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Why does Google Chrome display squares instead of text in the upper right corner?

Episode 1127

Tom from Bozeman, MT

Tom says he's got a problem in Google Chrome on his Mac where he gets squares instead text in the upper right hand corner. And he did it on different computers as well. Leo suspects that he's missing the font that Google is trying to use. Typically there is a fallback font whenever the font that's being used isn't available, and he's checked that Arial is his font substitution.

Johnny Jet

Episode 1127

Johnny Jet

Johnny says that now is the time to book your flights to go home for the holidays. And don't even bother to look for a deal during the week of Thanksgiving. Although you could find a bargain by flying on Thanksgiving Day since people don't usually fly on that day. Also, save money by searching any time. Early in the morning saves a lot of money, as does alternate airports. Johnny says he likes to do "hidden cities," where you can fly a one way ticket, not check a bag, and then book your flight where your end destination is actually the connection.

Should I use IMAP instead of POP 3 for email?

Episode 1127

Greg from Orange County, CA

Greg hears that POP 3 is going to be obsolete and that he should go with and IMAP through Microsoft Exchange for an extra cost. Is that true? Leo says that it is, but he recommends going with Gmail instead. He could also buy the Google Apps account, and they do a great job with organization and spam filtering. IMAP will also work better with iOS devices. Leo also says he can shop around and get a better deal on IMAP. But Leo uses Gmail.

Can I get my deleted contacts back in Yahoo Mail?

Episode 1127

Mary from Ventura, CA

Mary's Yahoo email account was hacked, and in the process, all her contacts in her address book got deleted. Is there any way to retrieve it? Leo says that Mary probably had her account hacked through her "secret" questions which can be guessed using a brute force attack. Once hacked, her account was used as a spam account. But it may be that her account wasn't hacked at all, and her email address was spoofed instead. That means they just can pose as Mary by using the "reply to" field.

How close can my router and modem be?

Episode 1126

Jeff from Woodland Hills, CA
Airport Extreme

Jeff just signed up for "TrueStream" broadband service. Leo says that it's a new system that likely uses fiber and is supposed to get up to 75 Mbps down. Jeff is concerned because the modem is installed right next to his Apple Airport Extreme. Leo says as long as he has some separation, and they're not touching, he'll be ok. He should also disable the Wi-Fi from the modem, and just use the Airport Extreme for DHCP and Wi-Fi.

How can I get rid of a browser hijacker that came along with other software I installed?

Episode 1126

Brian from St. Louis, MO

Brian wound up getting a browser hijacker. Leo says that's the risk of downloading software these days -- it often will come bundled with other unwanted programs. Typically, during the install, there will be checkboxes for other programs which should be unchecked. It's not technically considered malware, but they were likely obscure in how it was worded and it tricks users into installing these programs. Leo strongly advises against using third party download sites like CNET's because of this. Only download software from the original developer.

What's the future of online gaming?

Episode 1126

Joshua from Nashville, TN

Joshua owns and operates Minecraft servers and he wants to know what the future has in store for online gaming. Leo says that since Microsoft bought Minecraft, it's possible that Microsoft could require Minecraft be run from Azure. But Leo doesn't think there's much cause to worry because the Minecraft culture is very independent. Gamers won't really feel Microsoft's presence in Minecraft for at least a year, but there's not much cause for concern. Since online gaming is social by nature, the future is bright.

How can I create my own private, cloud based backup?

Episode 1125

Bret from Demoines, IA
File Transporter Sync

Bret would like to create his own off site cloud storage at a friend's house. Leo says he can have a private cloud and there's several ways to do it. Leo also advises the File Transporter, which is a small device that he would hook up his hard drive to. Then it syncs with a second File Transporter hooked up to a hard drive in another location.