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How can I get the Twitter app to remain where I left off in the timeline?

Episode 1136

Steve from Studio City, CA

Steve uses Twitter, but on his tablet, the app refreshes the page at inconvenient times. So he ends up using Safari to prevent it. Leo suggests using a third party app like TweetBot by Tapbots instead. Tweetbot is easily the best twitter out there and sadly, it's not available on Android. Leo also says that social media is easily the best way to market, especially for artists.

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Why can't I access all of my Gmail after installing an SSD?

Episode 1135

Jeffrey from Las Vegas, NV

Jeffrey has trouble accessing his GMail after installing an SSD. Leo says that if he can't see his Gmail online, then it's not the SSD. So the email must have been wiped or deleted. Jeffrey says he also tried accessing his email with POP3 recently.

Jeffrey should check out the folder "All Mail" in GMail. It may just be hidden. The chatroom says there's a flaw that will wipe out Gmail when using POP3. So be careful. Leo says that's very odd.

Johnny Jet

Episode 1135


The Wall Street Journal came out with an article that said that Sunday was the best day to buy airline tickets. Johnny Jet disagrees and says that there really isn't a "best day" to buy. Deals pop up all the time and you need to be vigilant to check for deals. That's why Johnny Jet created a one stop shop to check all the flights. You just have to shop around. Before the holidays and after are good times to fly, as is the summer when there are more flights. But the holidays are going to be prime time. And when you're coming into prime time, you're really not going to get a deal anyway.

Does fiber work more like cable or DSL?

Episode 1135

Julian from Los Angeles, CA

Julian wants to upgrade his internet with fiber. Does it work like Cable or DSL?

Leo says it's more like DSL. But it's likely that they are piggybacking on AT&Ts fiber. Leo says that DSL Extreme is a great service and if they're moving into Fiber, it'll be a good move. He won't be burdened by sharing bandwidth like with cable, either. It's actually better than DSL because it has better range from the central office. Leo also suspects that the Fiber doesn't go straight to his house, but to a head end that then transfers it to copper. That's not going to be as fast.

How can I get files from my clients online?

Episode 1135

Charles from California
Cloud storage

Charles helps friends and family to digitize videos and images and he's now doing it as a business. He's using iTunes Extras to import them. What's the best way to get his clients to share images with him online? Here are some options Charles can consider:

  • Flickr
  • Flickr offers 1TB of free storage for images.

  • DropBox
  • Dropbox offers 2GB of free space.

What video service should I use to embed videos on my website?

Eric from Richland, WA

Episode 1134

Eric is starting an aerial photography business and he'd like to link videos on his site. What video portals are best? Leo says most people use YouTube because it's free, but it's ad supported. Vimeo Pro is better because you don't have to use ads and can use higher resolution video. Then you embed the video into your website. That way they can watch it without leaving your website. And they all use embed codes on it. Square Space will also support it without problem. Pay for the Vimeo pro service. It's worth it.

Where did the sidebar go in iTunes 12?

Episode 1133

Chris from Miami, FL
iTunes 12

Chris says that iTunes 12 has caused the sidebar to disappear. Leo says it has, and it's likely to never return. Leo thought the sidebar was great, but Apple should really just start over and rebuild the app from scratch. That actually might happen since Apple bought Beats and plans to integrate it. If it does, it could be the end of iTunes as we know it. They've been taking bits and pieces out of it for years, and as such, it's become rather ghastly.