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How can I prevent my webmail from being hacked?

Episode 1464

Melanie from Irvine, CA

Melanie finally got Google to reset her password and now she wants to know how she can prevent having her account hacked in the future. Leo says that the first thing is to have a recovery phone number and a different email for recovery. Then she should turn on 2-factor authentication. Making her password really difficult to crack is a good idea. Leo recommends using a password vault, like LastPass, and have it generate her passwords. Then she only has to remember LastPass's password and it will take care of the rest.

How can I get Wi-Fi out in my barn?

Episode 1464

Ed from Tulsa, CA
Wi-Fi Booster

Ed has a Google mesh router system and he wants to be able to get Wi-Fi out in his barn, which is 100' away. Can he get another mesh unit or should he do ethernet? Leo says that if he has a window, then he could put a mesh unit on the windowsill, and another in the window of a barn so they would have line-of-sight connectivity. It's certainly worth a try. Ed could also try powerline networking if the barn and his home are on the same junction. The other option is to use a Wi-Fi antenna.

Can a home assistant device make phone calls?

Episode 1463

Stephen from Riverside, CA
Amazon Echo Connect

Stephen wants to get a voice operated home device to make phone calls for his mother in law. Leo says that the Amazon Echo only works with other Echo devices. Google Home Assistant, however, can be linked to his phone and can make phone calls by voice. The chatroom says that Echo Connect will work to make phone calls, especially emergency ones. Leo says that these in-home voice assistants are a game changer, especially for older folks. They're also cheap enough now that he can put them in every room.

Why don't I get the internet speed I was promised?

Episode 1463

Johnny from Atlanta, GA
Ethernet Cable

Johnny upgraded his Comcast internet bandwidth to gigabit service. But when he went to to test it, it was only a 1/3 the promised speed. Is he getting ripped off? Leo says that Wi-Fi can slow down bandwidth a bit due to congestion. He should try hardwiring to his modem with ethernet and see if it speeds up. The age of his computer network card can also slow it down if it's older. He would need a gigabit network card to handle the throughput.

How can I get around work's locked down internet?

Episode 1462

Rick from Irvine, CA

Rick's wife is trying to get around her job's internet restrictions with a VPN. Is there any way to do that? Leo says probably not. They will likely have it locked down to the point where she can't get around it. Leo recommends using her mobile phone in hotspot mode. She should turn off Wi-Fi though because she'll still be under their policies even when she's on her phone using the Wi-Fi. The company has the right to not only prevent her from using her own devices on their network, but also to spy on her. So she should be careful.