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Do I need a website to have a custom email?

Gregor from Reseda, CA

Episode 1240

Gregor wants a custom email address. Does he need a website for that? Leo says no. He'll just need the domain name. Then he can forward all the mail that comes to his custom domain to any email provider he wants. Leo advises going to and signing up for his domain name there. He can enter what he'd like and it'll make suggestions of available domain names.

How can I protect myself on a public hotspot?

Doug from Alabama

Episode 1240

Doug does a lot of traveling on the road and he uses a open Wi-Fi hotspots a lot. He's worried about the security of using those hotspots, though. Leo says that using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a good solution, as it burrows a secure tunnel through the hotspot so that all of his data is encrypted. He'd be totally safe and secure. The downside though it that using a VPN will slow him down a lot, and they are a challenge for some to set up. And the reality is, more and more of what he'll be doing online is encrypted anyway.

How can I avoid flight changing fees?

Connie from Thousand Oaks, CA

Episode 1239

Connie has bought tickets to Alaska, but she's now in school and can't take the flight. What can she do? Johnny Jet says that airlines will charge Connie $200 per ticket to use it at a later date and they aren't likely to waive that fee. Travel insurance even wouldn't cover this. So Connie is probably out of luck. But one thing she can do is donate the tickets. That way she can at least get a tax deduction for them.

Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1239

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet is in studio today and is going to spend the entire second hour with Leo, answering your travel questions! Johnny says to try not to check a bag. When he travels, he tries not to check a bag at all. When you check a bag, you're stuck with your airline. Even a trip of two to three weeks can be managed with a carry on. You can just wash your clothes as you go. All you need to do is google a local laundry mat to find out. Some will even do it for you for less -- like $10 a load.

RDIO to Shut Down, Transition to Ad Supported Music

Episode 1239

The subscription music streaming service RDIO has run out of money is shutting down, effective November 23rd. Pandora will buy RDIOs intellectual property. Leo says this is a harbinger of what's to come, and he expects that free services aren't really going to last and that it's only a matter of time before Spotify and Pandora will follow and close down. Eventually, we'll end up with just four music services, all run by Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft, which really don't need to make money through the service.

How can I create a web TV station?

Jay from Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Episode 1238

Jay has a website that broadcasts youth sports, but now he wants to create a TV station online -- like ESPN for youth sports. Leo says that is a great idea and something he knows a little about. It's also the future of broadcasting. Leo says that there are a few sites that do this, and Universities are also taking hold of the idea. Jay can get started for free on UStream. That way they can handle the scaling up of bandwidth when more people get wind of the service.

Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1237

In light of yesterday's terrorist attacks in Paris, Johnny wanted to talk about what to do if you find yourself in a country that is experiencing widespread terror attacks. What do you do if you're caught in the middle? Johnny has been in the area of an attack twice, Mumbai and in New York for 911. First ... try and remain calm. You will be able to think if you're calm. Stay safe.

What's a good ad blocker for a blind web surfer?

Julian from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1236

Julian is visually impaired and is frustrated by popups that he can't see when he's using his screen reader, because it takes forever to read them all. He needs a good ad blocker that can prevent them. Leo says that this is one case where ad blockers are a good ethical use. Leo recommends the FireFox extension UBlock Origin. It's also available on Google Chrome. Advertising is important, as it helps to pay the bills online.