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Is the Channel Master a good DVR for over the air broadcasts?

Tim from Denver, CO

Episode 1318

Tim wants to know Leo's thoughts on Channel Master. Leo says it's a DVR for over the air antenna broadcasts. Leo doesn't get OTA because of where he lives, but he hears good things. And now he learns that Channel Master will also stream video ala Roku. That's pretty cool. If you're in the city and can get a good over the air signal, you will get the best broadcasts because they're uncompressed. But the key is to be close and within line of site of the main channels.

Why can't I open a link in Internet Explorer?

Jake from Washington

Episode 1318

Jake says every time he clicks on a link, it opens to the Windows Desktop, not to his browser. It's likely that Internet Explorer is messed up and it could just be corrupted. you could try resetting it. Uninstalling it and reinstalling it is complicated. But Windows 8.1 fixes a lot of problems, so Leo says to run Windows update to vs. 8.1. Or even better, Windows 10. That should fix it. Also update Internet Explorer the modern version from the app store.

How can I update my blog offline?

Susan from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1317

Susan does a wordpress blog and loves cruising. But the internet connection isn't all that great on the ships and wants an off line blogger software to create blogs that she can update. Leo says if you look in your wordpress settings, you'll see that you have a wordpress email address. You can actually post your blog via emails. With practice, it will look just like the post. If you can find it, Windows Live Writer is a good option, but Microsoft kinda killed it. BlogJect. BlogDesk. RocketPost. On the Mac - MarsEdit.

Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1317

Little Jet is just a month away and Johnny and Natalie are busy with parental workshops. So things are getting very exciting.

This weeks' website - PetChatz. It's essentially Ring Central or Skype for Pets, where you can talk to your pet. You can even train them to use it to call you, and it will release a treat as a reward. $379. Leo says he used to have one, but returned it because his dog ignored it.

Can crowdfunding help a band?

Ryan from Canada

Episode 1316

Ryan plays in an indy music band and they've been doing really well with crowdfunding for their projects. They've since made the fans their record label and they're even more successful, even though they aren't making as much money. They get more money from every sale. Leo says that when record companies rob artists by taking the lion's share of the profits, what do they expect but their talent going with a more independent business model that benefits them in the longer run? They have greater fan engagement. They also get more out of merchandising.

Why doesn't my old laptop connect to the internet?

Sue from Redondo Beach, CA

Episode 1316

Sue bought a new router/modem and her laptop won't connect wirelessly anymore. She's been told that her network card is bad. Leo recommends taking the laptop to a coffee shop to see if it connects via Wi-Fi. If it does, then it's just a configuration issue. Since the laptop is Windows Vista, she wants to just get a new computer. Leo says that's a much better option since Windows 10 is far better than Vista.