How can I get rid of popups?

Noah from Rockford, MI

Episode 1242

Noah's computer has an annoying popup that says running in compatibility mode can cause problems. Leo says it sounds like it could be malware or a downloaded tool that causes it. It's auto starting, so he'll need to get into the auto start menu to remove it.

First, he should go into "Add/Remove Programs" or "Programs/Features" and see if he can remove it there. Then he can try going into his startup utility. Leo recommends downloading Microsoft's AutoRuns. He should also teach his mom to only download from safe places.

How can I make recovery discs for my new laptop?

Raj from United Kingdom

Episode 1242

Raj wants to buy a new laptop but it doesn't come with recovery discs. Leo says that the software is now on a partition on the laptop and he can make his own set of recovery discs with optical media or even a USB key. If he wants to use a USB key, he'll need one that is 8GB or larger. Use the Windows Boot Media Tool to make a bootable key. Then he can slipstream in new updates as they come available. If he gets a bigger key, then he can create an image of his hard drive, including all of his apps and he can restore it when he needs to.

Why can't I upgrade to Windows 10?

Michael from Santa Clarita, CA

Episode 1241

Michael bought a Dell computer from Costco running Windows 7. Now he wants to upgrade to Windows 10 and he can't seem to do it. He's been told that the BIOS thinks it's running Windows 8.1 doesn't recognize Windows 7. Leo says he can try running the Windows 10 ISO directly. Michael says he's tried that, but it didn't work. Now Dell wants him to install a new motherboard. Leo says he should take Windows 8.1 recovery disks and get it back to the day it came from the store with Windows 8.1. Then try and Windows 10 upgrade. It should work after that.

How can I upgrade Windows 10 to a new hard drive?

Robert from New York, NY

Episode 1240

Robert wants to buy an SSD to upgrade to Windows 10 instead of using his old hard drive, which runs Windows 8. Leo says that's a good idea. It's far faster. But if he has Windows 8 on there already, he may want to try downloading the Windows 10 ISO and then install it separately. Microsoft will then associate Windows 10 with his computer. He should check out for more information on how to do a clean install of a Windows 10 upgrade.

How can I get my printer to work with Windows 10?

Mike from Riverside, CA

Episode 1239

Mike bought a new Dell Laptop with Windows 10 and now his printer isn't supported. Leo says that a lot of people are discovering that many printers and other peripherals don't work with Windows 10. But that isn't the fault of Microsoft, it's the manufacturer of the printer. They haven't made a driver for it. And they most likely want to sell him a compatible printer instead. There are other choices, however. CUPS drivers are generic and could work. They're based on Linux and he would just need a CUPS to Windows driver to serve as a middle man.

Why is my Windows tablet using up all my data in one day?

Episode 1239

Wes from Columbus, OH
Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Wes's laptop died after he dropped it last week and he got a Windows Surface tablet. He got it with LTE and found out within a few days that he had used all of his data. Leo says there's got to be an app that is phoning home and eating up data. It could be that his tablet tried to download all of his mail at once. When he first set it up, it likely downloaded updates as well. Windows Threshold is a 3GB update all by itself. And then toss in other apps, and it's likely that's what happened.

Why is my clock inaccurate in Windows 10?

The Old Geek from Brooklyn, NY

Episode 1237

'The Old Geek' got Windows 10 updated on his computer and now his clock is off by an hour. The settings are grayed out so he can't change it. How does he reset it? Leo says to click on the clock in the lower right hand side and select date and time settings. Then he should disable the "automatic time zone" option and select "adjust for daylight savings time." Then change the clock and it should fix it. It's annoying that Windows 10 settings are not only in different places, but there's two of them.

Why did I lose audio controls when recovering Windows 10?

Brett from New Jersey

Episode 1236

Brett bought a Windows 10 computer from Dell and the audio presets are missing. Leo says that sounds like a driver issue based on an incomplete recovery. Brett should go to the Dell website and get the updated Windows 10 drivers. He could also try deleting the sound drivers, reboot and then let Windows reinstall them. It could be that the DVD installed the wrong driver.