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Why are people buying 4K TVs if there's not much content available for it?

Episode 1328

Alan from Laguna Nigel, CA
Vizio P-Series Ultra HD TV

Alan's wondering why people are buying 4K TVs when there isn't a lot of content available in 4K yet. Scott says it's because manufacturers are all making 4K TVs, and aren't even really making 1080p TVs anymore. While he's right about there not being a lot of native 4K content yet, it is growing and there is some. When you don't have 4K content, the TV will upscale it, and then the question becomes what TV has the best upscalers. So when reading reviews, look for how the reviewers evaluate the upscalers.

How can I hear my old albums with age related hearing loss?

Episode 1327

Archie from Hawthorne, CA
Vinyl LP

Archie is getting older and having trouble with his hearing, but he loves to listen to old 78 records. He doesn't like listening with headphones because he can hear too many of the clicks and pops. CDs are too clean. Archie could use an equalizer to boost certain frequency ranges so he can hear them better. There may not be that much of a benefit if he's lost a lot of his hearing, though. There are hearing aids that are designed for that and they are programmable, but they aren't cheap.

How much upscaling does a 4K TV do to a DVD?

Episode 1328

Glen from Louisiana

Glen wants to know how much resolution a DVD really has compared to a Blu-ray. Scott says DVDs are standard definition which is 720x480. Blu-ray can be 1920x1080 and above. How will it upscale? Scott says the newer his tv, the more it will upscale. If he buys a 4K TV, it will be about 10 times the resolution. The more upscaling it does, the more problems can happen. Scott says he may consider streaming from PBS. It may be in HD, rather than SD.

Should I upgrade my TV for the XBox One S?

Episode 1328

James from Redlands, CA
Xbox One S

James has an older 1080p HDTV and wonders if he should upgrade it if he buys the XBox One S. Scott says not really. If his TV is 1080p at 120 hz, that's a nice TV. Scott believes that the XBox One S just upscales to 4K, and doesn't show native 4K. It can play true 4K Blu-ray, though. So it depends on how badly he wants to watch 4K. If he does, then he should upgrade it all. If not, then there's no point.

How can I fix the subtle pattern I'm seeing on white backgrounds on my TV?

Episode 1328

Lori from Napa Valley, CA
Vizio TV

Lori has a budget Vizio TV and she sees a subtle diagonal pattern when there's a bright background. It's distracting. Scott says to go into the menu and look under 16:9 to see if overscanning is enabled. Overscanning can cause scaling and artifacting, too. Scott doesn't see any way to turn that off, so she may want to contact Vizio about it.

Is it important to have a new TV professionally calibrated?

Episode 1328

Michael from Encinitas, CA
Disney WOW Disc

Michael is looking at a Vizio M-Series TV, but doesn't know if it's the 2016 model. Scott says it is. Is calibration important? It can be. The more you spend on a TV, the more important calibration is, and the less of a financial hit it is. For the Vizio M series, which is under $2,000, Scott says it's not worth spending another $300 to $500 for a professional calibration. Michael can get 80% of the way there himself by buying a $30 disc from Amazon. The one Scott recommends is the Disney World of Wonder disc.