Any device that connects to the computer, such as a printer, scanner, monitor, keyboard or mouse.

How can I print in color with Google Cloud Print?

Episode 960

Stan from Rialto, CA
Samsung Galaxy SIII

Stan has an HP all-in-one printer that he wants to print to from his Samsung Galaxy SIII via Google Cloud Print. When he prints images, it comes out in black and white, not color. Leo says to make sure the printer isn't defaulting to black and white. He can check in printer settings for that.

Web8880 in the chatroom says that it's a known bug. Color may be an advanced option in Chrome's settings.

How can I bypass corrupted Mac printer drivers to print?

Episode 959

Patricia from Los Angeles, CA
Epson Workforce printer

Patricia's boss has put in a code requirement so they can track what is being printed. It's corrupted the drivers, though, and the ones they've provided don't work on the Mac. Leo suggests trying Google Cloud Print. This will allows her to print via the internet to any printer.

The Chatroom has found a fix from Worchester Polytechnic Institute that will allow Patricia to print from her Mac.

Why did my USB 3.0 hard drive stop showing up on my Macbook Pro?

Episode 945

Jason from Orange, CA
USB 3.0 hard drive

Leo says the drive may have failed, or the USB enclosure itself failed. It could also be as easy as the connectors wiggling lose and may just need to be reseated. If all the connectors are in place, disks do just die, and it may need to be replaced.

He'd also like to download Leo's theme song. Leo says that he'll put a high quality copy on the TWiT Wiki for anyone to download. The chatroom says you can also find it on YouTube.