Easily Access Your Data in the Cloud

There are several cloud services that you probably have data stored in, but knowing where to find it could get confusing. Here are some great ways to keep up with all of your data stored in various cloud services.

Primadesk lets you add all kinds of accounts from a number of services including Box, Cubby, Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, FTPs and even your own PogoPlug. The site then indexes all of your data so you can search for it all in one place. It also can bring all of your emails accounts in one central place.

CloudMagic lets you put organize your cloud life as well. It can tie into Google services, Microsoft's SkyDrive, iCloud and more. We found that CloudMagic indexes content quickly. CloudMagic displays data in a very visual way with a two pane interface. The right pane shows you a preview of emails or files you have stores with other services. The downside is you get only 50 previews per month for free. $5 per month buys you unlimited previews. CloudMagic's search was very powerful in our tests. It's a great way to find your things. CloudMagic has apps for iOS, Android, and more.

Desktop Apps
You don't have to use a third party service to make your cloud data more easily accessible. Each cloud service has a desktop app that can be installed so it is just as easy to access as files stored on your local drive. These apps will sync your data to your computer, so you can use the search function of Windows or Mac OS X to find the data.

Download links: Skydrive | Google Drive | Dropbox | Box Sync

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