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Why does my LG G4 overheat?

Lou from Del Mar, CA

Episode 1260

Lou has an LG G4 and it over heats a lot and the battery dies quickly. Leo says that can happen because an application keeps running. But Lou says he's had the problem with three different G4s and multiple batteries. When an app won't stop, it just kills the battery in no time and can overwork the processor to overheating. There can be lemons. When you make millions of a model, a certain percentage can end up that way. You could write a letter to the President of LG. They have executive departments dedicated to handing ongoing issues.

How can I use an older Android phone on TMobile?

David from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1260

David has finally convinced his girlfriend to move over to T-Mobile. Now he's upgrading his Moto and is going with the Moto Prime. Leo says that it's essentially a Samsung Galaxy handset. And for $100, you also get a SIM card and removable battery. Dave has also found it that it's upgraded to Lollipop. Leo says that Dave's girlfriend is golden if that's the case. Dave also noticed that he gets am APN error message when he puts in a SIM card. Leo says that it's likely a setting in Android. You can go online and look up the APN settings for TMobile and input them. Try

Why aren't I getting my text messages?

Anna from Sherman Oaks, CA

Episode 1259

Anna has a mobile phone and she's having issues with missing text messages. She's told a reset will help. Leo says it could and it's not all that bad to do once in awhile. Just make sure you've backed up all your images, videos and music before you do. Apps will just reinstall. Go into settings, and look for "backup and reset." This will backup your settings and apps. Then do a factory reset, once you log back into Google, it'll install everything and you're back up and running.

Should I buy GoogleFi?

Rick from Torrance, CA

Episode 1259

Rick wants to get the Google Nexus 6. Leo recommends the Nexus 6p through Google Fi. Nexus is the best choice because it's pure Android with no overlays like TouchWiz or anything like that. You'll always get the next update of Android's OS because it's coming directly from Google. And GoogleFi is great because it will seamlessly hand off from Sprint to Verizon to T-Mobile, whichever is best. The service is $20 for unlimited and voice, plus you pay for only the data you use at $10 per gigabyte. They'll even charge you fractionally per megabyte.

Which phone should I buy?

Episode 1258

Matthew from Virginia
Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Matthew wants to upgrade either to an LG G3 or a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Leo says both are great options, but they're a generation behind. The LG G4 and Samsung next gen Galaxy Note will be out by March. And if he goes with the LG G3 or Note 4, they may get stuck in Android Marshmallow due to carriers.

Of those, though, Leo says the Note 4 is a better option because he can get a backup battery. Apple may be announcing a smaller iPhone based on the iPhone 5s size called "iPhone 5se.
It would be as fast as the modern iPhones, though, and would cost less.