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How can I see who is logging into my account?

Clay from Highland, CA

Episode 1253

Clay keeps getting email from Google saying someone tried to access his account with a link to say "check your devices." Leo says it may be legit, but he should never click on links in email. Instead, if he's a Gmail user, he can go the bottom of his Gmail and find a link that gives him information on who has used his account. He shouldn't ever click on a link or button embedded in his email. It could be a spoof or phishing scam. Always go straight to the source.

Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1253

Johnny Jet joins us to talk about a great app called Seateroo, where you can swap seat assignments with whoever is also on the site. It usually costs per seat, and the price ranges. Think of it as StubHub for airlines. Leo wonders how the airlines feel about it, and Johnny says it's so new that they haven't chimed in yet. Seataroo holds onto the money until after the flight and then makes the transfer if everyone is happy.

How can I get back control of my router?

Paul from Tarzana, CA

Episode 1253

Paul has a NetGear cable modem/router and he suddenly can't access it to make any changes. Leo says that routers are really cheap computers and sometimes it can get bit-rotted just like any other computer. Paul should try doing a factory reset. Then he should be able to log in and re-enter all of his settings. It's a good thing to do once in a while anyway.

How can I create my own version of Jarvis for home automation?

Greg from Long Beach, CA

Episode 1252

Greg just bought a house and he's in the process of remodeling it. He wants to create a home version of Jarvis. Leo says that home automation is a geeky thing and he was hoping that Apple would make it easy with their Home Kit. That would be the best way to do it. It's the Internet of things, and his Hub would be his iPhone. He could have an iPad built into a wall, but technology changes so fast, it may be better to hang it -- not embed it. But he can have smart window shades, a Nest smart thermostat, iDevices, water sensors, and an internet enabled deadbolt lock.

Is it secure to connect to the internet through a third party router?

Mike from Grants Pass, OR

Episode 1252

Mike lives in a remote area and he usually accesses the Internet via his mobile phone. He also has point-to-point internet, which is not only expensive, but he's concerned with security because the service requires a router connection in bridge mode with DHCP. Leo says that routers can be secure as long as he connects with encryption via WPA2. Routers are essentially dumb boxes that can protect him from attacks. But that depends on how they handle their security. It can be just as secure as his home network, or it can be wide open.

How can I create a TV broadcast online and talk to the camera operators?

Larry from Ashland, OH

Episode 1252

Larry visited the Brickhouse to see Leo's operation and got motivated to up their podcast game. They've boosted their lights and added a switcher. They got Blackmagic 4K cameras. Now they need a way for the director to talk to cameramen and talent. How can they do it inexpensively?

Leo says that doing a simple conference call would work. Often this is how it's done with a phone line and headsets. Mobile phones are remarkable. We're using consumer grade electronics to reinvent television, and if he thinks out of the box, he can too.

How can I export my Google Maps data?

Episode 1252

Kenny from Temple, TX
Google Maps

Kenny wants to know how he can export his Google Maps searches. Leo says he can go to to see all of the data that Google has collected on him. He can then export the Maps data, along with any other data he wants, at He should make sure to export it as a KML file for his GPS location history. He can also export his saved places, but he'll have to convert that, since Google puts it in a GeoJSON format.

Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1251

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet is joining us from the LA Times Travel Show, where he's giving a speech on How to Travel like a Rock Star. He loved Leo's 360° videos with the Ricoh Theta S. Leo says it's really the best VR camera out right now for the consumer. Meanwhile, Leo is curious how he can be bumped off a plane for the aircraft being overweight. How do they weigh it? Since they were flying standby, could they have been bumped by seating of Gold members? Johnny says yes. There are perks to being an elite flyer and standby people are always the first to get bumped.

How can I get working?

Kate from Ann Arbor, MI

Episode 1250

Kate uses to search her genealogy, but they've changed their website and she's having issues. Their tech support really isn't helpful, either. Leo says that for the price people are paying to have access to, they should have decent tech support. Leo says that the issues Kate is having could be due to upgrading to Windows 10 and Chrome. So if compatibility issues are happening, she should try using a different browser like Internet Explorer.