Why is my computer just shutting down?

Moe from California

Episode 1291

Moe's computer is just shutting down He's running Windows 7. Leo says that with the age of Moe's computer, the hard drive is getting unreliable. It's likely time to just backup your hard drive and then swap it out for a new one and reinstall Windows. But it may be enough to reinstall Windows. Leo does this every year as "spring cleaning." It keeps it more reliable. So try that first. Backup your documents and settings folder. Then format that old hard drive and reinstall Windows. See if that improve things. But it's going to be time to replace that hard drive soon.

Why did my computer upgrade to Windows 10 without my permission?

Episode 1290

George from Santa Monica, CA
Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade

George's Windows machine force upgraded to Windows 10. Microsoft says that upgrading to Windows 10 is "normal behavior" when Automatic Updates are turned on. That will update critical updates by default. There's also 'Recommended Updates' which is also set to automatic by default. Windows 10 was set to be a recommended update, which is why it happened on George's PC.

Why does my Dell keep shutting itself down while in use?

Episode 1288

Mike from Cerritos, CA
Windows 10 Start Menu

Mike has been having issues with his Dell Inspiron shutting itself off while he uses it. This started happening after he updated to Windows 10. One thing that Windows 10 has problems with is power, sleep, and hibernation. Mike might try disabling those settings in the Power Management control panel. The freeze up and shut down while he's working shouldn't be happening though, and it could be a driver issue. Leo suggests Mike try reinstalling Windows 10, because sometimes an upgrade over top of an old operating system can go wrong. He should back up all of his data first.

Why does my computer keep losing access to my hard drives?

Bill from Glendora, CA

Episode 1285

Bill's hard drives keep disappearing from his computer. After he reboots, it'll say "fixing disk," and will be there for about 10 minutes before it disappears again. His SSD boot drive works fine, though. Leo says there are a lot of things it could be including hardware and cabling. He should go and look to see how its setup in BIOS. It should be something wrong with AHCI or a driver issue. Since he built the computer himself, there's no one he can call for help. Then again, the support from the major companies isn't helpful anyway.

Can I move my old hard drive to my new computer?

Sam from Costa Mesa, CA

Episode 1286

Sam says it's time to get a new computer, and wants to know if he can bring along his old hard drive and put it in. His hard drive is pretty new, so can he swap one hard drive out and plug another in and start it up and get working? Leo says that would be nice, but it doesn't work that way. The Windows OS will look for the motherboards and chipsets and if it doesn't find that, it will have issues.

How can I get my Start Menu back in Windows?

Episode 1284

Louis from Bellflower, CA
Microsoft Windows 10

Louis is having issues with his start menu disappearing in Windows 10. Leo says that is one of the reasons why he recommends buying a Chromebook. It's just easier to use for basic computing. At this point, the best thing he can do is back up his data and start over. There's a recovery option in the control panel that will allow him to reinstall Windows. Then the problem should go away. It's a hassle, but it'll fix it.

How can I turn a batch file into an EXE file?

Fred from Temecula, CA

Episode 1283

Fred has written a batch file that will check IDs for his clients. But he's not a fan of batch files and would prefer an EXE. Leo says he can get a batch file compiler that can turn his batch file into an EXE file, but at this stage, using Python or Ruby to do what he wants to do is probably a batter way to go. That way he can compile it and turn it into an installable file. It'll also be more compatible. PowerShell is another option for Windows only users.