Buying the Latest Product Or Waiting?

A lot of times we ask ourselves "should I buy the latest device (e.g. iPad) now, or wait for the newer model?" While there isn't a real answer to this question, you need to look at what your needs are:

  • Is your current device still running smoothly? If it is, you may not need the latest model now. You can generally afford to wait for the later models since those tend to be better than the current models available.
  • When are you looking to pick up the latest device? For example at the time of this posting, Apple most likely has an event later this month that should announce a new iPad with newer chips. If you're looking to pick up a new iPad now, you're better off waiting until later this month during the Apple event.

There are other factors to consider, but really it comes down to timing and what your needs are. Of course, if you have a broken device and can't get it replaced under warranty, well then obviously it's time to get a new one...