How can I test my linux network speed?

Jeff from Idaho Falls, ID

Episode 1346

Jeff is having speed issues on the Internet with his Linux machine. How can he check for speed? Leo sas that Linux has built in utilities just for this purpose. How about something that's cross platform with Windows? Leo says that it a different issue. You can run but that will only give you the speed of your internet connection, not your computer. Check out TotuSoft. JPerf is one recommended by the Chatroom. But Leo isn't sure it will help much beyond Java testing. It also does ThruPut testing.

Why is my computer running so slow when it's booting up?

Sue from San Diego, CA

Episode 1346

Sue got a new Alienware computer that has been maxed out in memory. She uses it for CAD. She transferred all her data and settings with Laplink PC Mover. Leo says that is an ancient way to do it. Sue says now it has something called Commodo Internet Security on it now. Leo says that is a horrible program. Get rid of it immediately. Here's how.

Is a third party fingerprint reader safe?

Episode 1345

Jonathan from Scottsdale, AZ
Eikon Mini Fingerprint Reader

Jonathan has a Windows laptop and he wants to add a fingerprint scanner. The one he's looking at works with WIndows Hello, but there's no real branding. Leo says that chances are, one Chinese company makes it and then sells it to multiple companies who put their name on it. The good news is that it works with Windows Hello. Jonathan should check out the Eikon fingerprint scanner. It's the one he recommends, and it's only $20.

How can I get Windows to finish its update?

Shirley from Venice, CA

Episode 1344

Shirley is having issues with the Windows 10 update that Microsoft forced on her. Now she gets a popup about updates. Leo says updating her system is very important and while she can defer them, she can only do that for so long. Then Windows will force the update. That's a real problem because she could get the update while she's in the middle of something. There is one way around it -- she can set her computer to say she's on metered Wi-Fi so Windows won't force it. She should get the update, though. Scheduling them in the middle of the night is best.

How can I get an old version of Windows and DOS?

Episode 1342

Drew from St. Louis, MO

Drew would like to know where he can download older versions of Windows. He has an old laptop that he upgraded to Windows 10. He's installed VirtualBox onto it so he can run an older version of Windows as well, but he can't find his old Windows CDs anywhere. Leo says that Microsoft offers older versions to developers if he gets a subscription, but it's not cheap.

Will a clean install fix my Windows 10 problems?

Episode 1339

Bruce from Pasadena, CA
Microsoft Windows 10

Bruce converted his computer over to Windows 10 and now he's having a different problem every week. Leo says the problem is with the Anniversary update. It's caused all sorts of trouble. Unfortunately, it's now too late to downgrade. Leo says that it has taken months for Microsoft to work out the kinks and they're updating it all the time. So Bruce should keep updating. It could also be an incompatible driver, and in that case, it may take a month or two to iron out those kinks with drivers.

Why can't I activate Windows XP?

Episode 1338

Ted from San Diego, CA
Linux Mint

Ted has to install XP every 30 days, even though he bought it. Leo says it's possible that since XP is now "end of life," they may not be activating it anymore. Leo says that it's time for Ted to go to Linux.

Ted also can't install Microsoft Office. He tried to copy the program folder over and it won't work. Leo says it can't work that way. He'll miss important system files. He'll have to reinstall from the program disc.

Read Mac Formatted Drives with Windows

When you plug a drive that's been formatted for Mac into a Windows PC, you may find that it isn't readable. This is because Mac uses the HFS+ format natively, whereas Windows uses ExFAT or NTFS. One simple way to make the drive readable on both platforms is to format it to ExFAT, which both operating systems can understand. This will erase all contents on the disk, however, so you'll need to transfer those files to a safe place first.

If you can't reformat the drive, there are programs available that will make it possible to read a HFS+ drive on a PC: