How can I close out of Google Chrome in Windows 8?

Episode 1172

Lucy from Torrance, CA
Google Chrome

Lucy is having trouble with Chrome and she's tried to remove it, but can't. Leo says it's probably gone into "metro mode." If she sees the hamburger menu of four lines, click on that and she should get out of it. It may also be the sign of an infection that has modified the browser. She should try pressing F11. That will take it out of full screen mode. At that point, she should be able to close it. CTRL-ALT-Delete will work as well.

Hacker Exploits All Browsers, Wins Cash and Prizes

Episode 1172

Backlit keyboard

In the latest "Pwn2Own" hacking competition, a Korean hacker was able to crack secured versions of all the latest browsers. He not only took home a quarter million dollars, but also the laptops that the browsers and operating systems were installed on. Leo says that all these hackers save up exploits all year long in order to Pwn2Own. And a lone security researcher was able to own IE11, Chrome, and Safari, and he took the whole thing. All the browsers were 64 bit too. This was the largest payout in the history of the competition.

How can I adjust my partitions?

Bill from Tarzana, CA

Episode 1171

Bill has a drive with 4 partitions, two of which he can't release. Leo says that those may have Windows on them to restore it if he needs it. If he has his own copy, he may be able to do it. Leo advises backing it up first. Then he can try and put the recovery partition at the end of the drive, and try to adjust the partition. Here are some tools that will help Bill manage his partitions:

Why do I have to keep clicking on my browser window to scroll?

Bob from Lancaster, CA

Episode 1167

Bob is frustrated with the touchpad on laptops that won't allow him to keep scrolling down without pressing the left mouse button to continue. Leo says that can be caused when the window has "lost focus." So he'd need to click on it to make that window the front most window. He should look around to see what's stealing focus from his browser.

Should I be running Windows in 32 or 64 bit?

Sean from Burbank, CA

Episode 1167

Sean bought a used HP Touchsmart computer running Windows 7. He's planning to restore it and wants to know if he should change the OS to 32 bit or keep it at 64 bit. Leo says it doesn't make any difference except for the amount of RAM he has. If it has more than 4GB, then he should keep 64 bit. If not, then go for 32 bit.

If he runs into issues with Windows Genuine Advantage, he may need to contact Microsoft. Is 64 bit faster? Leo says not always, in fact, in some cases it can even be slower. But with a massive amount of data, using 64 bit is faster.

How can I get access to my data if Windows won't let me log in?

Episode 1165

Paul from Palmdale, CA

Paul can't get his resume off his computer because he can't log onto it. He gets a user profile loading error. Leo says that the good news is that the data is probably not gone. It's always helpful to have the admin account as an unused account, and to only run as a standard user. Then he could always go into the Admin account and have access to all files.

How can I rebuild my computer and not buy new Windows software?

Dave from Anaheim, CA

Episode 1165

Dave upgraded to Windows 7, and now he's thinking upgrading all his hardware. He's been told, however, that he may have to buy a new version of Windows. Leo says that's not true. While Microsoft is paranoid about piracy to the point that they've created Windows Genuine Advantage, all he will need to do is call Microsoft. He should let them know that he's rebuilt his computer and ask them to reset it. He should just be pleasant and they should help him. They may say he'll need to buy a new serial number.

What to Do if Your Only Browser Isn't Working

You may find yourself in a sort of "catch-22" if the only browser on your system won't work. If the browser keeps crashing upon launch, you can't really do anything to fix it, and in order to get an alternative browser you'd need to download it -- using a browser. Here are a few things you can try to fix your current browser, and there's even an alternative way to obtain a different browser without using a browser:

How can I load an Android program onto my PC?

Dwayne from Aurora, CO

Episode 1163

Dwayne misses the days of having an actual user manual. Leo says those days are long gone. Everything is to be found online. Dwayne also says there's an app for Android he wants to put on his computer. Is that dangerous?

Leo says that Android is safe because it's largely an emulator that runs programs, so it's easy to run Virtual Machine, or Bluestacks and run it. But it's a bit disappointing because emulators don't use the Google store, so the availability of apps is limited. He could sideload the .APK file, though.