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Johnny Jet

Episode 1087

Today is Johnny's 45th birthday! Johnny just went to Europe on a cruise and stayed at the island of Ischia. Johnny says Ischia is about three times better than Capri, but is half the price to stay. So there's a ton of deals to be had, especially in hotels. It's popular with Germans and Russians and is in the gulf of Napoli. And Johnny says that if you're just going point to point, go to and you can buy train tickets for a great price. All you need is your PNR number to board and get an advanced seat assignment.

What are the best social media sites to be on?

Sam from New York, NY

Episode 1087

Sam wants to know if he has to be on all social media sites or just a select few, and what are the best sites to be on? Leo says he'll want to go where his customers are, but at the very least, he should have a brochure website to drive his customers to. Leo also has different feeds for his content, for his show, and his links. But that takes some juggling.

Wy won't my Chromecast work?

Jim from Davis, CA

Episode 1086

Jim has a Chromecast for streaming to TV via Wi-Fi. Leo says that's a great device. Jim says that the Chromecast button that's supposed to appear in all media apps has disappeared, though. Leo advises relaunching the Chromecast app and also make sure the Chromecast is seated in the HDMI port properly.

If the light is blinking, then it's not online, so it could be having trouble connecting. Jim should unplug and plug it back in. That's how Google updates the Chromecast and maybe it just needed an update. When in doubt, reboot!

eBay Data Breach Underscores Need for Password Vaults

Episode 1086

With the news that eBay's servers were breached and passwords were stolen, Leo says users should not only change their passwords, but also should use a password manager or password vault like RoboForm, 1Password, LastPass, etc. They can generate long and random passwords that include punctuation and variety that makes brute force attacks pretty much useless. Then all you need to do is remember one password.

How can I sync to the cloud without having issues with duplicate files?

Steve from Calabassas, CA

Episode 1086

Steve has Google Drive but he doesn't think it's organized very well for backup. Leo says it's not ideal as a backup solution. It's more of a temporary repository. Steve is having problems syncing to it, because it just keeps creating multiple copies. Leo says he could turn on Versioning in Google Docs, so that may help.

How can I port my phone number to a VOiP number?

John from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1086

John would like to keep his legacy phone number and just use it for voicemail. Leo says he can port his phone number to a service, and he likes Grasshopper. There's also Google Voice, but John says that they won't port landline numbers. When he does port his number to a service, he will no longer have a landline phone, so he should keep that in mind.

How can I get rid of Spam Sieve?

Deborah from Fullerton, CA

Episode 1086

Sherry signed up for Spam Sieve and since she didn't pay for it in time, she ending up with problems on her computer. Leo says that she has to disable it in her email first because it creates a rule. She'll have to disable that rule, then take Spam Sieve out of programs.

There's instructions in the Spam Sieve manual. Leo says that he used to use Spam Sieve and it's a legit program, but he prefers to use Google mail now. They are really good at collaborative filtering. And it's free.