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Why does my Mac keep making the email "swoosh" sound when I'm not sending mail?

Episode 1058

Jay from Gilroy, CA
Apple OS X Mail

Jay says his wife's computer will make the "swoosh" email sound frequently when there's no email being sent or received. Leo says to make sure there's no sent items in the email sent folder. Also, check in the settings to see if that sound is being played for other things the computer does. There's an option called "play sounds for other mail actions." Make sure that's disabled. Also, Leo advises using a program called "Little Snitch" for the Mac that will advise him if any nefarous activity is making an outbound connection, but it's probably not that.

How can I transfer my old PDA contacts to a new Phone?

Episode 1058

Russ from Redondo Beach, CA
Handspring Visor PDA

Russ uses a Windows XP machine at work, and his contacts are in an old HandSpring Visor PDA. Leo suggests exporting the data to the CSV (comma separated value) format and then inputting them into Google contacts directly. He can also do his Calendar data that way. Then it really doesn't matter what phone he uses or if he changes phones. It'll be there automatically.

Facebook Updates It's Permissions in Android

Episode 1058

Facebook's Android app changed it's permissions to include reading and writing your personal text messages, download files to your phone, and read your calendar events and confidential information. The nice thing about Android is that it will warn you about permissions and changes in advance. Leo says that it may be just to have permission to verify your phone number as accurate, and to add addition features. But these changes only serve to fuel the feeling that Facebook is spying on you.

How can I grow my YouTube audience?

Joshua from Nashville, TN

Episode 1058

Joshua has a YouTube channel he's proud of, but he's not happy with his view counts. Leo says that view counts can lag behind on YouTube if they come in too fast. If he's actually talking about overall subscriptions and viewership, there's a misconception due to the success of videos that go viral. Viral views are an unrealistic barometer. Leo also says that we overestimate the value of a YouTube view because we don't know how YouTube counts views or how often a video is viewed multiple times. How could he make it go viral? Humor is a good method.

Why is my Internet streaming so slow in the evening?

Dave from Santa Clarita, CA

Episode 1057

Dave cut the cable with Time Warner. He's now using Netflix, but he's suffering from severe a slowdown from 20MB to 0.5 MB down. Leo says that's because everyone in Dave's neighborhood is watching Netflix all at the same time. Leo also thinks that Comcast is slowing down Netflix traffic on purpose. So Time Warner cable may be doing the same thing. Leo also says that it may be Wi-Fi congestion. Try connecting a hardwire and see if the streaming improves. If it doesn't, then it's clear that Dave's internet service is being throttled.

Johnny Jet

Episode 1057

Johnny Jet's wife gave him some Stickygrams, which are refrigerator magnets with his instagram photo on them. $14.95 for a sheet of 9 with free worldwide shipping. Leo says they're fantastic, but Johnny should try "Boomf," which are instagram pictures printed on marshmallows! Also, at the Olympics, the Canadian Olympic team has a special refrigerator filled with Molson beer that will only open if you scan your Canadian passport! Leo says that's genius marketing.

Why can't I get all my email on my Android phone?

Don from Newport Beach, CA

Episode 1057

Don has been having trouble getting his email through Windows Live Mail. Some of it shows up on his Galaxy S4, but not all of it. He's learned that POP3 won't give him email on both devices. Leo says that's true, and the problem could be how Don added his account to his Galaxy S4. Don says it's a Gmail account, though. Leo says Gmail and Live mail are two different services and that explains why Don isn't getting all his email. He's only getting his Gmail.

How can I avoid the Microsoft phone call scam?

Leo from Orange County, CA

Episode 1057

Leo gets phone calls from scam artists trying to tell him that his computer is infected. Leo Laporte says they use the Windows Event Viewer to point out all the errors on the user's computer, saying that the PC is infected. They will charge $199 and get full access to the computer and the person's credit card. Luckily, Leo didn't let them get that far and terminated the call before they got access.

Leo says that Microsoft will never call you and you shouldn't ever fall for that scam.

Season 2 of House of Cards Premieres on Netflix, Comcast to buy Time Warner

Episode 1057

House of Cards

Netflix premiered season 2 of "House of Cards" this week, and Leo says that streaming is the third golden age of television. Netflix streams the entire season all at once, with no commercial interruption. And they don't have to worry about audience, advertisers, or anything else; just the quality of the episode. Leo says it's better than going to the movies because you can see the development of characters and stories over a longer period than just 2 hours.