Laptop or desktop computers and any components within.

Why can't I connect to my bluetooth speakers?

Tricia from La Costa, CA

Episode 1242

Tricia recently bought a Samsung Radiant 360 Speaker and it apparently has to be controlled by a Samsung app on her smartphone. But the problem is, that she can't play the streaming audio from a separate app she likes. Leo says that is wierd. Most pair directly to the phone via bluetooth, and anything that you can hear on your phone can go through the speaker. The app seems to be designed to control multiple speakers in different rooms. What Tricia really wants is a good wireless speaker for her phone. And they range from $30-300.

What's a good laptop for traveling with?

Eric from Dusseldorf, Germany

Episode 1241

Eric is looking for a small device to copy his camera SD cards to and print out pictures while traveling. Leo says it's called a Photo Wallet or Photo safe. It's essentially a hard drive with an SD card reader attached. Digital Foci was a great one. It was $150 for 500GB. But fewer and fewer are making them now due to the cloud. He also wants to be able to review the images and then print them. Leo says the MacBook would be the greatest choice, but not the cheapest. 12" retina display. Ideal and it's the smallest and thinnest laptop Apple makes.

Is my iMac worth repairing?

John from Savannah, GA

Episode 1241

John bought an iMac in 2011 and lately it's starting to flicker, and half of it has gotten darker. He called Apple and they suggested clearing the PRAM. Leo says that's one of the magical voodoo techniques that can clear the PRAM just in case something got corrupted like a driver or something. Then they had him do a factory reset. Then unplug it. But it still is happening. John also heard that the video card may be going out. But more likely, Leo says that the backlit LED screen simply stopped working, and that can happen over time with an LCD.

Should I buy an Apple Watch?

Robert from California

Episode 1241

Robert is wondering if he should buy an Apple Watch or is there a better option out there. Leo says that first thing is to be sure you have an iPhone to support it, and it has to be an iPhone 5 or newer. Once you've passed that hurdle, you have to realize that the Apple Watch is really not all that necessary to your every day life unless you have a specific need for it, like fitness or medical applications. It's kinda cool that you can answer your phone through your watch. But Leo says if you're asking if you should get it, then Leo says no. It's not really important.

How can I upgrade Windows 10 to a new hard drive?

Robert from New York, NY

Episode 1240

Robert wants to buy an SSD to upgrade to Windows 10 instead of using his old hard drive, which runs Windows 8. Leo says that's a good idea. It's far faster. But if he has Windows 8 on there already, he may want to try downloading the Windows 10 ISO and then install it separately. Microsoft will then associate Windows 10 with his computer. He should check out Thurrott.com for more information on how to do a clean install of a Windows 10 upgrade.

How can I cut back on my electric bill?

Episode 1240

Phil from California
P3 P4400 Kill A Watt

Phil is trying to cut back on his electric bill and his friends suggest powering down his technology, including his router and network every day. But his other friends say that could do more harm than good. Leo says that he'll stress the electronics less if he doesn't turn them on and off on a regular basis. He should just leave it alone. He can reboot things once in awhile, but all modern computers and networks are designed to sip power from a low power mode. If he's not using it for a few days or weeks, then it's OK to power them down.

How can I keep using my Home Theater PC?

Louis from Palos Verdes, CA

Episode 1239

Louie has Windows Media Center on his computer and now that his cable company has gone digital, he can't use it. How can he fix it? Leo says that it was probably analog. He'd need a digital replacement of the capture card. The Box isn't enough. Louie will need a cable card or M card that can fit into a device that can make that video capture device a cable box. And it's likely he's going to run into roadblocks there as well.