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Why can't I access my email?

Buzz from Huntington Beach, CA

Episode 1399

Buzz is having a problem with 2 factor authentication with Apple's MacMail. He is able to input his password, but it still won't take it. Leo says that Apple should create an authenticator program that can be used to verify user identity that can then be texted to you. That way, you're protected. So if you're having trouble with it, Apple is really the only one that can solve the issue. It may be your password has been changed and you forgot.

Why is my browser typing strange text?

Jeff from Apple Valley, CA

Episode 1398

Jeff is getting strange random key strokes appearing in his browser bar. Leo says to try a different browser. Windows also comes with EDGE and Internet Explorer. Does it happen there? It could be a failing keyboard. Unplug your keyboard and try a new one. If it does, then, If so, then it's a windows issue and it could be malware or a browser hijack. You could try resetting your browser first. If that solves the problem you're fine. If not, then it may be that you'll need to reinstall Windows from a known good source. So backup your data, format your hard drive, and then reinstall.

Google Home or Amazon Echo?

Sara from Long Beach, CA

Episode 1398

Should Sara get the Google Home or keep her Amazon Echo? Leo says that while Google Assistant works great and that makes Home an advantage, the Amazon Echo has a very mature ecosystem with thousands of "skills" that enable it to do a ton of stuff. But Google Home will give you free phone calling anywhere in the US soon, and that could make it an even better option if you want a home phone. Leo has both. They're very similar and do similar things. The Google Home is a tad smarter, but the Echo is better at home automation. So it really comes down to what you want to do with it.

How can I sync my Windows Calendar with my iPad?

Art from Yucca Valley, CA

Episode 1398

Art can't get his Google calendar and contacts to sync from his Windows 7 machine to his iPad. Leo says that Microsoft wants you to use your Microsoft account and link it to all your other accounts. But it's not automatic, and so you have to manually do it. Leo says that the easiest way is to sync your address and calendar with Google, and then add the account into your iPad afterwards. That way it's all synced in the cloud and you can access it anywhere.

Are Java updates safe?

George from California

Episode 1397

George wants to know if he should update his Java? Is it OK to update? Jason says that it's often OK to ignore them, but if it's an important security update, or if it's required for him to use a website, then it's a good idea to stay updated. It's definitely safer security wise to do so. But Jason also recommends getting rid of Java altogether. When in doubt, though, always go directly to Oracle to get updates. That way he'll know it's always official.

How can I make a video picture frame?

Episode 1396

Dean from Tehachapi, CA

Dean would like to have a TV on his wall that he can use as a kind of motion video frame. Scott says any TV will do, and he can just connect it to a Blu-ray player and then have it set to play on a loop. The chatroom says that there's waving American flags on YouTube lasting up to 10 hours that he could play as well. With a Smart TV, he can navigate to YouTube with his TV's browser and play it. Scott says it will pump light into the room, though, and so when watching a movie, he should turn it off.