How can I get access to my data when Windows locks me out?

Paul from Palmdale, CA

Episode 1165

Paul can't get his resume off his computer because he can't log onto it. He gets a user profile loading error. Leo says that the good news is that the data is probably not gone. It's always helpful to have your admin account as an unused account and running as a standard user. Then you can always go into the Admin account and have access to all files. Go to and search for tech note - 947215. It offers a method in order to save your data. It's not for the faint of heart, mind you, but it will work.

How can I rebuild my computer and not buy new Windows software?

Dave from Anaheim, CA

Episode 1165

Dave upgraded to Windows 7, and now he's thinking upgrading all his hardware and he's told he may have to buy a new version of Windows. Leo says that's not true. While Microsoft is paranoid about piracy to the point that they've created Windows Genuine Advantage, All you need to do is call Microsoft, let them know that you've rebuilt your computer and ask them to reset it. Be pleasant and they should help you. But they may say you need to buy a new serial number. But unlikely.

What to Do if Your Only Browser Isn't Working

You may find yourself in a sort of "catch-22" if the only browser on your system won't work. If the browser keeps crashing upon launch, you can't really do anything to fix it, and in order to get an alternative browser you'd need to download it -- using a browser. Here are a few things you can try to fix your current browser, and there's even an alternative way to obtain a different browser without using a browser:

How can I load an Android program onto my PC?

Dwayne from Aurora, CO

Episode 1163

Dwayne misses the days of having an actual user manual. Leo says those days are long gone. Everything is to be found online. Dwayne also says there's an app for Android he wants to put on his computer. Is that dangerous?

Leo says that Android is safe because it's largely an emulator that runs programs, so it's easy to run Virtual Machine, or Bluestacks and run it. But it's a bit disappointing because emulators don't use the Google store, so the availability of apps is limited. He could sideload the .APK file, though.

How can I fix my font folder in Windows?

Howard from Tarzana, CA

Episode 1163

Howard creates fonts as a hobby and he's even sold some. But he's having issues being able to install fonts in Windows 7. He sees that it's there, but he can't see it in an application or in the font folder. Leo says that Howard may have routed the font in an improper fashion that caused it to go wrong. He should right click on the font and use install. Here's how - That will make it work properly.

How can I change time zones automatically in Windows?

Doug from Overland, MO

Episode 1162

Doug is a truck driver and wants to know if there's a program that will automatically change the time zones that he's in. Leo says it should happen automatically based on his IP address. Apple's OS X provides that feature, which just has to be turned on. But there are third party programs like Time Traveler and TimeSync Tool that will do it as well.

Should I wait for Windows 10 to buy a computer?

Debbie from Calabasas, CA

Episode 1162

Debbie wants to get a new computer, and she's wondering whether or not she should she wait until Windows 10 comes out. Leo says no. Microsoft is going to want everyone to move on to Windows 10 and as such, any computer that runs Windows 7 or 8 will run Windows 10. Microsoft has even said it will give it away for free in the first year to anyone currently running Windows 7 or Windows 8. Users will have a year to take advantage of the free upgrade when it comes out this Fall.

What Windows tablet should I get?

Bruce from Huntington Beach, CA

Episode 1161

Bruce has used both the iPad and Android tablets and he doesn't like either of them. He wants something that can run Windows programs, chiefly ACT for his business. Leo recommends the Surface Pro 3, which has strong features including a great screen and running full version of Windows. Bruce has a huge credit at Dell though. Leo says that the Dell Venue 8 is affordable, runs a full version of Windows. Paul Thurrott of Windows SuperSite loves it.

Should I get a Windows 8 laptop?

Episode 1160

Susan from Friday Harbor, WA
Dell XPS 13

Susan has an old Windows XP machine that she needs to replace. Can she still get a Windows 7 laptop? Leo says no, Microsoft ended Microsoft 7 release machines last October. She can buy a Windows 8 machine and then put Windows 7 on it, though.

Windows 10 is coming this Fall, and Microsoft will offer a free upgrade to it. So there's no real need to worry about having a Windows 8 machine. Leo says go ahead and buy one and see if she can live with it. She can even set it to boot to the desktop.