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What happened to my email?

Episode 1526

Linda from Colorado

Linda thinks her email accounts on Google and Yahoo have been hacked. She tried to log in, and it says "account no longer exists." What can she do? Rich says you may nor may not have luck recovering it because Google has billions of accounts, and there's no deal tech support. But here's a good place to start to recover your account -

Johnny Jet, puddle jumper

Episode 1526

Travel Tip of the month - don't buy your Thanksgiving travel tickets too early. According to HipMonk, October 1st is the best day to buy your tickets to travel for the holidays. Get flight alerts from, and And you won't get the best fares on the Wednesday before or the Sunday after. You can save up to 50% by going a day earlier either way. Leave Tuesday before and Friday After. Also consider the hidden city trick.

Why are my draft emails disappearing?

Episode 1525

Alise from Los Osos, CA

Alise uses Apple mail with her Gmail account and whenever she saves a draft email, it disappears. Rich thinks the culprit may be a corruption in the Apple mail program itself. He recommends looking in Gmail in your browser to verify is the draft emails are still there. They probably are. Then, reset or rebuild your Apple Mail. You may need to delete your email account from the app and then add it again.

Why is my email going into my friend's spam filter?


Episode 1524

Richard from Los Angeles, CA

Richard has been having problems emailing a friend because his emails go into her spam folder. Rich says that she may have accidentally marked one of his emails as spam by mistake and Yahoo is now looking at all of his emaiil as spam. He should go into her spam folder and click on the message to report as "not spam". She can also mark his email as a safe sender, and create a filter that will reroute the email back into her inbox.

Why is my internet so slow?

Netgear R7000P

Episode 1524

Adrian from Loredo, TX

Adrian is living in a rural area having an issue with slow internet service. He got a new router, but the problem still persists. Rich says this could be because of living in a rural area. He should try and bypass the router and do a speed test. If it works better, then it points to the router as the issue. But Rich doesn't think it's the router, since Adrian bought a new one. Rich thinks there may be an issue between the modem and the router. He should do a factory reset on the modem (better yet, ask his ISP for a new one).

Is Verizon 5G Home Internet a big deal?

Cell tower

Episode 1523

Greg from Chino, CA

Greg wants to know if 5G Home Internet is a game changer. Rich says that Verizon is testing 5G Home Internet in five cities around the country. 300/1000 down for $50. Sounds good, but that's ideal bandwidth. Is it a game changer? Well, only if it's available where you live. And 5G requires a lot more antennas, every few hundred feet. So it'll be awhile before it's widespread and Rich doesn't see it happening any time soon. If it's available, sign up.