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Where is my email?

Episode 1547

Kathy from Maryland

Kathy is blind and Comcast changed their email settings. She had a friend come over and reconfigure it for her, but there's still errors happening. Leo says that Comcast isn't really supporting Pop3 access anymore. They allow it, but they prefer you use IMAP as your settings. So if your friend set it for Pop, have him come back over and change it to IMAP. One way to check is to use your browser. You can also verify if your email is there. If it is, then you know it's IMAP. If they aren't, it's POP.

Why is Amazon so big in the Cloud, aren't they just a retailer?

Episode 1547

Caller from California

Caller went to the recent ReInvent convention for Amazon services and he learned a lot about the power of data in the cloud. Leo says that Amazon is the clear leader in cloud based web services, trouncing Google and Microsoft. And the irony is, it was largely an afterthought to their retail business. Leo now thinks that Amazon's goal is to get a fraction of every financial transaction on the planet. Even a penny would amount to trillions of dollars.

Why can't I use Java in my browser?


Episode 1543

Doug from Beaumont, CA

Doug likes to visit the Aviation Weather Service online, but he's been having trouble with it lately. Leo says that's because it uses Java and the Java browser plugin has probably been disabled. Doug should go into his browser settings and be sure it's installed, updated, and enabled. But it's getting harder to use Java in the browser. If he has Firefox version 52 or higher, or Chrome 42 or higher, or even Safari, the plugin would have been disabled for security reasons. So his only choice may be to use Internet Explorer for that site. He'll have to turn on scripting for Java apps.