Laptop or desktop computers and any components within.

Why is my computer running so slow?

Joe from Valencia, CA

Episode 1316

Joe has a Dell Inspiron i7 and it slows down a lot. He's found that the best way to speed it up is to reboot, but he doesn't want to do that all the time. Leo recommends looking at his system's usage with Microsoft's Process Explorer. It could point to what applications are experiencing a memory leak. That's when programs don't release the memory when he's done using them. It could even be an extension running in the browser or Flash. It could also be a flakey hard drive.

Why doesn't my old laptop connect to the internet?

Sue from Redondo Beach, CA

Episode 1316

Sue bought a new router/modem and her laptop won't connect wirelessly anymore. She's been told that her network card is bad. Leo recommends taking the laptop to a coffee shop to see if it connects via Wi-Fi. If it does, then it's just a configuration issue. Since the laptop is Windows Vista, she wants to just get a new computer. Leo says that's a much better option since Windows 10 is far better than Vista.

Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1315

Dick DeBartolo

This week's gadget from the Giz Wiz is the eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack. It features an all-black rugged exterior that offers rapid-access compartments protecting a laptop, iPad or tablet, with room for notes, files, etc. It helps you be organized by letting you keep things in zippered packs so they don't fall down to the bottom of the bag. A special crush-proof AC 'adaptor garage' holds all your cables and doesn't let them scratch your other electronics. There's even a hidden zippered water bottle pocket.

Can I put an SSD in my new MacBook Pro?

Episode 1315

Jimmy from Inglewood, CA
Apple MacBook Pro

Jimmy got a new MacBook Pro and he's looking to get an SSD that a neighbor was selling. Leo says it may not work because of the design of Apple laptops. Every laptop is designed specially and it may need a custom fit SSD. If it's a standard SSD, he may be OK.

How can he clone his hard drive to the SSD? Leo says to use SuperDuper. He can then make it bootable. Once he knows that works, he can then remove the old drive and then put the SSD in.

How can I edit security camera videos?

Episode 1315

Paul from Culver City, CA
Nest Camera

Paul is looking for an HD security camera, where he could save and then edit the videos. Leo says the Google Nest cameras are good for that. They are very high resolution, but they use a lot of bandwidth upstream - 1 Mbps per camera. That could kill his internet in some cases. He may also have to pay for offline recording. He'll be able to download the video and edit it, though. That's probably the easiest way. Otherwise he'd have to wire the cameras to his computer and capture it directly.

Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1313

Dick DeBartolo

This week's gadget is a familar one to Leo - The Acer Aluminum Chromebook. It has a 14” HD screen, which large enough to enjoy and share videos and using multiple tabs for various projects, yet still portable enough to fit in a backpack or book bag. It features Acer's first all-aluminum Chromebook case that adds protection while remaining lightweight. Acer says their new model (CB3-431-C5FM) is the industry’s first Chromebook with up to 14 hours of battery life on an HD display and up to 12 hours of battery life on a full HD display.

What's a good voice recorder?

Episode 1314

Vidac from Sacramento, CA
Zoom H1

Vidac is an international student looking to get into radio. He's studying radio and TV production in school. He's visually impaired and needs a digital voice recorder for lectures. Leo says if they can let him put the mic on the podium where the teacher lectures, then any voice recorder will work. He got the Olympus DS-3500. Leo says that's a common model and Vidac says it's terrible.