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The Giz Wiz and the Ride Along

Episode 1179

This week's gadget from the GizWiz is the Onewheel, a new motor board sport where riders can ride as fast as 12MPH only by leaning toward their front foot. Leaning back slows down, or even reverses direction. Powerful lithium iron phosphate batteries provide high peak power for acceleration and self-balancing, and it recharges in under 30 minutes using the fast charger option. Passenger weight limit is 275 pounds and the range is 4 to 6 miles depending on terrain and other factors. Cost of a Onewheel is $1499.00 and it’s available only on the company website for now. (April, 2015)

How can I scan documents and share them online?

Cary from CAlifo

Episode 1179

Cary has a bunch of notes and documents filed and he wants to be able to scan them. What's the best option to create an online library so he can share what he has? Leo says that was what the Internet was made to do. So get a good scanner that can do Optical character recognition (OCR). You can then put them up on a website or through dropbox and share them.

What's a good backup battery for my mobile phone?

Todd from Topeka, KS

Episode 1179

Todd is going to be travelling to the Grand Canyon and he's not sure what kind of reception he'll be getting. Leo says the canyon isn't the ideal for cellphone coverage. Will it work OK with power? Leo says you can get huge backup battery to charge it back up. A 10,000 mAh battery would be able to recharge three times before needing to be recharged. Anker makes a great one. Aukey makes one that also does quick charging. $35 at Amazon.

What laptop should I buy my Wife for School?

Patrick from Camarillo, CA

Episode 1179

Patrick needs to get his wife a new laptop. He's thinking of switching to a Mac. Leo says it depends on if she needs Windows for some of her school work. If not, then Macs are ideal because of their security, especially when surfing the web. Note that the MacBook Airs do not have retina screens, so keep that in mind. MacBook Pros are a better choice. And they have low power. The MacBook Air 13 is the best for battery life. Get the largest hard drive and memory you can. Have her look at the screen to decide which one is best for her. How about file transfer?

Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1177

Dick DeBartolo

Dick's Giz Wiz entry this week is an RV. The NY International Car Show is in town and he saw the Mercedes Benz Self Driving car. Interesting because it has a feature where it will drive around if you can't find a parking spot. But what really caught his eye was the American Coach American Eagle motor home. 43’ motor homes with extending sidewalls with 450 square feet. $695,000.

Giz Wiz Video: https://youtu.be/c5pqGfw61mE

Should I wait to by an iPad?

Episode 1177

Sam from Edmonton, ALB CAN
Apple iPad Air 2

Sam has an iPad 3 and he's about to upgrade to the iPad Air 2, but he's concerned that they will announce a new version within a few months. Leo says that nobody really knows when Apple will announce a new product. But Leo says that since Apple has released the iPad Air 2 just last October, there's a good chance that Sam is safe for at least a year. Leo does have a hunch that there may be a larger iPad Pro coming this summer, however.

What do you think of the HP Stream?

Episode 1176

Steve from Nashville, TN
HP Stream

Steve bought an HP Stream laptop for $299. He's blind and says that the accessibility features are fantastic. It's not very powerful, but it works with JAWS and other blind utilities. His only beef is how little room is on it, especially with HP. So he recommends uninstalling all the bloatware that comes with it.

Leo says it's a great choice for a second, mobile computer. Steve says it shouldn't be confused with the HP Stream tablet, which was Windows with Bing, and it was terrible. But the Stream laptop is marvelous.