Microsoft to Reveal Consumer Version of Windows 10 This Week

Episode 1154


Windows 10 will be revealed on Wednesday of this week, January 21. It probably won't be out until Fall, but we'll learn more about it. There is a public stream of the event Wednesday morning at 9am Pacific time, and you can find out more about it at We'll also have coverage of the event at starting Wednesday at about 8:45am Pacific time.

FOLLOWUP: How can I stop my Windows laptop from updating?

Lauren from Aliso Viejo, CA

Episode 1154

Lauren called a week ago about her computer that wouldn't stop updating, and green lines she was seeing on the display. Leo told her to keep updating the OS. She said it took a week to update and the green lines disappeared. Now it runs perfectly. Leo says that's why he sets his updates to go automatically -- so they update as it goes.

How can I reformat and install Windows without losing my programs?

Episode 1153

Mary from Lake Arrowhead, CA

Mary has Windows XP and she needs to reformat her hard drive, but she has programs she can't replace. Leo says that she can look through her registry to find software keys so that she can reinstall them to reactivate them. But if she doesn't have the reinstall disks, she may be out of luck. That's why having an image of the hard drive is very beneficial.

How do I uninstall every file a program installs?

Mike from Sherman Oaks, CA

Episode 1153

Mike wants to know how to find all of the files installed by a program so he can remove them after he uninstalls that program. Leo says that the best way to uninstall a program is to use the uninstaller that comes with the program, or use the Windows 'Add/Remove' programs. Ideally the uninstaller should look at the manifest created by the installer and remove all traces. Sometimes those uninstallers aren't well done and it leaves some traces behind.

Is there much of a difference between a Dell XPS i7 and a Mac Pro for video editing?

Episode 1152

Ken from Cape Girardeau, MS
Apple Mac Pro

Leo says there's not much difference between the two. He uses a Mac Pro at home and likes it, but it's not very upgradeable, and any upgrades he could do would have to be external. On a PC, if he gets a tower case, upgrades are easy. Leo just got all of the video editors at TWiT Dell PCs and they will be moving to Adobe Premiere. The Mac Pro is expensive for what you get, and for pro video editors it's probably not the best solution.

How can I stop my Windows laptop from updating?

Lauren from Mission Viejo, CA

Episode 1152

Lauren's laptop has green horizontal lines. She tried to restore her OS and that seemed to fix the lines issue, but now she's dealing with Windows installation issues. Leo says that's interesting because the green lines usually point to a hardware issue. Leo says that it's important to install all the updates, otherwise she's vulnerable to security issues.

Is it a good idea to reinstall OS X from time to time?

Episode 1152

Ken from Cape Girardeau, MS
Apple iMac

Ken has a old Intel iMac. Should he be reinstalling OS X occasionally to keep it running well? Leo says that he could, but it's not as important on a Mac as a Windows PC. This is largely because it doesn't have a registry. But he can do it if he wants, and it's really easy to do now. Once a year or two, it's a good idea to clear out the machine and start over. He should just make sure to back up his data first though.