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What action camera should I buy that's waterproof?

Arthur from Maine

Episode 1399

Arthur is into underwater photography and he wants to get a sports action camera. Suggestions? Leo says that an action camera like a GoPro is small and has a serious wide angle. If you want a camera that can get you stills as well, Leo likes the Olympus Tough TG5. Ricoh makes a similar camera. But they're very versatile for doing double duty like action shots underwater and then just grabbing your favorite still shot.

Why can't my Pixel make phone calls?

Naomi from Denver, CO

Episode 1399

Naomi bought a Google Pixel as her first smartphone. Great pictures with the camera, but she couldn't make a phone call unless she cleared the cache and rebooted. It was very frustrating. Leo says that there's clearly something wrong with Naomi's phone since it shouldn't do that. And she can't get any help except through the online chat feature. She also got the wrong replacement phone. Leo says you have to go to where you bought it and have them replace it with the right model. Only the place you bought it can fix it.

Why can't I connect my phone to WiFi?

Jasper from Denmark (via Google Hangouts)

Episode 1399

Jasper is having a hard time connecting his One plus mobile phone to WiFi, and the apps time out. What gives? Leo says that if it only happens at home, it may not be your phone. Go borrow a cup of WiFi and see. If it connects OK, then it may be that your router is having trouble with your mobile phone. Sometimes that happens and requires a reboot of the router. Leo also says that how you hold your phone can also affect how it receives a signal on the One Plus. That may or may not be contributing to it. It could also be time for a new router as they get unreliable over time.

Can I repair the screen on my iPhone 6?

Miciel from Fallbrook, CA

Episode 1399

Miciel wants to know if he can replace the screen in the iPhone 6 Plus. Leo says that Apple makes it really hard to change parts in the iPhone now and Apple will disable the touch ID fingerprint reader when you do. They want to do it because that's the only way to maintain the secure chain of custody of your fingerprint. But if you want to try it, Leo recommends They not only show you how to fix it, but they can sell you the parts and tools to do so.

What's the best plan for traveling internationally with my mobile phone?

Joe from Sherman Oaks, CA

Episode 1398

Joe is traveling to Asia and he wants to know if it's better to get an international data roaming plan of get a local SIM wherever he goes. He uses Verizon. Leo says that Verizon is the most international unfriendly mobile carrier. Sprint, AT&T and Mobile have their own reasonable plans (especially TMobile that has a free slow internet). Verizon has a $10 a day plan though, which isn't bad, but it adds up. It's going to be the easiest way since you have to have a different SIM for every country you visit, and your phone number will change.

How can I get my photos off my flip phone?

Susan from Tehachapi, CA

Episode 1398

Susan has a flip phone and she can't get the pictures she took on them off and back them up to her computer. Leo says that flip phones weren't really designed to be as "smart" as like an iPhone, and company stores aren't really invested enough to help you. Leo recommends going to a third party cell store that can use their tools help you because they want your business. They're hungrier. There's a third party software called BITPIM, but it's not very easy to use. IT's a pain, and you need a special cable. Go to a local third party phone store. They'll help you.

What's a good loud bluetooth speaker?

Julie from Moorpark, CA

Episode 1398

Julie needs an external bluetooth speaker for events that she sponsors. Leo says you can get a Fugoo Speaker, it's great for mobile outdoor activity, but it's not that loud for large group events. Doss makes the SoundBox Plus, and it's pretty cheap for $33. But Leo says it can really project loud sound. Bose makes one called the SoundLink that's pretty loud and he likes it. But Bose is pretty expensive. Scott Wilkinson says that there's a link over at for the top ten loudest bluetooth Speakers.

Why am I using so much cellular data?

Casey from Orange County, CA

Episode 1397

Casey changed her Apple ID password because she thought she was getting hacked and people were using her data to watch YouTube. Apple said that she wasn't, though she says she hasn't been using her data and it's almost entirely used up for the month. Jason says that her Apple ID shouldn't have an impact on YouTube, so he's skeptical about whether it's connected to her Apple ID. More likely it's preferences for YouTube.

How can I extend the battery life of the iPhone 7?

Episode 1397

Rob from New Jersey
Mophie Juice Pack Air

Rob's daughter has an iPhone 7 and she needs more battery life to get her through the day. Jason says that a case that has an extended battery built in is a good option. What does MFI mean? Jason says that MFI stands for Made for iPhone — certified products that work with the iPhone. Mophie is a very popular brand, and their Juice Pack Air is their current model. It would make the phone heavier and bigger, but it will work.