Block Malicious Content in Your Browser

Many websites on the internet use Javascript. In fact, it's often critical for websites to function at all — it's not optional. That being said, Javascript can be used maliciously to compromise your system, or simply use your computer to do things without your knowledge. For example, there are a lot of websites these days, such as CoinHive, that are making money by running a little bit of code on your computer with the purpose of generating cryptocurrency. This is why some users choose to sacrifice the functionality of all the sites they visit by running something like NoScript. NoScript is a browser extension that turns off all scripts on websites unless you give it explicit permission to allow it. In theory, taking this approach sounds more secure, but what ends up happening is it keeps bugging you to run scripts so often that you end up getting into a habit of always allowing it.

A better option is to get something that will focus on just blocking known malicious sites, like uBlock Origin. This is a free and open source extension that will filter the content on websites and even block ads. It will run in the Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and FireFox browsers.

- Get uBlock Origin in Google Chrome
- Get uBlock Origin in Mozilla Firefox
- Get uBlock Origin in Microsoft Edge