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Episode 1491

From GizWiz.Biz - Acer Chromebook Spin 15 – 1st 15-inch Chrome convertible powered by a choice of 3 Intel processors, from two dual-core Celeron chips to a quad-core Pentium CPU. There's also a choice of 4GB to 8GB of memory and 32GB to 64GB of eMMC storage. A higher than before 13 hours of battery life was also announced. There's USB-A & USB-C and a microSD card reader. The Acer Chromebook 15 series starts at $349 and the 360 degree SPIN version adds $100 ($449) in stores and online, coming this July.

Do I have to record every episode on my TIVO Bolt?

Scott from Dallas, TX

Episode 1491

Scott has a 500GB TIVO Bolt and wants to set it up to just save the recent week's worth of recordings, not every single recording forever. Leo says it's in the settings. You can set it to just keep a week's worth and delete the rest, as well as to delete when you start to run out of space. Can he upgrade the hard drive? Leo says yes, you can. You will also probably have to "bless" the hard drive so that TIVO will read it. Leo recommends contacting Weaknees.com. They can help you upgrade that Bolt.

How can I reset my iPod?

Barbara from California

Episode 1491

Barbara made a one letter error setting up her iPod and she can't download any music on it. She went to the Apple store and the genius punted and said to call AppleCare. Leo says that the music industry insisted to use a single iTunes account authorized to your Apple account. Barbara should be able to authorize the iPod to your Apple account. Maybe try wiping it with iTunes. Reset the iPod through iTunes and you should be able to set it up as a new device. Here's how - https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201252 (thanks to Doctor Mom)

How can I connect Thunderbolt 3 to USB C?

Brian from California

Episode 1491

Brian runs an external Thunderbolt 2 drive and parallels to dual boot into Windows. He upgraded his SSD drive, which works on his laptop, but it won't attach to his Mac Mini. How can he adapt it? Leo says that the Thunderbolt 3 connector is the same as the USB-C connector. But that doesn't mean it has the Thunderbolt controller built in. So you may need to get a Thunderbolt 3 external enclosure to use it. But it's not cheap. You can use a Type A USB 3.1 data cable connector to the Type C drive and you should get full through put.

My old PC is crashing. What can I do?

Austin from Beaumont, TX

Episode 1491

Austin has a 5 year old HP all in one and it's crashing on him. Leo says it may be that simply backing up your data, wiping the drive and reinstalling Windows could fix the problem by repairing any corrupted files. It will also clean out any background applications that are running in the background, taxing the system. Using the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool can help. Then go to the HP site and update ALL your drivers. If it's not a hardware flaw, then that should solve the issue. But if the problem lingers, it could be time to replace the hard drive.

Why do I lose my external hard drive when my Mac Mini goes to sleep?

Episode 1490

Mars Worm from The Chatroom
Mac Mini

Mars Worm in the chatroom is having issues with his hard drive unmounting in his Mac Mini when it goes to sleep. Leo says that computers going to sleep has always been a pain, going back to the early days. Hibernation is even worse.

There is a tech note from Apple about that here, at support.apple.com. It's also talked about at blog.grapii.com.

How can I make use of the unallocated space on my file server?

Episode 1490

Tommy from Natchitoches, LA
Hard drives

Tommy has a file server, a C drive and a D drive, with shared files and folders. It has an unallocated space of 1TB. Leo says that's huge. His C drive has started to get full, and he needs to extend it, but he's limited in how he can extend that within Windows. It would have to be between the C and the D on his partition manager. Leo thinks this may just be a limitation of the Windows Partition Manager, so one thing he could do is go to EaseUS and get their partition manager to see if it can do it.