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How can I convert my Hi8 video tapes to digital without issues?

Hi8 Video Tape

Episode 915

Sam from Adelaide, AUS

Sam wants to convert his Hi8 video tapes to digital. He's tried several methods including using the ADVC110 converter, but he gets a blurry distorted band along the bottom. Leo says that could be an issue of "overscan." This is an extra image area around the video image that's not normally seen. This is because TVs in the 1930's had varying display areas on the screens.

What PC should I get to switch away from Mac?

Dell All-in-One

Episode 910

Doug from Pasadena, CA

Doug makes industrial videos and he's fed up with the changes in Apple's Final Cut, breaking of camera's connectivity, and being on Apple time when it comes to updates. So he's moving on to PCs and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Leo says in the office, TWiT has Dell computers, and he recommends paying extra for the Gold support. Dell will let him configure the machines.

What laptop would you recommend for video editing?

Episode 904

Chandler from Dallas, TX

Chandler is using Final Cut Pro for editing and he wants to get more mobile with a laptop. Leo says he has an MacBook Pro with Retina display and is very happy with it. It's not cheap, at $2200. But with an i7 processor, 8GB of RAM, 256GB SSD, and a Thunderbolt or USB3 drive, he'll be good for a long time. Leo says it's the fastest Mac there is.

How can I eliminate wind noise from my home videos?

Episode 899

Lawrence from Oceanside, CA

Leo would first edit the video in iMovie. In there, he can remove the sound track and remix it with music. When he exports the video, he should check the export settings to make sure it's set to export at the highest quality. Josh, in the chatroom says it's easy to "squish the wind noise" by using the equalizer and cutting it by 6DB. That'll lower the wind noise without eliminating the rest of the sound track.

I'm a video editor. Should I get a new Macbook Pro or consider switching to Windows?

Final Cut Pro

Episode 894

Ken from Michigan

Ken is not sure whether or not to get a new Macbook Pro with Final Cut Pro X missing so many key features. Apple dramatically decreased the cost of Final Cut from $1,300 to just $299, but they also removed a lot of functionality. Leo says Apple has been putting features back in over time because of a lot of professionals switching to either Avid or Adobe Premiere.