Did Windows 10 crash my hard drive?

Brian from Fountain Valley, CA

Episode 1226

Brian upgraded to Windows 10 and it's been running great. But when he did the factory reset to get rid of Windows 7 and hit restore, his hard drive crashed. Leo says that the way the hard drive crashed, he could still have the restore partition there. If not, the Windows 10 upgrade is married to his computer. The good news is, that will mean he can restore it directly from Microsoft when he puts in a new hard drive.

Should I set a restore point before installing software?

David from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1226

David heard the caller with problems with Skype and he always sets a restore point before he installs a new program. Leo says that's a good idea, but Leo's experience has been hit or miss on that. But it's a good practice. Most of the time when you make a big change of your system, Microsoft sets a restore point, so it may already be there. Good tip.

Why is my external hard drive locked?

Art from Baja, Mexico

Episode 1225

Art has a 3TB hard drive that he uses as a backup, but now he doesn't have access rights to the hard drive. Leo says that can happen if he moved from one Windows installation to another. What it sounds like is that Windows locked it because it thinks it's owned by a different account. Microsoft has a tech note on how to gain possession of files through an Administrator account. But if he's using a slide out hard drive, it can get locked, and that's a serious problem.

What should I get for my next Windows laptop?

Episode 1225

Dave from Temecula, CA
Dell Chromebook

Dave has been holding out for Windows 10 because he thought Windows 8 was terrible and didn't upgrade to it. Leo says that Dave's instinct was spot on. But Windows 10 is lightyears ahead, and in fact, you could call it Microsoft's apology for Windows 8. Windows 10 is very similar to Windows 7 in feel. However, the world has changed, and a general purpose device is no longer the way we compute. They're a security issue as well as being overly complicated and unreliable. This is why tablets and smartphones have taken off.

Why can't I use my second monitor in Windows 10?

Jeff from Indiana

Episode 1224

Jeff has an older HP Pavilion laptop. He bought a new copy of Windows 10 Pro and installed it, but he's had an issue with the video display extending to his second monitor. It won't work. Leo says that he has a hunch fixes like this will be addressed with the service pack 1 update next month. Leo has always said that you shouldn't upgrade to Windows 10 unless you know your computer is compatible, and Microsoft won't offer it until that compatibility is in place. The fix will be coming, and it may already be there under his computer manufacturer's support site.

Can Windows 10 log in with my Gmail account?

Jim from Atlanta, GA

Episode 1222

Jim has been using Windows 10 for a few months and lately his password hasn't been working. He's also noticed that he has a new account that it attached to his Google account. Leo says that ideally, he'll want to use a Microsoft account, but if it's using his Google password, it could be that Jim's Google account is linked to his Microsoft account. He should check his Microsoft account at and see if he's made any connections inadvertently. It's probably OK, but signing in to a Microsoft account would be better.

Should I upgrade my old laptop to Windows 10?

Episode 1222

Brian from New York City
Windows 10

Brian had an old laptop and he put a new hard drive in it with Windows 7, and it took him forever to patch it. Then the patches acted up. He thought Windows 10 could solve it since he was offered an upgrade by Microsoft. But Sony says he shouldn't upgrade it.

Leo says that if Windows offered him Windows 10, then his laptop has passed the compatibility checker and he should be good to go. Windows 10 runs much better than the previous version. Leo is happy with Windows 10 in spite of the compatibility issues. But those will likely be fixed with Service Pack 1 next month.

How can I multi boot Windows 10?

Bruce from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1221

Bruce has a boot loader that loads either Windows 7 or Windows 2000 for certain applications. Will upgrading to Windows 10 mess this up? Leo says it should be savvy enough to handle it, but it will wipe out Windows 7 if he accepts the upgrade. Leo suggests not doing the upgrade. Bruce should instead install it separately and see if it asks him if he wants to create a multi OS system. If not, Leo advises using NeoSmart EasyBCD.

Why am I getting a blue screen after upgrading to Windows 10?

Episode 1220

Elliot from Boston, MA
Microsoft Windows 10

Elliot updated to Windows 10 and now he gets a blue screen. Leo says that can happen when using the Windows Insider version and installing an update. It could be due to using Beta versions. Leo advises going into the recovery mode and rolling back. He can press F8 when booting up to do that. Then he can try to apply the update again. Windows 10 has an excellent recovery utility. If it's a hard drive error, however, he may have to start over and replace the drive.

Why is there an ASP.NET account on Windows?

Laurie from California

Episode 1220

Laurie found a new account on Windows called ASP.Net. What is that and can she get rid of it? Leo says that it sounds like an update that wasn't finished. Or it could be an unfinished install of a game that requires it. Leo says that in Windows Update, there's a section for network updates. Laurie should go into that and redownload the existing update. Rerunning it should get rid of the ASP.NET account.