windows 10

Should I update to Windows 10?

Brad from Canada

Episode 1456

Brad doesn't want to update to Windows 10, even though he knows it's not that bad a transition. Does he have to? He keeps hearing of problems. Leo says that it's all about the numbers. If you have hundreds of millions of computers updating, and even .05% of them have problems, that's still thousands of issues and people will post about it. But it's still a great update that's worth doing. He tried and he can't get auto updates. Leo suspects it's a third party antivirus. He recommends going with Windows Defender for Windows 10, Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows 7.

Can I reinstall Windows on a used computer?

Jim from Riverside, CA

Episode 1456

Jim called to ask about how you can reinstall Windows 10 on a computer that's been given you, if the person who bought it owned the software. Leo says that was the old way of thinking. The new way of thinking is that Windows 10 is licensed to the computer, and not the owner. So if you are given a Windows machine that runs Windows 10, and need to format and reinstall Windows, you're OK, it will activate.

When should I update Windows 10 to the Fall Creators update?

Jose from Modesto, CA

Episode 1455

Jose wants to know when he'll be able to upgrade to the Fall Creator's update for Windows 10? Leo says that it's always a good idea to wait for Windows to offer it to you, but this week Microsoft opened it up to all devices, and you can go download and install it. But he recommends using the Windows Media Creation Tool to put the update on a thumb drive and then run the installation utility to update it.

Should I install the Spectre bug fix?

Irwin from The Bronx

Episode 1454

Irwin is concerned that the Spectre bug fix will slow down his computer. Leo says it's possible, but it's unlikely to have a noticeable impact on a modern machine. Experts say the bug fix will greatly affect slower, older machines. A newer machine will get the least performance hit. He should just make sure to update his AVS and all of his drivers.

VMware or really heavy applications are where the performance hit will most likely be affected.

Why can't I log into Windows 10?

Episode 1454

Kim from Riverside, CA
Microsoft Windows 10

Kim got a computer recently from a friend and she can't log into her account. It keeps asking for the previous owner. Leo says that the best thing to do is format the hard drive and start over. That way she can set it up for her preferences and make her account the primary account. Windows 10 has great reset options, and she won't even need a Windows key anymore. She should just make sure to back up her data and files first. Then hit the Windows Key and type "recovery." She'll get the choice of several options. Then she can run the recovery and it'll reinstall Windows.

How can I make my screen easier to read?

Episode 1450

Frank from Tullahoma, TN
High Contrast Mode Windows 10 screenshot

Frank is frustrated because his Windows 10 screen is unreadable. It's frustrating because the white background and the blue letters make it difficult to read. Leo says that in the Accessibility settings of Windows 10 there is a high contrast mode which he can turn on and off by holding down the left "Shift," "Alt," and "Print Screen" keys. He can also choose to turn it on permanently in the settings.

Why can't I access USB in my Virtual Machine?

Episode 1449

Steve from Upland, CA

Steve has a Windows 10 machine that he also runs Hyper-V Virtual Machine on, but he loses access to his USB ports in doing so. How can he access USB through Virtual Machine? Leo says it could be in the settings. VMWare has that access. He should look in the settings and see if he has to enable and assign it.

The chatroom says that Microsoft wants you to use Remote Desktop to pass it along. That seems counter-intuitive, but it may be that Microsoft didn't want to compete with VMWare.

How can I transfer Windows 10 to a new hard drive?

Episode 1449

Bill from Upland, CA
HP Pavilion Power Desktop

Bill has an HP Pavilion Power Desktop that he just got a new SSD for. He wants to know how he can transfer over his Windows 10 to it. Leo says he should make a recovery drive with a USB thumb drive. Then he can put the new drive in, and use that recovery drive to reinstall Windows. Leo would also recommend keeping the old hard drive as a data drive.

How can I image my new computer before I get started?

Episode 1443

Charles from Colton, CA
Backup and Restore (Windows 7)

Charles bought a new computer and is trying to back up his operating system before he gets going. Leo says it's a good idea to make an image right at the beginning. He can even do it on a small 8GB USB thumb drive and keep it in his pocket. The laptop will likely have a rescue utility that will enable him to create a restore rescue disc, but he can also use the Windows 10 backup feature. Just press Windows Key and type "Backup" and then go to backup settings. Then click "Backup and Restore (Windows 7)." This is actually an image backup, and it will create a system image.