Anything from starting a business to working in a corporate environment.

How can I go about hiring someone to design and build a product I thought up?

Fred from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 896

Leo says that really, the easiest part is the idea. The next thing to do is create a prototype with a local designer to create it. Then, he'll have to find a manufacturer in China to make a production run. He'll then have to try and get a vendor. All that can be difficult and costly.

Can Marissa Mayer make it at Yahoo?

Episode 893

Gary from Newport Beach, CA
Marissa Mayer

Gary heard Marissa Mayer speak one time and says that she'll have a great chance to do great things and change Yahoo, if the board lets her. Leo agrees and says they wouldn't give someone $61 million and not let her do the job…then again, this IS Yahoo.

Should I use social media to boost my business?

Scott from Jasper, Georgia

Episode 889

Using social media is a great idea. Leo thinks it's really the only way to advertise these days because word of mouth is everything. It’s also another way to handle customer service. Customers in the internet era are expecting companies to be authentic and to respond promptly. Social media services such as Twitter really make this possible.

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