Change the Default Apps on Android

On Android, if you have more than one app installed that does the same thing, you'll be given an option of which app to launch whenever you try to perform that task. For instance, if you want to ask Google Assistant to navigate you somewhere, by default it will open Google Maps. If you have Waze installed, it may ask you what maps app to use first. Once you tap "always" when opening one of those apps, however, it will use that app and won't ask you in the future. But that doesn't mean you're stuck using that app as the default forever — there is a way to change this later.

Go to Settings > Apps, and tap the icon in the upper right hand corner. You'll see a header for "Default" there, with categories for default apps. Tapping on one of the apps will bring up options for which app you'd like to use by default.

Some apps may behave differently. For instance, with Waze you'll need to change this setting from within the app itself. Go to Waze's settings and choose Open by default. Then tap Open supported links, and select Open in this app.

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