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Why can't I post a news article on Facebook?

Caller from California

Episode 1491

Caller was trying to post an article on Facebook and got a message that it was blocked according to the EU GDPR regulations. Leo says that Facebook may have thought she was in the EU and would fall under those rules. So Facebook blocked the article. But it may be that Facebook is blocking articles related from European sources. Some news agencies may be blocking EU IP addresses in order to skirt GDPR regulations.

How can I stream Disney music?

Kira from Wrightwood, CA

Episode 1491

Kira's twin daughters who love to listen to Disney music, but doesn't want to buy it all because it's so expensive. What streaming options does she have? Leo says that Spotify is probably the best one. You can even tie your spotify account to your Echo. They have a broad range of Disney music channels. Amazon Music Unlimited is another option. Apple Music.

Europe's New Data Privacy Law has Teeth

Episode 1490

Data Privacy

Europe's new General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR has gone in effect, and it has some teeth as companies who fail to comply will face a fine of 4% of their annual income. Leo says that larger companies could face fines in the millions. Leo also says that companies have 72 hours to report all data breaches and give customers the right to have their data deleted upon request.


Why did my website stop working?

Episode 1488

Laurie from Palm Springs, CA

Laurie has a business with a website on Google, and now her website is offline after making a few changes to it. Leo says that it's very easy to make a coding mistake and take a site offline. It's possible that her GoDaddy DNS record has been modified and it no longer resolves to the right web host. So giving GoDaddy a call and having them fix the lookup to reflect the proper DNS address may help solve the problem.