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Should I repair my 4K TV?

Sony XBR 930D 4K TV

Episode 1527

Murray from New Jersey

Murray has a Sony XBR 930D 4K TV, and it has horizontal lines across the bottom of the screen. Then it looks like it has a double image after awhile. Leo says it sounds like a hardware failure. Scott says that it sounds like LCDs are stuck open, or that the edge backlighting on the 930 are running a muck. Bottom line, it's broken. He may be able to have it repaired under warranty since it's under 2 years old. But if not, it'll likely cost more to fix it than buying a new TV.

Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1527

The 2018 Value Electronics Shoot out took place this week. There were two rounds of judging - the professional calibrator round, and then the enthusiast popular rounds. Then three awards are given. Scott says that the winner was the Sony XBR-65A9F OLED, which was crowned King of 2018 TVs, dethroning LG for the first time in nearly five years. Scott also said that OLED TVs, while a bit dimmer than LED TVs, placed first in every category over LED LCD TVs.

Scammers Target Direct Deposit Systems

Episode 1526

Online scam artists are targeting users of the direct deposit payroll system, using social engineering to gain access to bank accounts and steal your paycheck. The primary targets are in education, healthcare, and airline employees. So be watchful over emails saying you need to log into your account to verify your direct deposit information. That's where they get you. As usual, do NOT click on any links in emails. Contact your HR department immediately to verify.

Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1525

Scott says that at this year's CEDIA show, Amazon Alexa integration was everywhere, meaning that IOT (Internet of things) is becoming huge in home theater. Scott also said that LED video walls are making a move in home theater. Companies are making LEDs smaller, so that these LED video walls will become more natural to watch. The smaller ones with a tiny pixel distance (called pixel pitch) is called MicroLEDs. And its going to be huge in home theater video walls. The LED Wall screens are also going to be brighter, as high as 500 nits, but that can be dangerous for home viewing.

What OLED 4K TV should I buy?


Episode 1523

Vincent from Louisiana

Vincent has an Nvidia Shield and the Channel Master over-the-air DVR and he's loving it. He's glad he cut the cable. But he wants to upgrade from his old Samsung 1080i TV. What should he get? Rich says that all he really needs on a TV these days is an HDMI and Coax input for his antenna. He doesn't even need a smart TV because they rarely get updated. It's better to get a TV without smart features and a Roku or Apple TV. There is one exception, though. Roku enabled smartTVs are worth it because they do get updated. Amazon also offers TVs with Fire TV built in.