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Should I wait for the Galaxy S6 or buy the Note IV?

Mike from Paris, CA

Episode 1166

Mike is looking to replace his tablet and smartphone with a larger screen phone. But should he get the Samsung Galaxy S6 or the Note IV? Leo says that the Note IV is larger, has removable batteries, and has a stylus, while the S6 doesn't have those. And the Note IV is available now. So get that. When will the next Note come out? Leo says he doesn't know. It's in a staggering release schedule, but you can assume they're basically one year apart. But the GS6 is very elegant, more metal, has a better camera. And the Edge is interesting because the screen curves along the side.

Why can't I change the font in Facebook?

Shane from Defiance, OH

Episode 1166

Shane is frustrated because he can't change the font on Facebook in his phone. Leo says that's facebook. An app doesn't have to honor the accessibility settings of the phone and Facebook has forgotten that a large segment of the population needs a larger font. But fortunately, the accessibility settings allows you to screen magnify. Facebook also has an alternative app called Paper that may have better settings.

Should I root my new Note IV?

Carlos from Hemmit, CA

Episode 1166

Carlos upgraded his S5 from Sprint to the Samsung Galaxy Note IV with Verizon. But it comes with a lot of stuff he doesn't like. Leo says that Carlos can root it, but that requires to unlock the boot loader and that involves a risk of bricking the phone. And carriers don't like it because it's an end around for how they want you to use the phone, like for tethering at no costs. That's why Verizon locks theirs. But if you want to learn how to root the phone, then head on over to XDA-Developers Forums.

How can I get internet access in the Arctic?

Episode 1164

Wayne from Irvine, CA
SIM cards

Wayne is going to be out in the Arctic for three months and there's no internet access out there. There is a nearby community on an archipelago that has cellular service, however. Can he get cellular on the ship that will connect? Wayne also wants to know if Leo has heard of a company called KnowRoaming. It uses a sticker that changes the electronics of the SIM in the phone to avoid paying the international roaming fees.

Should I buy a Note 4, Nexus 6, or a tablet?

Howard from Tampa, FL

Episode 1161

Howard has an Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phone that he's rooted. He's thinking of upgrading to the new Note 4 at full price to keep his unlimited data plan. Leo says that's the way to do it. Should he go with the Note 4 or the Nexus 6? Or should he just keep his Note 2 and buy a tablet? Leo says that is interesting, he'll just keep using his old note 2 as a phone and use the tablet as his mobile computer. Those large Note phones are closer to a tablet size anyway. The Note 4 is really better. Great camera, and the stylus/pressure sensitivity is improved. It's one of the best phones of 2014.

How can I get photos off my old iPhone?

Episode 1161

Peter from Los Angeles, CA
iPhone 3G by Dan Taylor

Peter has an old iPhone with a ton of photos on it that he needs to backup. How can he move them off directly without using iTunes? Leo says there's plenty of ways to skin that cat. All he needs to do is connect via USB and his computer will create a popup of the Windows Image Viewer which will transfer the images directly to his computer. Leo also recommends Picasa for it. He doesn't need iTunes for it, but he will need iTunes for any other data on that phone.