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What's the fastest Wi-Fi Router?

Episode 1515

John from Montgomery, AL
NetGear Orbi Pro Mesh Router

John is a fire fighter and they share the cost of Wi-Fi with multiple access points. But when they increased his data plan to 300 Mbps, the most his router will get is 80. Leo says that typically, Wi-Fi is 60% of what they say. So he should be safely expecting 180 Mbps. But at 2.4Ghz, he's only going to get 80. He's going to need a TriBand router. For pure speed, Leo recommends the NetGear Orbi Pro Mesh router. He can get one extra unit for every 1500 sq ft coverage.

Johnny Jet on Travel Tech

Episode 1515

Johnny Jet

Travel Tip of the Week - Wear your backpack in the front of you when you're walking around. There are a lot of pickpockets who can get into your backpack without you knowing it, but if you wear the pack in the front, they can't get to it.

Website of the Week - US State Department Travel Advisories: Information for the country your visiting. It'll include scams, problem places, and other travel advisories. And also read Canada's, Great Britain's, and even Australia's.

What is the fastest router?

Episode 1514

Carl from Savannah, GA
Netgear Orbi

Kyle wants to know what router is the fastest for the money. Leo says that Netgear Orbi is an excellent mesh system for someone looking for maximum speed. It has a 4GB ethernet as well. And for under 2000 feet, one is enough. Asus also has a good router for the hardcore hobbyist. Leo says what he really will want is an intelligent routing system, so it will delegate speed to the things he needs the most at that time.

Why is satellite access on cruise ships so slow?

Episode 1514

Don from San Pedro, CA
Cruise Ship

Ron is going on a cruise soon and he wants to know if the Wi-Fi on the ship will be usable. Leo says it's always slow because satellite connections are slow, with a lot of latency, and on top of that, he'll be sharing bandwidth with 4,000 people. The best he can do is get up in the middle of the night and use it. The worst part is, it's also very expensive. But when he's in port, he'll have access to mobile data.

How can I send faxes wirelessly?

Episode 1513

Peter from San Diego, CA
phone cord

Peter needs to send faxes but his phone connection is too far away to use his office jet. Leo says that most printers are wireless. So he could connect it to his phone line and have access to the printer through his laptop. Leo says just to get a really long phone line and plug it in when he needs it. When he doesn't need it, he can just wrap it up and put it away. That'll be easier for Peter.

How can I watch YouTube on my TV?

Episode 1513

Fiona from Agoura, CA

Fiona bought a computer and wants to watch Youtube on her TV. Can she connect it? Leo says the first thing she'll need is internet. Fiona has tried to get internet but she's on a limited budget and AT&T doesn't want to give her the senior rate. Leo says that chances are, the rate for seniors won't really give her enough bandwidth to stream HD video. DSLExtreme would be a good option. Leo says that the problem is with AT&T.