Why wasn't the Screen Savers a viable TV program? (Part 1)

Steve from North Hollywood, CA

Episode 910

Steve wants to know why TechTV didn't make it in a gadget obsessed society, especially the Screen Savers. G4 has decided to abandon technology programming altogether and is going for eyeballs with what they call "GQ programming." The reason is economics. A cable channel like TechTV lost $100 million a year. Leo is doing the same thing eight years later, he has a larger (but more narrow) audience, and is profitable because his costs are lower.

I'm a business owner with 9 employees. Should I move to Microsoft Exchange for email?

Mike from Hermosa Beach, CA

Episode 909

Exchange is Microsoft's mail server, but it's not the only one. Leo's company uses Google and GMail. It supports IMAP, and it can be used as an Exchange server. It's likely cheaper to use, and Google Apps for business is the whole package. Especially since Mike is using Google docs already.

Ford Sync and Sirius

Gabriel from Yorba Linda, CA

Episode 868

Gabriel has a Ford with Ford Sync and Sirius. But he can’t listen to Leo. Leo says that XM doesn’t want Clear Channel stations on Sirius. Leo also says that’s OK because Clear Channel has iHeart Radio and it works great with the new Ford Sync. That’s the way to go and it won’t cost you to listen.

Why can't Apple just get along with everybody?

Carlos from New York, NY

Episode 904

Carlos is sick of Apple suing others, because the consumers are the ones who pay the price. Leo says that while he agrees, he also feels that Apple has the right to protect their patents when someone flagrantly copies their innovations. While it would be a great world if they didn't, we don't live in that world and companies have the right to protect their inventions. If they can't, they'll be less likely to invent in the first place.

Didn't Apple just copy everything they own from someone else?

Rick from Long Beach, CA

Episode 903

Rick feels Apple is being hypocritical by suing Samsung, since they haven't really invented anything new. They merely refined existing technology. Leo says that if Apple owns patents, they have to protect them. Apple does innovate, even after refining a technology. The problem is that software patents really hamper innovation because the patent law duration is 17 years, and that's an eternity in software development. This is why Leo says reform is needed.