a variety of criteria, and gives them a letter grade. The site also shows you the users filtered by 'Most Subscribed' and 'Most viewed.'

SocialBlade's number one ranked YouTuber is PewDiePie, who is based in Sweden and does gameplay with comedic commentary. His estimated yearly earnings are anywhere from $2.3 Million to $18.6 Million. He has 29,058,770 users with over 5 billion video views.

SocialBlade has several lists including top users or networks from YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram. You can see lists sorted by content category and country, or you could just search for someone by their YouTube username. In addition to looking up info on single users, SocialBlade has a compare feature. It allows you to enter up to three usernames to see how they stack up.

With all of the competition on YouTube and other social sites, it's incredibly difficult to make any serious money from it. It takes a significant amount of subscribers and video views to even approach the kind of success the top 10 YouTubers enjoy, and SocialBlade's stats put that into perspective. Still, it's fun to get an idea of how your favorite YouTube stars are doing.