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How can I download YouTube videos?

Daniel from Lake Forest, CA

Episode 1161

Larry has a Samsung tablet and he'd like to watch YouTube videos without using Wi-Fi. Is there something that will allow him to cache the videos locally? Leo says that there are a number of sites that would allow him to do this. An app called TubeSock Pro will do it. is a website where can input the link and it will give him download options.

Other sites include:

Johnny Jet

Episode 1161

Johnny Jet

United had a glitch this week selling business class tickets to Europe for $85, which they didn't honor, and people are outraged. Johnny agreed with United because it was a glitch that people were taking advantage of fraudulently. American Airlines is still selling fares to Europe for a dollar plus taxes and fuel surcharges. But they're doing it deliberately to compete with Norwegian Airlines.

This week's travel app - BestParking. It has the most convenient and cheapest places to park in 80 cities around the country.

If I change my ISP, will I lose my email address?

Tamar from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1160

Tamar has been using AT&T for 15 years and she's been thinking of changing her internet service provider. She wants to know if she can keep her AT&T email, though. Leo says no. That's an AT&T domain name and as such, once she cancels her account, the email will get shut down.

Tamar wants to move to Time Warner Cable, but she doesn't want to get rid of her TV service through DirecTV. Leo says she doesn't have to have cable TV through Time Warner, she could just get internet. It may cost her about $10-20 more, though.

Why is Google Chrome crashing on me?

Episode 1160

Max from Milpitas, CA
Google Chrome

Max's laptop is freezing up a lot, and he thinks it may be his Chrome Browser. He gets a lot of application errors. Leo suggests removing and reinstalling Google Chrome. He should also try clearing the history by selecting "Clear Browsing Data." Then Max should look at his extensions to see if any of them are corrupted. In the end, reinstalling Chrome will probably fix it.

How can I control internet access for my kids?

Don from Cypress, CA

Episode 1159

Don wants to be able to cut off access to the internet with a touch of a button. Leo says that some routers allow him to do this by MAC address (called an "access control list"). They can set the internet to go off at certain times. He can also go to and use their DNS system to filter out unwanted websites. This will work for smartphones as well.

What's the best app for tasks and calendars?

Patrick from Santa Monica, CA

Episode 1159

Patrick needs to get a new smartphone for his e-commerce business. He uses email with Roundcube. Leo says that Roundcube is IMAP and it'll work with any mail account. Leo recommends having GMail go get his Roundcube mail and then use Google Calendar, Tasks, and other services with it. Leo says he should avoid Outlook. It's old and the UI is terrible. Google Apps is the best option across the board. It's very low cost and works everywhere.

For task apps, Leo recommends a few options: