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Is it worth buying a 4K TV?

Trevor from Hawthorne, CA

Episode 1318

Trevor says that if you're having trouble with your router look for a router firmware upgrade. That often fixes connectivity problems.

Trevor is thinking of getting a Curved 4K OLED LCD. Thoughts? Leo says that there's no benefit to a curved TV. In fact, the design flaw of the curve is that a reflection will spread across the entire screen. And on top of that, it's awful for people watching on the sides. It's marketing. Get a flat screen.

Why does my XBox disconnect from the network?

Mike from San Diego, CA

Episode 1318

Mike's XBox One is losing the WiFi connection after about an hour. What's happening? It won't even work with a hard wire. Leo says it could be a bad WiFi radio, but that wouldn't have anything to do with the Ethernet chip. There could be an issue with DHCP host protocol. They assign IP addresses and they are dynamic, so they can expire. It sounds like there's an issue, and Leo says it's a known issue on the XBox. If you google the issue, it's a common problem. And there's some suggestions on how to work around it. If you reboot the router and it fixes it, that tells the tale.

Is the Channel Master a good DVR for over the air broadcasts?

Tim from Denver, CO

Episode 1318

Tim wants to know Leo's thoughts on Channel Master. Leo says it's a DVR for over the air antenna broadcasts. Leo doesn't get OTA because of where he lives, but he hears good things. And now he learns that Channel Master will also stream video ala Roku. That's pretty cool. If you're in the city and can get a good over the air signal, you will get the best broadcasts because they're uncompressed. But the key is to be close and within line of site of the main channels.

What HDTV should I buy?

Crystal from Irvine, CA

Episode 1318

Crystal is looking to get a new TV. She has cable. She wants to replace her old TV. Leo says the first thing you should do is upgrade your cable coverage to HD. Then, if you're wanting a smaller TV, like a 32", they are really affordable. But get as large as you can afford. At least 42". Leo recommends Vizio. They offer the best quality for the price. The e Series is their lower end value series. Try and get LED Backlit, not Edgelit. Will it ruin reception if I put it on the wall? Leo says not really.

Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1317

Scott Wilkinson

Scott joins Leo to talk about how important it is to calibrate your HD TV. We've heard him say that time and time again, and Scott even travels up to t Petaluma to do calibrate Leo's TVs from time to time. But it's even more important with 4K UHD TVs that have high dynamic range or Ultra HD Premium. Some you have to turn on HDR Color to enable it. It's buried deep in the menus. Ideally, have a pro do it. But it's not cheap. Costs hundreds of dollars to get a pro TV calibrator to come to your home.

What's the best Bluetooth speaker to DJ with?

Episode 1314

David from Central Lake, MI
ION Total PA Plus

David is looking for new speakers for parties and to DJ with, but still use at home. He has a budget of $200 to $400. He wants powered speakers, and preferably Bluetooth. Leo says there's a lot out there. The options are actually more cosmetic now -- water proof, sand proof, etc. Generally, the better sound will be expensive and less robust.

How can I build my own home theater?

Diego from Fullerton, CA

Episode 1313

Diego is going to transform one of his bedrooms into a home theater. He's budgeting about $30,000 to $40,000. Leo says his first decision is between direct view or projection. Projection can go bigger by just moving it back. If he can darken the room, it's the ideal option. He will want a projector that can handle the distance (called 'throw') to get it as large as he wants. Then he'll want to get a screen. One option is to paint his wall with special paint that reflects.

Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1311

Scott Wilkinson

Leo bought the XBox One S with a 4K Blu-ray player, but it meant that he had to buy a 4K TV. So he bought the 65" LG B6 OLED 4K TV. Leo says it's stunning how thin the TV is. But then he had to buy the Denon 910 because the UHD signal couldn't pass through his old AV receiver. That also meant he had to buy cables. Scott says that Leo didn't have to buy new HDMI cables unless they were really old ones. Any HDMI cable from the last few years should be able to handle the 18GB connection required. The real key is the ports on the AV Receiver.

What HDMI hub do I need to use all my devices?

Richard from California

Episode 1308

Richard bought a Vizio Performance series TV. He has a lot of HDMI ports to plug in but he doesn't have enough on the TV. Would an HMDI splitter work? Leo says if it uses a powered or active splitter, yes. Ultimately, the best way to do it is with an A/V receiver.

Geffen does makes a good HDMI hub, though. MonoPrice also has one. He should search for "Active HDMI Switcher."