Can virtual reality be used to treat chronic pain?

Virtual Reality

Episode 1536

Ted from Camarillo, CA

Ted has an article about virtual reality, where Cedar Sinai hospital is using VR to treat chronic pain. Is that legit? The software costs about $2,000, so he's not sure he wants to buy into it. Leo says that there is an article from the National Institutes of Health about the work being done studying how to use VR to treat pain. . Here's another from journals.plos.org.

Will Magic Leap Be the Next Big Thing for Augmented Reality?

Magic Leap

Episode 1470

Magic Leap has been a company that's been all hype and no action for years, despite all of the great demos they have on their website. Now the company says it's making a prototype that looks like welder's glasses for augmented reality. This means it would put virtual things on top of the real world, so you're not completely isolated like you would be with virtual reality. Magic Leap says it will release its system to developers sometime this year. It features glasses, a small Discman sized computer that can attach to your belt, and a controller.

What's the future of console gaming?

PlayStation 4 Pro

Episode 1356

Kyle from Torrance, CA

Kyle wonders what the future holds for game consoles like the PlayStation. Will there be a new version like a PS5 or will it just keep with incremental improvements like the PlayStation Pro? Leo says that the PS4 has a very powerful processor, and console game systems have a life span of about 10 years before they move to the next platform update. So Leo would imagine we'll see updates during that time, and we hear there will be serious revisions this year. We'll probably see the end of optical media in favor of downloads.

Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1337

This week's gadget from Dickie D is the Panono Camera. It's a ball with 36 3MP cameras embedded in it and you toss it up in the air and it takes a picture when it reaches the apogee of the arc. It costs $1999.00. It turns out that the units are very difficult to produce and it sounded like they were almost hand making them. When you throw it in the air, be sure you catch it, because they break if they hit the ground hard! That could be why they now sell a special selfie stick, so you can just hold it over your head. That adds another $50 the cost.