When will I get Windows 10?

Episode 1208

James from West Virginia
Windows 10 Upgrade Notification

James wants to know how long it will take to get Windows 10 on his computer. Leo says that Microsoft is rolling the update out, so it may take a few days to get it. But if he doesn't get it by next week, he could download it directly and install it. The down side of that is that he may not get all the drivers and Leo has found that it doesn't activate. So James should let Microsoft push it to him. That's the best way. There's over 100 million users who are waiting and it's going to take awhile to roll it out. Meanwhile, take the time to get ready by backing up data.

Can I cancel my Windows 10 update?

Episode 1208

Simon from Yorktown, VA
Windows 10 Upgrade Notification

Simon has decided to wait to update Windows 10, but he wanted to download it for a later date. But according to Simon, he only has a three day window to install. What happened to the year? Leo says that the Windows Scheduler is in Windows and it may be listed there. Or he can go into his update settings and turn off the automatic install. But if Microsoft is ready to update his computer, then why not backup the data and install it?

Should I repair my desktop or replace it?

Episode 1208

Larry from Petaluma, CA
Power Supply

Larry's desktop broke and he took it to get repaired. He was told that his power supply blew out, and his processor didn't have a fan on it. Should he repair it? Leo says that power supplies are an easy fix. Larry's also considering buying a new Dell. Leo says that with Windows 10 out, the older the machine, the more problematic the driver support. But power supplies are a very common failure that's easy to fix.

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Windows 10 Privacy Warnings Are No Big Deal

Episode 1208

Windows 10

After reading the End User Licensing Agreement last night, Leo has amended his comments from yesterday and said it's nothing new than what Microsoft has done with any other version of Windows. Users shouldn't be concerned that Microsoft is stealing their data or ratting them out to anyone. Leo's been using Windows 10 on several different systems and he's quite pleased with the changes, including the return of the Start Button.

Did I get malware from Java?

Kirk from Crestline, CA

Episode 1207

Kirk downloaded a Java upgrade and now all his shortcuts go to an exe file. Leo suspects that Kirk got nailed by malware.There are plenty of security flaws in Java but it may also be that Kirk was doing something at the same time and he got malware. Either way, Kirk has malware, and the only way to be sure that he's gotten rid of it, is to backup his data, format the hard drive, and reinstall Windows from a known good source.

Microsoft Launches Windows 10: Should You Install it Right Away?

Episode 1207

On July 29th, Microsoft launched Windows 10 (Threshold) and so far, Leo likes it, a lot. However, Leo says users shouldn't be in a rush to upgrade because it was launched early, and there will be another more polished version coming out in the Fall. So if you're not in a rush to upgrade, don't. Added features include a replacement for Internet Explorer called "Edge," and it's not really ready for prime time just yet, as some plugins like Last Pass don't work. So Microsoft also added Internet Explorer to continue to use. Ugh. Edge though, will be more done in the fall.

Is there an alternative to 2nd factor authentication?

Ben from Omaha, NE

Episode 1206

Ben wants to know if we can ever move beyond second factor authentication. Can we move on to fingerprint reading? Leo says that is also second factor authentication. It's not just something you have, it's also something you are.

Windows Hello is a new type of two factor authentication, which uses a special depth sensing webcam for facial recognition and will log you in based on your face. But we can surely get rid of passwords, it's really a terrible system.

Why can't I turn on automatic encryption on my Windows PC?

Mark from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1206

Mark is having trouble encrypting his hard drive in Windows 8.1. He's told it's encrypted by default, but Leo says if he can't get it turned on, then his hardware probably doesn't support it. Mark should look for TPM 2.0 support. Users also need support for Windows connected standby feature. So if he doesn't have all that, he'll have to get a third party encryption utility. TrueCrypt is free and open source, but unfortunately, they've given the government a back door.

Should I reserve the Windows 10 upgrade?

Mark from Santa Monica, CA

Episode 1203

Mark's computer has had the upgrade icon appear for Windows 10, but he doesn't want to be a beta tester. Leo says that message is the Microsoft reservation icon for upgrading to Windows 10. They've been doling them out randomly to Windows 7 and Windows 8 users who have compatible hardware. He can reserve it, and when it's ready, it will automatically download and upgrade it. But not before he says "yes" a final time. What if he wants to cancel his reservation?

Why can't I change my drive letters?

Chuck from Telohoma, TN

Episode 1203

Chuck recently restored his computer to Windows 7, but he's now having trouble with assigning drive letters. Leo says that Windows always wants to be on the C drive. The partitioner won't let Chuck go beyond D. Leo says that Acronis True Image could do it, as will CloneZilla. The Chatroom suggests going into the disc manager of Windows, then right click "select change drive letter settings."