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Why don't I get the internet speed I was promised?

Episode 1463

Johnny from Atlanta, GA
Ethernet Cable

Johnny upgraded his Comcast internet bandwidth to gigabit service. But when he went to to test it, it was only a 1/3 the promised speed. Is he getting ripped off? Leo says that Wi-Fi can slow down bandwidth a bit due to congestion. He should try hardwiring to his modem with ethernet and see if it speeds up. The age of his computer network card can also slow it down if it's older. He would need a gigabit network card to handle the throughput.

How can I get around work's locked down internet?

Episode 1462

Rick from Irvine, CA

Rick's wife is trying to get around her job's internet restrictions with a VPN. Is there any way to do that? Leo says probably not. They will likely have it locked down to the point where she can't get around it. Leo recommends using her mobile phone in hotspot mode. She should turn off Wi-Fi though because she'll still be under their policies even when she's on her phone using the Wi-Fi. The company has the right to not only prevent her from using her own devices on their network, but also to spy on her. So she should be careful.

Johnny Jet on Travel Tech

Episode 1461

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet says you can sometimes save money buying your airline tickets at the last minute. Some tips - don't bring a bag. Get the right credit card to gain access to the clubs. Stick with one airline to get upgraded. TSA PreCheck is very helpful. Make a single connection, and you can save half the cost of a first class or business class ticket. Search, and price it out with Google Flights and then book directly with the airline. The trick is to use multiple sites. Check alternate airports.

What should I look for in a VoIP telephone service?

Episode 1460

Noel from Huntington beach, CA
Office telephone

Noel wants to use Voice Over IP for his office telephones. What does he need to look for? Leo says that Latency is the key. The longer the latency, the more annoying the delay in a conversation. Dropped packets is another issue in VoIP. Is that due to not having enough bandwidth? Leo says no. Voice doesn't take up a lot of bandwidth. But in an office, it all adds up. Leo uses RingCentral in his office.

Wi-Fi can also mess up VoIP because it gives preference to data over voice.

Johnny Jet on Travel Tech

Episode 1460

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet says that there's a new airline in Canada called Swoop that's going with the Spirit Airlines business model of charging very low prices for airfare, then adding charges for luggage and carry ons. If it doesn't fit under your seat, you have to pay extra. They also pack you in with only 29" of leg room.

Site of the week - Google Flights. Johnny recommends going with Google Flights when trying to book a flight. Great bargains, plus they also let you know about flight delays and more.

How can I move my old MSN email to Gmail?

Episode 1458

Donna from Arizona

Donna has been subscribed to MSN's Butterfly service and she's having connection issues. Leo says that Microsoft would like her to move away from MSN and start using as her email. She could also use Gmail and just forward it. Leo also suspects that Microsoft is reselling service through her cable company. She can then use Gmail to go get her MSN mail and then tell everyone she's using Gmail so she can slowly transition to it.

How can I start a profitable YouTube Cooking Channel?

Episode 1458

Tim from Fontana, CA

Tim's friend wants to start up a YouTube Channel and wants to know how to make money off of it. Leo says that is a very good idea to get the word out about her cookie business. YouTube is a visual medium and so is cooking. YouTube has become the destination for all kinds of cooks who are using the portal to showcase recipes, techniques, and more. The more visually entertaining and informative it is, the more popular. They'll also want to be sure that each episode doesn't last very long.

Celebrities Are Paying for Fake Social Media Followers

Episode 1458

Social Media

The New York Times recently ran a story about a company that's been selling fake social media accounts to celebrities and businesses. It's called Devumi, and it has millions of fake Twitter accounts. Some of them are based on stolen social identities. They may have pictures, backgrounds, and bios that are real but are part of a fake account that is then sold off. This is very widespread because in Hollywood, the amount of money actors make in a movie is often tied to the number of followers they have. This is what happens when follower counts are an important measure of success.