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Why can't I connect to the internet?

Episode 1533

Shelley from Palmdale, CA

Shelly has Windows 10 and Microsoft EDGE, but she's having issues with her internet access. The website pages keep timing out. Leo says that antivirus software like Trend Micro may be working too zealously to protect you. Leo recommends only using Microsoft Defender on Windows 10. So try disabling Trend Micro or removing it and see if that helps. Check to see if other devices can get online, like your mobile phone. If you can, then it's a Windows issue. If not, then you're not connected at all. Are you sure you have connected your computer to your modem?

Is FakeSpot a good plugin for my browser?

Episode 1533

Alexander from Los Angeles, CA

Alex has a browser plugin called FakeSpot, which checks the reviews on Amazon to determine if they are legit or not. It promises to weed out the bogus ones. Leo says that's an interesting concept, but he has concerns that the plugin is selling your search data. So you'll want to read the privacy policy and see if they are in compliance with the EU GDPR regulations. It will also send you targeted ads. Not really a big deal, but at least you can opt-out. Course you could just go to and check the reviews there without installing anything.

How can I prevent my router from dropping my internet connection?

DNS Benchmark

Episode 1533

Brian from Mission Viejo, CA

Brian has an Apple Airport and every time he gets on the network with his phone, the internet drops out. Leo says to check his DNS to see if it's properly configured. That can be found in network settings. He should also try rebooting his router. Steve Gibson has a tool called DNS Benchmark at which can tell him how well his DNS settings are responding.

What's better internet access, wifi or wired?

Episode 1532

Dee Dee from Pasadena,CA

DeeDee is a little confused. She's moving into an office and they are promising free wifi, but also hard wired internet. Does she need both? Leo says that you're probably getting local service and you can connect either way. Hard wire connections will be faster and won't have to deal with congestion. But it also mean they are providing the wired network, but you still have to buy your own internet to use with it. Or, they may be offering a free public wifi. What Leo recommends is checking. Do a speed test. Ask if they have bandwidth caps.

Should I buy a mesh router?

Episode 1532

Dave from New York

Dave wants to replace his Airport Extreme and wants to go with a mesh router. Leo says that's a good idea since Apple has stopped making routers. Mesh routers are good because they are always updated and they provide great coverage around a large house. The downside, is that to get additional features and updates, you have to pay around $100 a year if you want that support. Leo recommends Eero and Plume, and the Netgear Orbi. But even the stand alone routers from Asus, Linksys and NetGear have mesh features. The NetGear Nighthawk is a good one that's recommended by The Wire Cutter.

Why won't Yahoo mail take my password?

Episode 1531

Mike from Santa Monica, CA

Mike is having issues logging into Yahoo at home. It says he's using the wrong password at home, but it takes it at work. Leo says one way to test it is to type out the password in notepad and then copy and paste it in. See if that works. If it does, then you know it's not a problem on your end. It could also be a corrupted cookie in your browser. So try to use another browser, or clear the cookies in your browser and then try again.

How can I extend my Wi-Fi?

Netgear Orbi

Episode 1530

Greg from Homosassa, FL

Greg has to extend his Wi-Fi in order to stream to the TVs around the house. What kind of extender should he get? Leo says the farther he is away, the less signal and speed he'll get. So he'll need to boost the signal. If he's using a modern Wi-Fi router that uses 802.11AC, then it'll be easier. But if he has to use a router provided by the cable company, he should try and see if he can put the router/modem in bridge mode and use his own router. Then he should turn off the modem's Wi-Fi radio as well.

How can I download all my email to search it?


Episode 1530

Mark from Santa Ana, CA

Mark has a Samsung Galaxy S8 and he wants to know how he can download all his email at once. Leo says that the ISP that hosts his mail throttles downloading of email, so he can only download a portion of the email at one time. It's designed to cache email, not download it. If his mail server supports POP3, however, that means it is designed to download the mail. That's really how he'll want to do it. But even then, he probably won't be able to download it all at once.