Backup Your Photos to One or More of These Cloud Services

Keeping backups of photos taken with your smartphone is very important, in the event that your phone gets lost, stolen, or broken. It's also a good way to free up space on your device after you've taken a lot of pictures. There are a number of cloud photo backup options, including Apple's iCloud, Flickr, OneDrive, and Google Photos.

  • Google Photos
  • This is the most powerful of online photo storage options. Google offers free unlimited photo storage for "high quality" photos, which are compressed to 16 megapixels. Since most phones and point-and-shoot cameras don't exceed 16 megapixels in quality, it will look similar to the original. You also have the option to keep the originals of your photos without any kind of compression, but that will count against your free 15GB of Google Drive storage. Upgrading to 100GB of storage is $1.99 a month, and 1TB of storage is $9.99 a month.

    Once your photos are uploaded to Google, you'll be able to access them with search terms -- even if you hadn't labeled or tagged any of the photos. It actually analyzes the content of the photo itself, and turns up search results. It can also categorize all the people in your photos with facial recognition. It automatically creates "collections" for you based on when and where your photos were shot. And if you've taken several photos of the same thing, it will put them together into an animated GIF. Google photos is available as an app on iOS and Android, and on the web at

  • Apple iCloud
  • Apple's iCloud photo storage is great for iPhone users because it automatically will backup photos as you take them in the camera app. Apple only gives you 5GB of free storage, however, with the option to pay for more. 50GB of space costs $0.99, 200GB costs $2.99, and 1TB costs $9.99. Photos are synced across all iOS devices, as well as Mac OS X.

  • Flickr
  • Flickr is a popular option among photographers because it offers 1TB of free storage. This means you'll have plenty of space to keep the highest quality version of your photos in the cloud.

  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • OneDrive is a great option if you already are a subscriber to Office 365 because it includes 1TB of storage free. If you don't already subscribe to Office 365, plans start at $6.99 a month for 1TB of storage.