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Are online will and trust websites secure?

Suze Ormans

Episode 1597

Tom from Las Vegas, NV

Tom is looking at a program to create a living trust through Susan Orman's Wills & Trusts website. Is that safe? Leo says that they will have to encrypt your personal information in order to keep it safe, and if you don't trust Time Life or Suzie Orman, then don't. Also, make sure the connection is secure before you give it out. What are their security practices and privacy policy? Would it be better to use software and keep the data on Tom's system? Leo says not really. In fact, the cloud is probably safer than your own computer. Leo says that it's better to go with an attorney. 

Johnny Jet ... Grounded

Johnny Jet

Episode 1597

Leo and family traveled to Las Vegas with Southwest. He bought a super saver fare for $39 one way. It was a great trip. Johnny Jet says the real benefit is that Southwest doesn't charge for the first two bags. So you're in good shape there. Is Southwest in bad shape with the grounding of the 737 Max? Johnny Jet says that it hurt, for sure, but they're still operating, and it may reflect higher ticket prices eventually, but so far it hasn't if you're a savvy traveler. And only 5% of Southwest's fleet is the 737 Max.

DOJ and FTC to Investigate Google and Amazon


Episode 1597

After Google was slapped with a $5 Billion fine from the EU, the US Department of Justice has said it will open an anti-trust investigation on Google. Meanwhile, the FTC may be signalling the same for Amazon. But Leo says that it could do more harm economically than good, and maybe the best thing would be to break up both companies into smaller concerns that can compete.

What's the best option for internet in a rural area?


Episode 1596

John from San Bernardino, CA

John is moving to a rural area of Pennsylvania, and the only internet available is via satellite. What are his options? Leo recommends first visiting and see if there are any wireless ISPs there. If so, that's certainly going to be a better option than Satellite. But if you have to have a satellite, then the best option is Exede by Wild Blue. It's not cheap and you certainly won't be streaming with it.

Why do I have to log into YouTube to watch a video?


Episode 1596

Mike from Santa Anna, CA

Mike watches YouTube off his laptop and he keeps getting popups requiring him to log into his Google account to watch videos. What gives? Leo says that Google is starting to get restrictive on some content, and it may be that you have to log into YouTube in order to view sensitive or explicit videos. That doesn't mean anything other than topics that aren't advertiser-friendly. Leo also says it enables Google to collect data on you, so they can monetize it. Get ready, that's the future.

Why does Facebook Want my Credit Card Number?


Episode 1595

Bernie from San Diego, CA

Bernie is having issues logging into Facebook. He gets a popup that says he needs to give them some information, including a credit card number. Leo says that's definitely not Facebook. Facebook will ask for identification from time to time, especially if your account has been compromised, or you've lost access to your account, but Leo says to never do that with a credit card. Use other options like a utility bill. Here's some information - Leo says it's likely a scam.

How Can I Learn More About My Raspberry Pi?

 Raspberry Pi

Episode 1594

James from Ottawa, Canada

James is a HAM and he wants to build a Raspberry Pi for using D-Star to run his HAM online. Leo says James will need a few extra pieces to work, but it's the ideal device for that purpose. Check out for more information on how to use a Raspberry Pi for a host of uses. You can even use it as a computer running Linux and Windows 10.