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Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1424

Johnny Jet

Johnny says that if you fly a lot, enough to gain frequent flyer miles, it's best to stick with a single airline that you can build miles with. But if you fly infrequently, then shop around for the best deal when you do. He also says that if you get asked if you want to upgrade to "premium economy," it's a big scam. Johnny also says that airlines are now charging for gate check-in of luggage at $25 a bag or more. They'll also charge you to print your boarding pass.

Travel tip of the week - Bring a snack. You never know if the plane is going to be delayed.

What are my options for canceling my ISP?

Gloria from North Hollywood, CA

Episode 1423

Gloria wants to get rid of her ISP and change her email. Leo says if she's going to get rid of her ISP and its email, Leo recommends going with Gmail first and setting it up to get the email off her old email account. Her ISP is DSL Extreme. Leo says that DSL Extreme is a good provider, but if she's having issues, it may not be their fault. It may be the carrier that DSL Extreme is piggy backing on, which is usually AT&T. They have to allow them to carry it, but they don't really want to share. So they make it difficult.

What is Bitcoin?

Episode 1423

George from Santa Monica, CA

George keeps hearing about BitCoin and how much the price keeps going up. What gives it that value? Leo says nothing but sheer belief. BitCoin is crypto currency, which are essentially digital dollars that don't exist outside of a computer. You can't really take it and spend it at the local store unless the store takes it. But even a dollar bill isn't really anything but a fiat currency that the government says it's worth. The value of a dollar, or any other currency, changes all the time. It's fluid. So BitCoin is just an extreme version of that.