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What's the best mesh router?

Episode 1506

Paul from Louisville, KY
Plume Wi-Fi

Paul is concerned about internet of things and security. He wants to know if Plume would be a good, secure mesh router that can protect his network from the outside hacking his IoT. Leo says that Plume requires a yearly subscription to keep it up to date. Leo says it's somewhat justified because it can keep his network more secure. He's paying for security on his network, but his IoT devices may not be getting updated, so they're not secure. And his internet is only as secure as his weakest device.

How much data do I really use?

Episode 1506

Ed from Clairemont, OK

Ed can't figure out why he's being notified that he's using 150GB of data every month. He doesn't stream or download things. Leo says it's very easy to burn through 150GB a month. Windows updates are in the GBs now. He can go into his network and internet settings of his computer and see how much data he's using on each computer. His router may be able to tell him as well. He can navigate to his router's address in a browser window and it can tell him. If it doesn't, he can get a new router that can.

Does my Mac have ransomware?

Episode 1505

Justin from San Diego, CA
MacBook Pro

Justin's mother-in-law has a MacBook Pro that has ransomware on it. She just gets a blue screen. Leo says that Macs don't get blue screens, they kernel panic. It's likely an exploit in Javascript that is locking up her cursor to make her think the computer is frozen. She can press ALT + TAB to get out of the browser and she'll probably be fine. Then, she should turn off Javascript. Leo says it will not happen after that.

Johnny Jet on Travel Tech

Episode 1505

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet is in Kuai Hawaii and he has a fun tip. If you fly around the Islands on Hawaiian Airlines, you can ask to play the ukulele. Every plane has one. Makes a great photo.

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How can I remove my footprint online?

Episode 1504

Rose from Torrance, CA
Typing on laptop keyboard

Rose is concerned that anyone can find out anything about her online. Leo says that public records have been put online and there's really nothing she can do about it. In Europe, she would have a legal right to be forgotten online, and Google would have to remove her from any mention of a digital record. But not in the US. Leo says it's impossible to do it anyway. One option, though, is Reputation Defender, which will bury any negative results with a lot of more recent information. It's not cheap, though.