Laptop or desktop computers and any components within.

Why does Roku tell me I'm not connected to the Internet?

Karen from Lake Elsinor, CA

Episode 1472

Karen gets a warning that she isn't connected to the internet on her Roku, when she is. What gives? Leo says he has the problem as well, and he believes it's because the internet will experience momentary drop outs from time to time and the Roku software doesn't handle drop outs very well. He doesn't know what the fix is though. You could restart the Roku by unplugging it and letting it reboot. But that's frustrating to do when the show is still playing. Getting a newer model will fix it. Leo says the Roku Ultra and it doesn't do it.

Why do my printed pages have lines?

Peter from California

Episode 1472

Peter wants to know why his printed color pages have lines in them. Leo says that if you don't print a lot with an inkjet printer, lines will occur because the ink simply dries up in the print head. You need to run the ink check/self cleaning utility on the printer to clean the printer head. The downside is that will use up a lot of ink. That's why Leo says that inkjet printers really aren't a good idea for people who print seldomly. A lazer printer is better because it uses a dry toner. Downside is, not good for printing pictures, but a photo store is best for that.

What's the best government subsidized phone?

Marla from La Crescenta, CA

Episode 1472

Marla wants to know which free government phone has the best reception. The idea behind the so-called "Obama phone" is that everyone needs a mobile phone and the government subsidizes phones for those who can't afford it. But unfortunately, nobody really tests for reception anymore because there's so much congestion out there.

Verizon is the ideal choice for cell coverage in Los Angeles. It will give Marla the best coverage. And Verizon offers Universal LifeLine service here.

Is a stuck pixel covered under my laptop warranty?

Episode 1472

Kip from Colorado
Dell XPS 15

Kip bought a Dell XPS 15 laptop and the screen is gorgeous, but he has a burned out pixel on it and it's very annoying. Is that something covered under the Dell warranty? Leo says it depends. Sometimes it takes more than just one, and they need to be connected. There's no standard, so he'll just need to talk to Dell and ask. Rattle some cages and see if they'll replace it. Kip shouldn't hesitate to write Michael Dell for satisfaction as well.

Why doesn't my USB 3 video card work?

Episode 1472

Robert from La Crescenta, CA
Gigabyte Motherboard

Robert built his own computer with a nice Gigabyte motherboard, but his USB 3 video card isn't working with it. Leo says that's likely because his third-party card doesn't want to use the USB 3 chip on the motherboard. It has it's own. When he plugs the card into his PCI-Express slot, he should make sure it's properly seated and is a 4 lane slot. If Windows doesn't recognize it, then he should make sure the PCI-Express slot is enabled. He can refer to his motherboard manual on how. Also, he should check in the Windows 10 device manager to see if there's an "X" on the USB hub.

Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1471

If you like waffles, then the Giz Wiz has a gadget for you. The Kalorik Easy Pour Waffle Maker is very easy to use and cooks your waffles at a 45 degree angle!. Simply use the included measuring cup to pour batter into the spout of the closed waffle maker that sits at a 45 degree angle. It looks like that would be a disaster, but a rugged gasket holds the batter firmly in place and the angle makes it possible to distribute the batter evenly. Indicator lights plus five browning levels for custom cooked waffles 7" in diameter about an 1" thick.

Why doesn't my scanner printer work?

Rex from San Diego, CA

Episode 1471

Rex is having issues with his printer and was told to delete the printer driver to fix it. Will that work? Leo says that if you delete a bad driver, Windows will look for a new one and reinstall it. But it will be the latest driver that Microsoft certifies, and that could fix the problem, to be sure. It could also be a bad spooler. Leo also recommends using Hamrick VueScan as your scanner driver. Better settings, better working.

Do I have malware?

Sarah from Prescott, AZ

Episode 1471

Sarah is worried she may have malware on her system. She ran malware bytes and it says she has 170 possible malware issues. Leo says that probably isn't the case. Malware Bytes will give you false positives, or over react to things in your browser it doesn't like. Malware Bytes can also slow your computer down. What really probably happened is that your browser simply crashed. Leo suspects that Sarah's hard drive is getting flaky, and is starting to fail. The good news is, her computer is only a few months old and she can have it repaired under warranty.