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Why is my email getting larger?

Bryan from Santa Ana, CA

Episode 1291

Bryan is having an issue where his email zooms in at 300%. Leo says that many email now use HTML code and it sounds like there's some lousy code in there that's telling Bryan's browser to zoom it in. Bryan says that he can look in his browser and it opens fine. Just in his email client. Hmmmm. You can press F3 in chrome and it will allow you to look in the code to verify if the HTML code is wonky. And it's probably at the end since it loads fine at first.

Why doesn't OpenDNS work for me?

Pedro from Bronx, NY

Episode 1291

Pedro created an account at OpenDNS but it isn't working for him. Leo says that the key to OpenDNS is that it protect your kid with a custom "phone book" that has a list of approved domain names in it. OpenDNS can then filter out the undesired addresses that you don't want. If you put in the router server settings of OpenDNS properly, it'll filter correctly. But if your kids have figured out how to change the settings in the computer, it can override that, unless you've made the settings in the router itself. So check your router settings again and lock them down.

Is Libre Office as good as Microsoft Office?

Paul from La Jolla, CA

Episode 1290

Paul wants to know about Libre Office. Leo says that Libre is open source software and it's free. It has many of the same features as Microsoft Office. It's just as good, but is not as polished as Microsoft. Leo's a fan of it.

If Paul would rather have Microsoft Office, he should check out Microsoft Office Web. It's a stripped down version of Office that he can use online and it's free.

How can I teach kids online?

Ken from Rochester, NY

Episode 1290

Ken is a teacher who uses Camtasia Studio to record all his class lessons online for his students. He's tried Blab.IM and YouTube Live. Leo says that Google Hangouts is also good. They use something called WebRT which allows him to share a link for a larger number of people to watch, while having up to 10 people participating. He can also have a chatroom. Afterwards, it gets saved automatically to YouTube. It can also be watched on mobile. Hangouts is the best way to go here.

Why is fiber optic DSL the same speed as before?

Steve from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1290

Steve isn't seeing much of an improvement after being upgraded to fiber optic DSL because he still has copper lines coming into his house. Leo says that Steve should ask for fiber optic directly to the house. Otherwise, it's essentially little difference. Could he upgrade it himself? That's a good question. But buying his own fiber optic switch isn't cheap.

What's a secure alternative to Yahoo Mail?

Maggie from Tuscon, AZ

Episode 1289

Maggie is on Yahoo and she's thinking of moving her email account since they're going to be sold. Leo says that Gmail is a great option. It's what he uses. If she wants to pay and avoid ads and prevent a service from scanning her email for ad keywords, then FastMail is a great option. She can also set up her Yahoo mail to forward to her FastMail account, so she doesn't have to cancel it.

How secure is a VPN?

David from Palm Beach, FL

Episode 1289

David wants to know about Tunnel Bear. Leo says that Tunnel Bear is a virtual private network or VPN, which essentially burrows a digital secure tunnel in the internet. Is it secure enough to bank with or should he just trust "https"? Leo says both are very similar. The difference is that https activity cannot be seen by anyone, but they can see that he's been online. It can also be probed, whereas VPNs are tunnels that encrypt all of the traffic. no one could see anything. It's more security, but similar security. It's up to David.

How can I listen to Apple Music offline?

Episode 1289

Preston from Indianapolis, IN
Apple Music

Preston's music is in the cloud now, but he wants to know how he can listen to that when he's not on the internet. He's using Apple Music. Leo says there's a button in Apple Music for downloading music, and as long as he's a subscriber to Apple Music, he can download and play the music even when he's offline. He just needs to find a playlist or album he likes, and look for the download button. Sometimes music services will phrase it a little different, and say "Cache" or "Pin" instead of "Download."