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What new Android phone should I buy?

BJ from Reseda, CA

Episode 1207

BJ has been using the same mobile phone for eight years and everyone says he needs a new Android phone. Is the Motorola Moto-X a good choice? Leo says the Moto-X is a good phone, and it's about to be updated. But it's got battery life issues. Check out the lesser expensive Moto, the Moto-G. You can get it through for $250 out the door. And you can then just put your sim in an you're off to the races. It's the best Android phone out there for the price. It's got better battery life that will get you through the day easy.

What phone should I buy for china?

Episode 1206

Earl from Lakeside, CA
Xiao Mi Note 4

Earl's daughter lives in China and wants to get a new Android phone. She wants a Samsung Galaxy S5. Leo says that she should probably wait and get the Xiao Mi Note 4 in China. There's a different Galaxy S5 for every region, and if she gets an S5 in the US, it may not work in China. So if she wants an S5, she needs to get the G9009D version to be supported in China. The iPhone would also work.

How can I block unsolicited calls?

Heath from Clayton, Georgia

Episode 1205

Heath gets a lot of calls he doesn't want throughout the day. How can he block calls from people that aren't in his contact list, or send them directly to voicemail? Until recently, the FCC didn't allow carriers to do that, but carriers now have the ability to block calls. So the carrier could do this. But to block them himself, it isn't possible with an app because Apple doesn't allow alternate dialer apps. There are options for this on Android, however.

Why is my used Android phone overheating?

Stephanie from Venice, CA

Episode 1205

Stephanie has a pair of Samsung Galaxy S3 phones she got from eBay. Leo says that the very first thing she'll want to do is wipe the phone. She should restore it back to its factory configuration. The bottom line is that she doesn't know what's on that phone since it's from a stranger. Also, if it's overheating, that means that there could be spyware on it that's constantly phoning home and overworking the chip. Remember, when buying something used, especially from eBay, you're inheriting someone else's problems. So always do a reset when you get it.

How can I wipe my mobile device completely?

Episode 1204

Jonathan from Ohio
Samsung Galaxy Tab

Jonathan wants to know if there's an Android equivalent to DBAN (Derek's Boot and Nuke). He wants to be sure to wipe his older phones and tablets completely. Leo says that the problem is that solid state discs can't really be erased effectively. It's because of the wear leveling software that SSDs use. Leo says one thing he can do is turn on encryption. That way, it's just word salad across the entire drive.

How can I get email back on my iPhone 4s after an update?

John from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1204

John upgraded his iPhone 4S to iOS 8.4 and now his email won't work. Leo says that the iPhone 4S is pretty long in the tooth these days, but since Apple is still offering it, they have to support it. This is why it's wise to be slow in upgrading older devices. But it should work since it installed.

Leo recommends backing up to iTunes completely, and then reset it. Others in the chatroom say they've had no issues with the iOS 8.4 update. So wiping the phone and starting over is a good way to fix the issues. Once John does that, he can restore his backup.

Should I upgrade to iOS 8.4?

Alan from Antioch, IL

Episode 1203

Alan is hesitant to upgrade to iOS 8.4 because he's heard that Bluetooth doesn't work when connecting his lighting cable in the car. Leo says that it's a noted issue on the support boards. But Leo says it will likely be fixed with the next update and iOS 9 is coming this fall, so it won't be long if there's a bug out now.

He could try the public beta of iOS 9 which is out, but it is a bit buggy. In fact, Leo recommends just not upgrading. The only thing that iOS 8.4 really did was update Apple Music. That, and the Twitter bug is also fixed.

How can I restore deleted videos?

Zach from Louisville, KY

Episode 1202

Zach lost a bunch of videos and wants to know if he can recover them. He's on a Mac. Leo says that the first thing he'll have to do is stop using his phone. The videos are still there until they get overwritten. Leo says the problem with relying on Cloud backup is that if he deletes the original, he no longer has a backup. So if the cloud backup failed, then he's stuck.