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How can I watch Netflix in Bolivia?

Fabio from Santa Cruz, BOL

Episode 1173

Fabio has moved out of the country and he still wants to watch Netflix, Hulu, etc. He can't watch directly because they block him, and VPNs are just too Slow. What about SmartDNS? Leo says a Proxy Server fools Netflix and Hulu in thinking you're from the US. It's also a violation of the terms of service of Netflix. Both VPNs and Proxy Servers are illegal, unfortunately.

How can I manage Gmail theads?

Nancy from Redding, PA

Episode 1173

Nancy wants to know how to keep a thread straight on Gmail. If she deletes an email, she deletes the thread? Leo says it depends on settings, it's called conversation view. You can turn the threading off. And you can delete replies, here's how. This may be different in the iPad. Try expanding all threads and then see if you can delete individual ones. Leo doesn't like threading because it's so confusing for issues like this. Especially in the iPad.

Are Lithium Ion batteries getting better?

Dave from Camarillo, CA

Episode 1173

Dave has seen a website that offers Lithium Ion batteries upgraded to increase longer battery life and add to safety. Leo says that once he sees a study that verifies the claims, he'll buy into it. But he's seen a lot of promises on the internet over the years and very little in the way of delivery. It's definitely something that users want, but the proof is in the pudding.

What service should I use to sell tickets online?

Andrew from Murietta, CA

Episode 1173

Andrew is going to be doing a non-profit concert soon and wants to know what's the best online ticket broker to sell tickets through. H-Bomb says that Brown Paper offers ticket sales for non profits as well as others. There's also Ticket Fly that will also help with promotion. Leo says that's a great idea.

Andrews concert is Night of Hope, for - Orphanages around the world.

Johnny Jet ... Posted

Episode 1173

This week's app ... Postagram. It allows you to create post cards digitally and be able to mail them through your phone. Leo says he's used it and loves it. Works great. He wishes it were the full postcard, it's just half the post card. But other than that, it's quite convenient.

This week's website ... It not only looks for hotels, but also coupons and discount rates.

Why can't YouTube play at better resolution on my PS3?

Dave from Venice Beach, CA

Episode 1173

Dave wants to know why he can't watch YouTube in larger resolutions through the PS3. He only gets 240. Leo says that's ugly. The issue could be bandwidth. But what Dave may want to do is use the app, and not the browser. You can download the YouTube App from the Sony Playstation store. That will always do better than the browser.

How can I close out of Google Chrome in Windows 8?

Episode 1172

Lucy from Torrance, CA
Google Chrome

Lucy is having trouble with Chrome and she's tried to remove it, but can't. Leo says it's probably gone into "metro mode." If she sees the hamburger menu of four lines, click on that and she should get out of it. It may also be the sign of an infection that has modified the browser. She should try pressing F11. That will take it out of full screen mode. At that point, she should be able to close it. CTRL-ALT-Delete will work as well.

How can we get pictures taken off the internet?

Jan from Placerville, CA

Episode 1172

Jan has a friend who is a model and she's had some embarrassing private photos appear on the net. Leo says that could fall under the revenge porn law, and it could allow her to prosecute them. Most reliable places will take the images down if they had been contacted. If she's having trouble getting them taken down, the sites may be outside the US and it's hard to prosecute across international borders. But in time, that will change.

How can I keep Internet Explorer from crashing?

Cathy from La Verne, CA

Episode 1172

Cathy is having a problem with Internet Explorer crashing. Leo says that if that's the problem, chances are there's something system wide happening. Leo advises resetting the browser to see if that fixes it. She can go to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Reset.

Cathy could also reinstall it, and Microsoft has information on how to do that here.