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How can I sync my contacts to the Cloud properly?

Diana from Laguna Beach, CA

Episode 1190

Diana bought a new Apple iPhone 5 and they merged her contacts, but every contact in her phone was from iCloud and not her personal contacts. Leo says that's probably true. But he did you a favor by doing that because what he assumed was that her phone was backed up. It wasn't. And that's a cautionary tale. Going forward, continue to backup to iCloud so if you lose your phone, you'll have your contacts. Just clean it up first. Then back up your contacts to the Cloud and leave it to do so regularly. You can log into and see and modify your contacts from there.

How can I create an e-commerce site?

Derek from Charlotte, NC

Episode 1190

Derek wants to create a website for his business and engage into e-commerce. Leo says that's a smart idea. Every business should have a website. It's your digital brochure. Having an e-commerce site is huge because it gives you customers all over the world. And there's a variety of options including Shopify or BigCommerce. They are experts in building online stores. And they can help you with marketing. It's the easiest, but they do charge you a fee for it. Yahoo Commerce also does it.

How can I use my own router with FIOS?

Steve from Hermosa Beach, CA

Episode 1190

Steve has FIOS and the WiFi seems to be slow. How can he speed it up? He'd like to bypass the Verizon router and use his own. Leo says that you have to use the Verizon device to connect to FIOS, but you can disable the router part and use your own router to be sure. You need to connect them via Ethernet to make it work. The router is also built into the modem and using network addressing. Put the router part in "bridge mode" to just hand it off to your router. Check out this FAQ on how to do it -

Why doesn't my VPN work?

Joe from Zipolite, Mexico

Episode 1189

Joe was installing a VPN on a new Asus laptop and it worked just fine using Tunnel Bear. Leo says that Tunnel Bear is awesome. Then he moved to an open source VPN and he can't get it to work. Leo says this is why using a service is beneficial. You can have support when things go wrong. The other problem may be that Joe still has Tunnel Bear on his computer. So there's probably a conflict. And you also need to connect to an open source server. You can't just drop the client software and use their service.

Why am I having issues playing back video files?

Dave from San Diego, CA

Episode 1189

Dave has some hi def videos and they aren't playing right. They're dropping frames and are jumpy. Leo says that HiDef video can be a bandwidth hog and on an old computer, it can be struggling to keep up. It could also be an issue with the codec or that it was encoded at way too high a bit rate. But the files are probably OK. You may want to re-encode them. Handbrake will help you with that.

How can I access all my data from multiple devices?

Marian from Santa Ana, CA

Episode 1189

Marian needs to connect five wireless devices to the same storage. Leo says that the easiest would be to buy storage in the cloud. iCloud would be the best option for Marian's apple needs and you can direct data to be automatically backed up to iCloud and you can then access all of it from any of her devices. Videos is going to be a challenge. But for images, Apple's new Photos app does it all automatically once you turn on iCloud drive. It'll also put size appropriate versions for your device automatically. And that will save you space.

What's a good home security camera?

Jorge from California

Episode 1189

Jorge wants to know what's a good security camera for the home. Leo says they used to use DropCam and they have a great service where the video is uploaded to the internet and you can go back into time. And it's in HD quality. The downside is that it eats up your bandwidth. But it's very good. What about Swann? It's sold at Costco. Leo says they've been around for awhile and it's nice because it's a kit with everything you need. But you need to know what the requirements are and how they connect to the Internet.

Johnny Jet

Episode 1189

Johnny Jet

This week's app is Luxe. It's like your own personal valet when you're trying to park. So if you can't find a good parking spot, you send a notification on LUXE and they'll send you a valet. $5 an hour or $15 max for the day. Leo says that's insane! They'll also take your car and have it washed. Only in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago right now. Coming to Boston and Seattle. It's like Uber for parking.

How can I stream a local baseball game over mobile phones?

Charlie from Winton, MA

Episode 1189

Charlie goes to local baseball games and they stream the announcing of the game over the internet. He'd like to be able to beam it via bluetooth for people to listen to it on their smartphones. But Leo says that you can't really do that because of it's limited range. It's only 30 feet. You could set up a small, micro power radio station. Or you can just stream it and people can listen to the stream on their smartphones. But Bluetooth is just too limited in range. And even if the range wasn't an issue, a transmitter can only handle so many pairings. It's not designed from one to many.