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Johnny Jet on Travel Tech

Johnny Jet

Episode 1550

Johnny Jet recently got to attend the most exclusive lounge at LAX this week. It's $4,500 a year membership, plus $2,700 every time you use it. You get separate security, you have a private room, much like a hotel room, and you're even driven to the airplane for a backdoor entrance. It's designed for heads of state, business leaders, and celebrities. But they're about to do a deal with United Airlines, which will offer the same service for $375 per party.

Why can't I access my gmail account?


Episode 1549

Mike from Glendale, CA

Mike is having issues with Gmail, it says he doesn't have an account, but he does. Leo says that one thing to try is logging into his account with a different computer, or log into a different Google service, like Google Dashboard. If that works, then his account is active and alive. He can also have a friend send him an email, and if it bounces back to them, then his account has somehow been deactivated.

Why is my Wi-Fi dropping out?

Netgear AC2600 Router

Episode 1549

Clarence from Chesapeake, VA

Clarence has issues with his laptop's Wi-Fi intermittently dropping after adding a new modem and Netgear router. Leo says to connect the laptop directly to the router and see if it drops out. If it doesn't, then he'll know the internet connection is fine, and the Wi-Fi radio in the laptop is flakey. If it keeps happening, then that would lead to his router, or even modem. Another possibility is the power-saving may be turned on in the Wi-Fi settings of his laptop. Just disable power-saving and it should be OK from there. It could even be congestion from other internet devices.

Where is my email?


Episode 1547

Kathy from Maryland

Kathy is blind and Comcast changed her email settings. She had a friend come over and reconfigure it for her, but there's still errors happening. Leo says that Comcast isn't really supporting POP3 access anymore. They allow it, but they prefer she'd use IMAP. So if her friend set it for POP3, have him come back over and change it to IMAP. One way to check is to use her browser. She can also verify if her email is there. If it is, then she'll know it's IMAP. If they aren't, it's POP.

Why is Amazon so big in the Cloud, aren't they just a retailer?


Episode 1547

Scott from Orange County, CA

Scott went to the recent ReInvent convention for Amazon services and he learned a lot about the power of data in the cloud. Leo says that Amazon is the clear leader in cloud based web services, trouncing Google and Microsoft. And the irony is, it was largely an afterthought to their retail business. Leo now thinks that Amazon's goal is to get a fraction of every financial transaction on the planet. Even a penny would amount to trillions of dollars.

Johnny Jet on Travel Tech

Episode 1547

Johnny Jet says that traveling during the holidays is likely going to get you sick because of the weather, and because people are traveling sick and coughing in a closed airplane cabin. But in first class, it tends to be more germ free because it's cleaned more thoroughly, and there's fewer people in that section of the plane. He recommends bringing travel wipes.