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Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1213

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet is on a river boat cruise through France. Johnny is talking about traveling through Heathrow, when connecting from the US to Europe, transiting can be a nightmare security-wise. It's very strict. So Johnny has learned to remove everything in his bag ahead of time if he has to go through security so there's no delay. Take it all out of your pockets too.

Johnny Jet

Episode 1212

Johnny Jet

Website - FollowUpThen. Sends you an email and can be time delayed so that it comes when you need it to remind you. Free version gives you up to 50 follow up reminders a month. Helps to keep you organized, especially while traveling.

App - Jott. It's a messaging app that works from Bluetooth. So you can chat with people within your 30 foot range.

Where can I go to build a new website?

Ted from Mizzoula, MT

Episode 1212

Ted wants to create a new website for his business after parting company with his partner. Is GoDaddy a good option? Leo says it's not his first choice because they use a site builder app that tends to be a bit out of date and makes no provision for mobile devices. Leo suggests SquareSpace. They have more modern site templates and can offer eCommerce. They also support mobile devices, and are very affordable. Google also has some nice site building tools.

How can I fix Adobe Flash?

Billy from Laguna Beach, CA

Episode 1211

Billy is having trouble with Adobe Flash player and the cure seems worse than the disease. He keeps getting an "exception error." Leo says that those error messages tend to be a bit useless. Leo suggests removing Flash altogether and use Google Chrome as his browser instead. Chrome has Flash built-in and keeps it isolated from the rest of the system. It's always updated through Chrome and sandboxed.

Is Magic Jack appropriate for a business phone line?

Episode 1210

Doug from Idaho

Doug has been using Magic Jack for his business. Leo says that's a good choice for smaller use, but it's important to remember that VOIP is always dependent on the quality and bandwidth of the internet connection. Also, there's latency as the packets often come out of order and must be reassembled. Leo uses a business solution, RingCentral. But for a sole proprietor, Magic Jack should work fine.

How can I keep my email private?

Tim from Moorpark, CA

Episode 1209

Tim wants an email service that's free, but doesn't read his email. Leo says that there has to be a way to pay the bills. Someone is paying for that free email and they do it by looking for keywords in email and then tailoring advertising to match it. There's really no such thing as a free lunch, and Leo would be leery of a service that promised free email that's 100% secure. They're either not going to be around long or they're going to monetize his activity without him knowing it.

Johnny Jet

Episode 1209

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet is preparing for an around the world trip, where he'll spend two weeks flying with stops along the way. He's been looking for an app that shows the appropriate custom for tipping. GlobeTipping on iOS will show you the custom of tipping where you're going, and it has over 150 countries from Afghanistan to Zimbawbwe. It'll show you what to tip a porter, waiter, bellman, and others. In Japan, for instance, tipping is not accepted.

Cord Cutting Is Accelerating, and Wall Street Is Noticing

Episode 1209

This week, Wall Street punished cable companies in trading as news came out that so called cable cutting or cord cutting, is accelerating faster than anyone expected. On top of that, investors and Cable companies are learning that the next generation of viewers aren't watching TV at all. They're watching YouTube. And that's got cable companies and TV broadcasters mighty nervous. But ISPs are jacking up the price of internet to the point where cord cutters aren't saving anything to cut the cable, especially when you add additional services like Netflix, HBO Now and others.