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How can I clear out space in my Google Drive?

Matt from Irvine, CA

Episode 1307

Matt wants to know how to get rid of his photos on Google drive. He uses Google Photos, but there are photos on his Google drive that's causing his GDrive go up against his limit. And he doesn't know how to find them and delete them. Leo says that ScooterX in the chatroom says that using will give you a list of what each item in your google drive is counting against your quota. You can also click in the settings and it will allow you to compress your data and recover some storage space.

Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1307

Johnny and his wife are in Minnesota for a "destination baby shower" at the Mall of America. With over 500 shops and two hotels, it's a huge place to go shopping. Can a home insurance company offer travel insurance? Johnny isn't sure, but your credit card may offer travel insurance as a proof of membership. Another good insurance option is "cancel anytime insurance." This will give you the option of having to cancel your trip and get reimbursed.

How can I make a low energy streaming network with Raspberry Pi?

Bob from San Jose, CA

Episode 1307

Bob has been ripping DVDs for his personal use and putting them on a PLEX server so he can stream them from his network. But since his network uses older PCs, it's taking up a lot of energy. Can he use a raspberry pi to use less energy? Leo says you can, and you can even use a NUC server. PLEX has a raspberry pi plugin, though, called RasPlex, and that's where Bob can go. There's also one for XBMC as well. The RPi 3 is very fast, powerful, but also low powered.

Yahoo May Have a Buyer

Episode 1307

There may be a buyer for yahoo, one of the oldest websites online, and if it goes through, it could be the end of the line for the troubled search engine company. The prospective buyer ... is Verizon, which is looking to buy the company for $5 billion, which is a far cry from the $45 billion that Microsoft bid for it a few years ago. Verizon is not going to get the most valuable portion of the company, its search engine since they have been using BING for a few years now, but it will get the content channels that create ad revenue like tumblr, Yahoo mail, Flickr, and other services.

How can I get control of my Facebook page?

Matthew from Menaffee, CA

Episode 1307

Matthew has a Facebook page for his business and he complains that negative reports wreak havoc on their page and he can't get access to moderate his own page. Leo says that Facebook is ultimately the moderator, but at a billion and a half users, it can be problematic to get Facebook to do things. Most of it is now automated. There are better places like Google Groups, Google Plus, and even create your own forum software that gives you more control.

Microsoft to Redesign Skype

Episode 1307

Microsoft has announced that they will be replacing the peer to peer voiceover IP scheme in Skype with a native server that will route the traffic in a more traditional way. And in doing so, they promise a “lighter, faster and more responsive UWP app for Windows 10, Skype for iPhone, iPad and Android." But it'll be a bumpy ride for Mac and Linux users, and even Windows phone users, until they do. Leo says that Skype has been improving in it's quality of late and it could be that Microsoft's tweaking of the code is a good thing.

Is GoFundMe good for raising money?

Kevin from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1306

Kevin is going to be studying film abroad for his senior year in college. He needs to raise funds to travel to Great Britain for school. He's thinking of starting a GoFundMe campaign and using crowdfunding to do it. Leo says why not? Surely there are people who would chip in to get Kevin there. He shouldn't expect strangers to chip in, but friends and family, and maybe friends of friends would do it. GoFundMe will take a piece of the pie though, so he should factor that in on his goal.

What's the best device for streaming to my TV?

Episode 1306

Stana from Green Bay, WI
Roku 4

Stana cut the cord and is going to watch TV by streaming online from now on. There's a few cable channels she wants, though. What's her best option? Leo says she could get some channels over the air by putting up an antenna if she's in the right location. Some channels offer services through stand alone apps, but she'll have to pay for them. HBO, for instance, has HBO Now, which she can subscribe to on the Apple TV and Roku. If she's already a cable subscriber, then she can use HBO Go, which enables her to watch it on cable and online. It's a bit confusing.