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What Android phone should I get?

Carol from Solvang, CA

Episode 1182

Carol is ready to upgrade her phone and she wants one that will work with her Chromebook. She started with Android but then made the switch to the iPhone. She's had several and now she's thinking about moving back to the Android platform because of her Chromebook and she can unlock her Chromebook with her Android phone with Android 5.0 Lollipop. The key is to have vs. 5. The Google Nexus 6 would be a good choice, as is the Galaxy S6. The One Plus One is good. She thought about getting the 6+, but she thinks the iPhone has kinda slowed down. Leo agrees.

Why is the Iphone 6 using so much data?!

Rick from Escondido, CA

Episode 1182

Rick recently upgraded to the iPhone 6, He set it up just like the iPhone 4s he used to have and his data usage has skyrockted, even though he's using it exactly the same. Leo says that there was an issue where handing off from LTE to WiFI occured, but Apple fixed that. More likely there are apps that are causing it. Like Facebook which has autoplay on movies set by default. That can easily cause it. Also, with faster speeds, apps like youtube will automatically bump up the quality, and that will suck up the data.

Why are my SD cards corrupting with my Samsung Galaxy S4?

Jeff from Richmond, VA

Episode 1182

Jeff has a Samsung Galaxy S4 and he's having issues with the microSD cards, where his images have disappeared. He's looked online and it sounds like it's a widespread issue. He tried to download them from his computer and it wants to format the card. Leo says that sounds like the SD card is corrupted. Leo has never had the issue. But with millions of phones made, you're bound to have a certain small percentage of users who have any particular issue. SD cards can corrupt over time.

Why doesn't my banking app work on my Windows Phone?

Zach from Encinitas, CA

Episode 1181

Zach has a Windows Lumia phone and he's heard that Chase is going to stop allowing access to his mobile app. Leo says that's because while the Windows phone os is a great OS, there's simply not enough people using them to justify the effort. Banking apps have to announce and kill apps because of the security issues. But you may still be able to use online banking through the browser. What could change things is that Windows 10 will enable users to make cross platform apps. And that could possibly save Windows phone. but it's not looking good. The best technology doesn't automatically win.

Why doesn't OK Google work on the Samsung Galaxy Note IV now?

Larry from Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Episode 1181

Larry has a Samsung Galaxy Gear watch, one of the first devices. He uses it with the Galaxy Note 4. It's such a huge device so the watch saves him from having to use the Note all the time. Leo says he agrees and used it to take pictures while flying along with a zip line. The watch is great. However, the Note 4 went through an update and then the "OK Google" function didn't work. He went into the voice settings and they're gone! It works within the app, but it won't work globally.

Should I get a Mac Air or an iPad Air 2?

Judy from Riverside, CA

Episode 1181

Judy's iPad Air has simply died. The power plug has broken. Leo says that if you bring it to the Apple Store they may be willing to replace it if you're very nice about it. The genius has some leeway and can, on rare occasions, replace it, or they will give you a deal on replacing it. Meanwhile, has Judy locked into the iOS ecosystem? Does she have to have a new iPhone? She likes how it all talks together. And Leo says that's not going to be true if you do other phone platforms. And if you add a laptop, all Apple products talk to each other. It's pretty good.

Will there be a TIVO app for the Apple Watch?

Dave from Seattle, WA

Episode 1181

Dave has a TIVO Roamio Pro and a Slingbox. He wonders if he can use both. He wants to be able to watch his TIVO over cellular. The Roamio will only work via WiFi. And he can download shows to his iPhone ahead of time. And he wonders if there will be a watch app. Leo says probably. There is an iPhone TIVO app. But most companies haven't had access to the Apple Watch until this week. There are still 2000 apps in the store, but with time, that number will grow as more developers get their hands on it. . Some things make sense to do on a phone, others simply dont'.

Can law enforcement follow me with my iPhone?

Bob from Ocalala, FL

Episode 1181

Bob says thanks to iFix it, he's been able to fix his own iPhone's when they've broken. So that site is great. Leo says that what iFixIt does is great because they believe in the "right to repair" and show you how. Bob is worried that he can be tracked with the GPS tracking from apps. Leo says you can always turn it off, but the benefits of being able to use map apps can be beneficial. And even without the GPS, the cellphone still knows where are at all times, and law enforcement can find out by making an unwarranted pen register request with the cell phone company.

How does Apple handle OS updates vs. Android?

Seth from Irvine, CA

Episode 1181

Seth is due for a new phone and is trying to decide to stay with the Droid or move to the iPhone. He has an iPad already. Especially when it comes to upgrading the OS. Leo says that Apple controls the handset. They don't have to worry about other overlays or interfaces to pollute it. It's a pure OS experience. And it pushes out updates all at the same time to every carrier and every phone. Period. It's great if you just want a smart phone that just works.