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What's the best way to run a webinar?

Billy from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1179

Billy's job is to do a weekly corporate webinar. He'd like to optimize the technology so that they are the same, not matter what the platform. To keep the audio quality and video image as good as it gets online. What's the best resources? Leo says GoToMeeting is a mature platform for wide scale webinar generation. The fundamental problem is how to get good interaction with poor bandwith. That's the frustring part. But check to GoToWebinar, it's designed for what Billy is talking about. Try before you buy too with a 30 day trial.

How can I scan documents and share them online?

Cary from CAlifo

Episode 1179

Cary has a bunch of notes and documents filed and he wants to be able to scan them. What's the best option to create an online library so he can share what he has? Leo says that was what the Internet was made to do. So get a good scanner that can do Optical character recognition (OCR). You can then put them up on a website or through dropbox and share them.

How can I import POP3 email?

Bill from San Juan, Puerto Rico

Episode 1177

Bill has a Windows desktop and a MacBook Pro and he wants to sync them together with email. He uses POP3. Leo says to stop using that, and use IMAP instead. IMAP is the best way to go because it doesn't take his email off the server. POP3 downloads email and then deletes it from the server. So Bill should go with IMAP and then he can have a central location for all of his email that's accessible from any device.

How can I connect my SkyBell via Wi-Fi?

Episode 1177

Ed from San Diego, CA

Ed has the Skybell, a webcam door knock that allows users to see who's at the door from their smartphone via Wi-Fi. But he can't get it to work. Leo says that's because it has to connect via Wi-Fi, and he has to be sure it's connected to his network. He'll also have to have a 2.4 GHz system, and that's the most crowded spectrum because everyone else is on 2.4Ghz. If he can use 5 GHz, that would be better.

Johnny Jet

Episode 1177

Johnny Jet

This week's travel website ... Dream Cheaper. You send them your existing hotel reservation and they will continually shop around and if they find a cheaper rate, they will rebook you automatically and save you money. You'll sleep in the very same hotel room you initially booked but pay up to 60% less! And they'll keep doing it until 24 hours before you check in.

What are my options for broadband in remote areas of Florida?

Gary from Panama City, FL

Episode 1176

Gary lives out in the remote areas of Florida and he uses cellphone access for his internet. But are there other options? Leo says that WISP, which uses Microwaves is an option. There's also satellite. It can be expensive, and the bandwidth caps, speed issues and latency is tedious. It wouldn't be good for Skype or Gaming. But if that's not important, Leo suggests checking out Wild Blue by Excede.

Johnny Jet

Episode 1175

Johnny is calling in from Lake Louise in Banff, Canada today. Johnny has been Periscoping and Meerkating and he likes it, especially because they don't record it. It's like Snapchat for video. This week's travel tips:

Apps - GasGuru. It shows gas prices all around the country, and is easy to use. You can get the best price, and it's great for road trips. Available in iOS and Android.