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What's a good webmail alternative to Yahoo?

Tom from California

Episode 1391

Tom hears that Yahoo mail is getting shut down and he's worried because he has over ten years of emails he could lose. What should he do? Leo suggests getting a Gmail account and then going into the settings and enable the mail forwarding option which will grab all the yahoo mail and save it to your new Gmail account. That way you can transfer all the mail and start using Gmail. Leo uses it every day. Tom should also register a domain name for himself and use it with Gmail and it will forward all the mail and he can change it whenever he wants.

How can I find out how good my wifi is in my house?

Joslyn from Elizabeth, NJ

Episode 1391

Joslyn is getting ready to move and she wants to know how she can determine how strong a wifi signal is where she may live. Leo says DSL Reports will give you reviews on how good your internet is in any given area. But that won't tell you how good it is inside where you're going to live. If the building was built with a lot of metal, well, you'll have a hard time. You can always bring your WiFi access point (router) and plug it in. Then use the WiFi analyzer program for your device and walk around and see how good the signal is. A mesh router will fix this.

Should I use a VPN while on a cruise?

Charles from Sugarland, TX

Episode 1391

Charles and his family are going on a cruise and want to know if his devices need to run through a VPN. Leo says there are some risks, but not as much on an iPad. Google has been pushing for https everywhere, meaning that your search activity is encrypted. But that's not stopping someone from using a wifi sniffer called a Pineapple or Wireshark to figure out what your access point name is. From that, he can spoof it. A wise thing to do would be to forget your home network before you go. Another option is the Tiny Hardware Firewall.

What's the best router for a large lot?

Don from San Clemente, CA

Episode 1391

Don's has a large 1000 square foot lot and he installed Google's On Hub WiFi MESH router. Leo says that Google's On Hub isn't his favorite at all. He prefers the NetGear Orbi because it's the most powerful. It comes with a base unit and a satellite unit and you'll easily cover a few hundred feet. How can I determine his buffer bloat in his router? Leo says that Netalyzer is what you want, or run the speed test at But Leo says it's really an overblown thing that you don't need to worry about.

How safe is my internet of things network with a mesh router?

Paul from Louisville, KY

Episode 1390

Paul is wondering if the Eero router would give him greater security with his network based security cameras? Leo says that one of the most vulnerable items are those that are part of the so-called "internet of things" concept because they are rarely updated for security. So if they should be hacked, not only will you have access to the cameras, but also your entire network. The Eero router has far greater security, because it's designed with internet of things devices in mind. But Leo says that we can also help by not buying devices that aren't updatable. What about the Arlo?

How can I access my email anywhere?

Steve from Mission Viejo, CA

Episode 1390

Steve would like to have access to his email from another device. Leo says you want to make sure your email client is set to IMAP, if your provider supports it. Then you can leave the email on the server when you read it from your device. Also make sure your port settings are properly configured. Leo also recommends setting up your own Gmail account and then have it go get your email from Cox. Then you can have it on the gmail server and that's accessible everywhere. It's also better for spam.

How do I use 2 factor authentication on iCloud?

Todd from New Jersey

Episode 1390

Todd has heard that iCloud is going to require two factor authentication for third party apps. Is that true? Leo says yes, and it's a good idea. But the problem is that not all apps have a 2 factor authentication scheme, so Apple has a work around by requiring an app specific password as well. And starting June 15th, if you don't have 2 Factor then you'll be forced to. And from there, you'll have to relog in with a second unique one time password.