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Should I copy protect my eBook?

Mark from California

Episode 1407

Mark has written an ebook and he wants to know if he should copy protect it. He's going to be giving it away for students to see if they like it. The LA Sparks want him to copy protect it. Leo says he's not a fan of DRM because it simply doesn't work. The bad guys know how to remove it. But if you have to, it depends on which scheme you use and how do you authenticate it? That's why it's so tedious for those who aren't going to pirate it, but it can be easy for those who will. You'll need to have an authentication server to verify it. See how problematic it can be?

What is the easiest way to build a website?

Sue from California

Episode 1407

Sue wants to start a website at She already has the domain name, and now she can connect it to anything she wants. is an easy-to-use site where she can set up a site for a low monthly cost. Another site that will do this is She can just go in, pick a template that works for her needs, and start publishing content. Wordpress has a free tier with ads. These are the easiest ways to do it. Godaddy and similar sites have "site builder" tools, but they aren't as polished as Wordpress or SquareSpace would be.

Why Net Neutrality Is So Important

Episode 1407

We've been talking a lot about Net Neutrality, which is the idea that bits should flow along the "information superhighway" without being artificially impeded by an internet service provider. If the internet is an information superhighway, then the internet service provider is the exit ramp. It's how that stuff going back and forth across the world gets to your home. But wouldn't it be annoying if there were toll roads across town, and you'd need to pay a toll to get the internet to your house? If in order to get access to certain websites, you'd need to pay an additional toll?

Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1406

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet says never to drink the tap water on an airplane. 1/3 often fail the standards for water safety. Always choose unopened bottles of water. Flight attendants don't drink the water, and neither should you. Carry an empty bottle of water and fill it up from the water fountain. Or freeze a bottle of water and bring it. TSA will let you bring it along.

Travel site of the week - It's a bus you can sleep on while traveling between San Francisco and New York. It's the first moving hotel. $115 one way.

How can I improve the WiFi in my house?

Episode 1406

Jose from Burbank, CA
TPLink AC1750 Wi-Fi Range Extender, AV1200 Powerline Edition

Jose has issues with WiFi reaching to the back bedroom in the house. He gets practically no signal at all on his phone back there either. He's told it would be a major issue to move his base station to make it better. What should he do? Leo says that it's a common problem that is largely due to congestion from everyone in the neighborhood. The key is to get an extender. He'll want one that's from the same company. It will cut his bandwidth in half, however, so that's not an ideal solution.

Why and I getting a DNS Server error?

Episode 1405

Tom from North Carolina

Tom is having issues with Google's DNS server not responding. DNS is the phone book for the internet. It takes the URL and converts it to the unique IP address for that website. It will look in local memory first, then the router, and then the Internet Service Provider for the address. It can even go beyond that to the master servers that house all domain names and DNS lookups. If it can't find it, you get an error message that there's a kink in the chain. That could mean there's something broken on your PC, or even your ISP's servers.

How can I stop getting malware?

Steven from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1404

Steven got a virus on his computer and it keeps coming back. The tech says they are getting into his computer through his IP address. Leo says that they don't know what they're talking about. He can't get it that way and if they're trying to sell him software to fix it, then he needs to find a new technician to repair his computer.

Leo suggests trying Geek Squad at Best Buy. They're a good place to start. At least it's a technician that's local, that he can visit. But at the end of the day though, his best defense is his online behavior.