Diagnose Wi-Fi Problems

Wi-Fi can be a difficult thing to get right, especially when there are numerous Wi-Fi hotspots all around. Even at its best, Wi-Fi won't ever be as fast and reliable as a hardwired connection, and will occasionally suffer drop-outs. But there is a way to optimize your Wi-Fi network so it has less trouble keeping your devices connected.

Running a Wi-Fi access point anaylzer can help troubleshoot issues. It will show you all of the Wi-Fi signals in the area, and will show what band would be best to use, and what channels are less congested. Inssider from MetaGeek and Wi-Fi Inspector from Xirrus are both great tools for this.

If this doesn't help, the issue could be with the router. Often, the firmware running on a router will not be kept up to date, and you might benefit from installing alternative firmware. Tomato and DD-WRT are both popular open source options. These are both free, and are typically kept up to date more. This also means they are more secure.

If you're having trouble getting Wi-Fi signal to reach throughout your house, you may need to buy a Wi-Fi extender. It's best to buy an extender that is the same brand as the router, since they will be more likely to work together.