Should I get a VPN for my Android phone?

Episode 1087

Bob from Walnut Creek, CA

Leo says that a security guru would say that under no circumstances should he use a public Wi-Fi network unless all traffic on that network is encrypted, and the best way to do that is with a VPN. It encrypts all the traffic coming from a phone or computer all the way to a VPN server, which could be something he runs in his home, or a provider runs for him. At some point, everything he does is on the public internet, but at least his traffic wouldn't be broadcast to the entire coffee shop.

Can I use a VPN to get around ISPs throttling Netflix?


Episode 1071

Steve from Summerville, MA

Steve signed up for a VPN in order to bypass the bottlenecks brought about by his ISP and Netflix. Leo says that's an interesting solution as the data would be encrypted and the ISP wouldn't know what the data is. Leo says ISPs are slowing down the traffic by 33%, and it's terrible that they do it. VPNs could be a solution to that. However, it also delays his signal because of the overhead of encryption and decryption that would be required. Since Netflix is paying Comcast now for preferred traffic access, a VPN would actually slow the signal down.

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet

Episode 1023

Johnny Jet is back with the news that T-Mobile is offering free international data roaming now. Unfortunately, it's only EDGE speed, which is very slow. But it's something and it's free! So Johnny is looking to make a change and go with T-Mobile. Which should he go with? Leo says that in a few weeks, Google will be announcing the Nexus 5, and it'll be about $350. If he can't wait, then go with the iPhone.

How does a VPN and Encryption work?

Episode 1018

Andrew (Andrew08) from Dayton, OH

Andrew wants to know the benefit of using a VPN. Leo says that a VPN would protect him from local attacks, but it also allows him to burrow a hole though the internet and create a very private, heavily encrypted conversation that no one else could see. Leo also says, though, that the NSA is collecting everything including encrypted activity and storing it should they figure out how to decrypt it in the future.