Microsoft Makes Windows 10 a "Recommended" Update

Episode 1260

Windows 10 update

Some people are up in arms over the fact that Microsoft has now made Windows 10 a "recommended" update instead of an "optional" one. This means it will automatically install on most Windows 7 and Windows 8 computers. While it is a good idea for most users to install Windows 10, there are plenty of users that still rely on software that is not yet compatible for the new operating system. Windows 10 remains a free upgrade until July 29.


Will upgrading to Windows 10 break my printer?

Episode 1260

Glenda from Aliso Viejo, CA
Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade

Glenda is concerned about upgrading to Windows 10 because when she upgraded from Vista to Windows 8, she lost the capability to print to her older printer and had to buy a new one. Leo says that upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 8 won't break anything like it did from Vista to Windows 8. It's a more subtle jump.

How long will it take to upgrade? Leo says it depends on her bandwidth, but it shouldn't take longer than an hour.

How can I upgrade my whole family to Windows 10?

Episode 1260

Bob from Detroit, MI
Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrade

Bob has been dubbed the family tech support guy and he has to upgrade all of his family member's computers. Leo says that Microsoft is going to soon force all Windows 7 and above users to upgrade to Windows 10. Bob has effectively done that with his family, pushing them to upgrade to the latest versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8 to prepare for it.

Do I need to defrag my Windows computer?

Episode 1259

Jane from Manhattan Beach, CA
Windows defrag

Jane has been told to clean up and defrag her desktop every week. Is that correct? Leo says no. It's not necessary to defrag anymore as modern operating systems take care of this on their own. Additionally, for solid state drives, defragmenting is meaningless. Jane also doesn't need to use "CCleaner" to clean up her registry either. In fact, she could make things worse by trying to clean her registry. Sure, she can delete temporary files and clear caches, but all that stuff can be done directly in Windows.

Why isn't Wi-Fi working on my Dell XPS?

Episode 1256

Camden from Indiana
Dell XPS 13

Camden is having issues with his Dell XPS' Wi-Fi connection. He's running Windows 7. Leo says to make sure Camden has the right driver from Dell. This would be the motherboard drivers, because most modern laptops don't have a separate card for it anymore. Leo has seen this happen with his Windows 10 Dell XPS 13, and he'd have to reboot for the Wi-Fi to come back. But when Leo uses Linux Mint with the Broadcom driver, he never has any issues.

Where did my data go?

Rick from LaVerne, CA

Episode 1255

Rick has had issues with all his data, favorites, and icons all disappearing. What's happening? Leo says that Windows Home Folder keeps all the stuff in it and it could be that the home directory for his log in became corrupt. It ends up logging him on with a temporary profile. Leo says that's a sure fire indication that his profile is somehow damaged. It could either be a hard drive error or a Windows error. The good news is that the data is probably still there, but he just can't see it in his account. It's likely an indication that his hard drive is starting to go South.